English to Twi

Twi is a language spoken in Ghana which consists of three mutually understandable dialects.

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What does 'wo de bu chi' mean?

wo de, bu chi. Mine, can't eat.

"wo" can be ㄨㄛˇ / ㄨㄛˋ / ㄨㄛ / γ„¨γ„›ΛŠ / ㄨㄛ˙

"de" can be γ„‰γ„œΛ‡ / γ„‰γ„œΛ‹ / γ„‰γ„œ / γ„‰γ„œΛŠ / γ„‰γ„œΛ™

"bu" can be ㄅㄨˇ / ㄅㄨˋ / ㄅㄨ / γ„…γ„¨ΛŠ / ㄅㄨ˙

"chi" can be γ„”Λ‡ / γ„”Λ‹ / γ„” / γ„”ΛŠ / γ„”Λ™



How do you say i am good in twi?

εyε (letters: ε as "set" and y as "yemen" )

How do you say god bless you in twi language?

How do you say God keep you till we meet again.

How do you say grandmother in some of the languages of Ghana?

There are 81 languages in Ghana. The official language is English.

For more information on the languages of Ghana, click here.

What is a thesaurus used for?

It looks up words with the same general meanings. So if your writing a paper and you've used a word a few times already or you just want to use a word that sounds smarter then you go to a thesaurus.

B: synonyms

find synonyms for particular words.

How do I say Do You Love Me in twi?

Wo do me?

Pronounce the "do" as in "dot".

How do you say how are you in twi lanauge?

There are two (2) ways for saying β€œhow are you” in Twi. You could say, β€œWo ho te sΙ›n?” [whoa-ho-teh-sane] or β€œΖte sΙ›n?” [yeh-teh-sane]. They both mean the same thing so you could use any of the two. The most common phrase used in Ghana is β€œWo ho te sΙ›n?” but you can use any. :) In some words, you’ll see β€œΙ›β€, but you can put a β€œ3” instead of getting a Twi keyboard. 😊 Hope this helps!

How do you say friend in Twi?

In Twi, friend is Adanfo. Depending on the tense, the number of friends, and whose friend it is changes the word. For example:

My friend = Ma Danfo

Your friend - Wo a danfo (You say "Wa Danfo" when speaking. You cut out the "O" in "Wo")

How do you say i love you in twi?

The phrase, ”I love you” in Twi is β€œMe dΙ” wo”. The β€œDɔ” doesn’t have to have an open circle as Ghanaians will still understand you. Personally, me dΙ” wo sounds a bit like β€œmiddle wall” in a British accent; [meh-dull-whoa]. Hope this helps! 😊