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English and Russian are two distinct languages. Translating words from English to Russian requires English to Russian dictionary or a language translator. The pronunciation of certain words is best learned if assisted by a person fluent with the language.

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Russian word for steel?

СТАЛЬ or the transliteration will be STAL'. I hope it helps.

What is the Russian word for phone?

The Russian word for phone is 'телефон' (telefon). It literally is a transliteration of the word telephone.

How do you say bravo in Russian?

I think bravo is an international word. If you mean saying bravo when you applause is the same thing: Браво - Bravo. In Russian sometimes we say: Браво Бис - Bravo, Beas! where Bravo means that you liked the scene and Beas is that you would like to hear it again.

What does Pockocmoc mean in English?

It's in cyrilic the Russian alphabet. Translated will mean: Roscosmos =Russian cosmos. Like the NASA but Russian.

How do you say hello how are you doing in Russian?

Здравствуйте, как дела?

zdras-tvoy-tye kak dye-la

What is 'Gabriel' in Russian?

If you mean a name, I belive that in Russia either they don't call childen by that name or they just use name Gabriel. Гаврил - that's how you write it, I'm not sure how to spell it tho. .

Hello darling in Russian language?

Referring to a female: Привет, дорогая.

Privyet, dorogaya

Referring to a male: Привет, дорогой.

Privyet, dorogoy

How do you introduce yourself in Russian?

Меня зовут _______ (name)

Read: /Min'ya za'vut/

Suits for every situation.

Less common, rather official:

Мое имя _______ (name)

Read: /Ma'yo 'imya/

What is the meaning of the Russian word 'pocnhka'?

Pocnhka is a Russian brand of natural mineral water.

What does pree vhet mean?

Privet (привет) is "hi" in Russian.

How do you say 'have a good trip' in Russian?

Счастливого пути

Schastlivogo puti

What is the Russian equivalent of the name Ethan?

Names are not translated into different words, they are meaningless unless applied to a subject. Ethan would be spelt "Этхан" when directly transfered to Cyrillic, only Russians would read "Этхан" as "Et-han". There is no "th" sound in Cyrillic.

How do you say need help in Russian?

"Mne nujna pomosh." = "I need help."

Spelled in Russian "Мне нужна помощь."

Or "Pomogitye!" = "Help!" if that's a call for help.

Spelled in Russian "Помогите!"

How do you say hello sweet girl in Russian?

Привет милая девушка

Privet milaya devushka

Does bistro mean hurry in Russian?

It means "fast". Or "be fast".

"Bystro" would be the better transliteration. It's an adverb that means fast, quickly, rapidly

How can i help you in Russian?

"Чем я могу вам помочь?" [`tchem-yah-mah-`goo-vahm-pah-`motch]. Literally, this means 'With what can i help you?'

Russian word for hope?

Russian word for "hope" is "НАДЕЖДА" (NADEZHDA). It is also popular as a name. If used as a name, it is common to utilize the diminutive form of it "НАДЯ" (NADYA).