Ernest Hemingway

A Pulitzer Prize winner, Ernest Miller Hemingway was an American author and journalist who wrote classics such as The Sun Also Rises, For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea.

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What is the irony in the novel Old Man and the Sea?

in the book the marlin is being eaten by sharks until just the bones are left. At the end of the book people just think the bones must be what's left of a shark

How many sharks eat santiago's fish in The Old Man and the Sea?

The Old Man and the Sea ends with the irony that Santiago has finally caught a fish, but it has been stripped bare by sharks. In that sense, the elderly fisherman has been both fortunate and unlucky.

Which of Ernest Hemingway's novels won the Pulitzer Prize?

Ernest Hemingways' novella, The Old Man and the Sea, won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953.

What are 3 facts about Ernest Hemingway?

He liked to fish the trout streams of the upper peninsula of Michigan, specifically Fox River. He also owned multi-toed cats in Italy and they had so many offspring that now, multi-toed cats are called Hemingway Cats.

How many wives did Ernest Hemingway have?

He was married 4 times.
He was married four times and divorced three. He said he would've divorced the last one had he been capable.

What was Ernest Hemingway's philosophy?

There will always be a large debate over what Hemingway's philosophy was. In my personal opinion based on the way he writes, i believe he was a nihilist. The way he wrote, it almost seems like nothing good ever comes for the characters in his books. I believe this comes from his nihilist beliefs that life has no meaning, and that destiny does not exist. However, all of what I've said is contradicted by his book, The Sun Also Rises. This book is basically about finding meaning in life, and his belief that most humans are doing nothing good with their lives. And those beliefs will fall under the category of existentialism. But again, in my opinion, even though that book was his first great work, i do not believe that it shapes his philosophy as a whole. The argument can also be made that he never intended to take a side as a philosophical writer. Its an easy argument to make that Hemingway was a bitter man and tortured his characters because he was angry that he could never find true love, or that things weren't going the way he would have liked them to go in his life. Its also a fact that Hemingway suffered from hemochromatosis, which is a rare disease, but basically it leaves you with not enough iron in your blood, but lacks the symptoms that hemophilia is known for. This left him severely bipolar. That may have contributed to the depressing style of his writing.

How old is the first man?

First manIt is a controversial matter. No one really knows that answer. But scientists have a general idea. Though it depends on what kind of science and what religious backround or cultural preferences; it's somewhat agreed that humans first appeared about 3-8 million years ago. I believe that we appeared sometime in the past, say 15,000-20,000 or somewhere near, definitely not in the millions. But even scientists argue among themselves, so it's something that we need to let go. No matter what evidence is provided, we still will not come to a single, popular, unanimous decision.

If you are arguing from a religious perspective, it depends on what your religion says. If you are asking about the first homo sapiens, then it was definitely closer to a million years ago or more (I can't say for certain). If you are asking for the first civilized man, then it would be somewhere in the range of 50,000 to 20,000 years ago. First widespread use of agricultural and domestication shows up around 40,000 to 30,000 years ago. And language and religion appears a little bit later than that. Civilized burial and cremation appears a little bit before agriculture, and established permanent cities appear around the same time.

So you're looking at a variety of responses depending on what you classify as "the first man."

Where can e-books by the author Ernest Hemingway be read?

Although Hemingway's works are over 20 years old, the copyrights continue to be renewed. This keeps them from being in the public domain. This means that they cannot be read for free online legally. However, they can be purchased in e-book form. See the related link and questions below.

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It's true ... money is the root of all evil! It doesn't matter what age you are, most people have financial difficulties in their marriage on many occasions.

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Good luckMerry ChristmasMarcy

You shouldn't let something like money lead to a divorce. The best solution to marital trouble is communication - honest and open. Sacrifices are usually needed as well.

Money is NOT the root of all evil. Greed is a better word. We need money to live on this planet. This is a very complex issue and it's good that you are looking for advice. I think you'll have to go to counseling over this issue. It's very common for people to fight over financial issues.

Why did Ernest Hemingway commit suicide?

  • It's not known exactly why as Hemingway didn't leave a suicide note. What is known is that he was a very heavy drinker and a very depressed man. Some speculate that he never got over losing his first love when he was younger, but it's not known if that was the reason he committed suicide or not. Hemingway attempted suicide in the spring of 1961, and received ECT treatment. Some three weeks short of his 62nd birthday, he took his life on the morning of July 2, 1961 at his home in Ketchum, Idaho, with a shotgun blast to the head. Judged not mentally responsible for his final act, he was buried in a Roman Catholic service. Hemingway himself blamed the ECT treatments for "putting him out of business" by destroying his memory; medical and scholarly opinion has been respectfully attentive to this view. Other members of Hemingway's immediate family also committed suicide, including his father, Clarence Hemingway, his siblings Ursula and Leicester, and later his granddaughter Margaux Hemingway. Some believe that certain members of Hemingway's paternal line had a genetic condition or hereditary disease known as haemochromatosis, in which an excess of iron concentration in the blood causes damage to the pancreas and also causes depression or instability in the cerebrum. Hemingway's physician father is known to have developed bronze diabetes owing to this condition in the years prior to his suicide at age fifty-nine. Some think Hemingway suffered from bipolar disorder. Throughout his life, Hemingway had been a heavy drinker, succumbing to alcoholism in his later years.

How old is slavery?

The ancient Greeks were thought to have as many, if not more, slaves than free citizens. The Egyptians had slaves as well. Additionally, if you use the Bible for historical reference, slavery is mentioned throughout the Old and New Testament.

What was the philosophy behind Robert Frost poems?

He believed that the choices we make are very significant in how our lives turn out. He thought the essential things in life are what is unseen, such as placing a high value on caring relationships and having integrity.

Did Ernest Hemingway receive a Nobel Prize for literature?

Yes. Ernest Miller Hemingway [July 21, 1899-July 2, 1961] was awarded the Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1954. The Literature Committee recognized his mastery of the art of narrative specifically as demonstrated in 'The Old Man and the Sea'. He also was credited for his influence on contemporary style.

How old was the old man?

old. Fun fact the oldest person to live ever was 122 years-old