Ethnicity is an identifier which connotes a group with a common national or cultural tradition. Some ethnicities are massive with billions of members, such as Han Chinese, and others are small clans with fewer than 100 individuals. Some countries are almost mono-ethnic, like North Korea, and others have hundreds of indigenous ethnicities, like Nigeria. Come explore the history and culture of ethnicities in this category.

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What is Bruno Mars' ethnicity?

He is Puerto Rican and Filipino, born and raised in Hawaii. He is half Latin also.

What is Mexico's ethnicity?

Mexico is an ethnically diverse nation, and the Mexican constitution defines the country to be multicultural.

Most Mexicans are Mestizos, people of mixed European ("White") and Native American background. They account for 60-80% of the Mexican population (between 67 up to 90 million in 2010).

The Native American, or Amerindian population ranges from 10% to 30% of the population (between 11 and 34 million in 2010) and such people are the descendants of Native American peoples who inhabited Mexico before the arrival of Europeans during the 16th century. Some ethnic groups including this classification are the Nahuatl, Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, Otomi and Totonac.

There is also a percentage of Mexicans of white Europeanancestry, representing 9 to 17% of the population (10 up to 19 million in 2010). Most European or "Criollo" Mexicans are of Spanish descent, including Basques, Castilians and Galicians. There are also many descendants of other European ethnic groups, including French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Irish, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Russian, and British from contemporary (since 1821) immigration as well as many first or second-generation immigrants of Canadian and American descent (since 1900).

There are also many people from African descent (i.e: "Afro-Mexicans"). Now largely assimilated in the general population, they have historically been located in certain communities in southern Mexico. They comprise 2% of the general population (1-2 million).

Mexico has traditionally welcomed immigrants and refugees from conflicted areas throughout the world. Middle Eastern Mexicans are the result of such policies; right now this ethnic group makes up to 1% (1.1 million) of the Mexican population. Most "Arab Mexicans" trace their origins to Lebanon, with many other from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine. There are also Mexicans of Turkish, Iranian, Israeli (Middle Eastern Jews), and Armenian descent.

More recently, there have been many non-European migrants to Mexico, specially East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans), as well as Southeast Asians (Filipinos). They make up another 1% of the Mexican population (1.1 million).
The human characteristics of Mexico can be likened to other people, for they are Caucasian, of average height, and have blond hair.
People in Mexico display the same human characteristics as the people everywhere else in the world. They have families, they love and hate, they live their lives as best as they can.

What ethnic background is Branko Culina?

He was born in Yugoslavia so i guess that is where his ethnic back ground is around the Asia and south Africa border

Can you make me sentence using the word ethnicity?

Here is one way to use ethnicity in a sentence:

The ethnicity of New York City is vast because ethnic groups from all around the world emigrated and chose to live in New York City. This ethnicity is somewhat melded together but also separate in the views, lifestyles and habits of the many ethnic groups. Over the past century they have learned to unite together but lately it seems they are not completely united because the way the attack on the Towers affected the ethnicity and community of the New Yorkers. They now do not accept a certain group of of an ethnic group so readily.

What ethnicity is the last name Fodor?

It's an Hungarian surname, very common, just like a Jones or a Smith. It originates from the country Hungary, which of course has it's own unique language.

What ethnicity is Alec Baldwin?

His family is of Irish, English and French descent.

Which ethnic group first settled in Australia?

The Australian Aboriginal people were the first ethnic group to settle in Australia. DNA testing has shown they are closest in ethnicity to the people of the Indian sub-continent.

What is alex Wagner's ethnicity?

Alex Wagner's ethnicity is half-Burmese. (Per MSNBC, 'NOW with Alex Wagner' April 2, 2012)

What is keisha chu ethnicity?

Chu is of mixed cultural background, as her father is of Filipino and Chinese Decent and her mother, A Native of Manila, is of Chinese-Filipino-German Decent.

What ethnicity is the last name Samos?

Greek. Samos is an island in the North Aegean Sea.

What ethnicity are the best boxers?

There are good boxers of many ethnicities.

What is Naomi Scott's ethnicity?

Her Mother was born in Uganda but of Indian descent and her Father is British.

What is mylene dinh- robic ethnicity?

Mylène is a French name. Dinh is a Vietnamese Last Name. Robic is also French. Her heritage is sweet east west shout out.

What is lil mama's ethnicity or race?

She is mixed with Indian,swedish, and African American!

What is MSNBC's Alex Wagner's age and ethnicity?

Currently, 31 January 2012, She is 30 years old.

Her family appears to be Burmese, according to indirect statements by her on TV.