European Cars

European cars are known for quality and performance. Germany is the top car manufacturer in Europe. France and Spain also have robust car industries. Ask questions about European car manufacturers here.

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European Cars
Fuel Economy and Mileage
The Difference Between

Is there a comparison list of vehicles and their gas mileage?

See link below.

They have info back to 1985. Very Nice.

Brakes and Tires
European Cars

How do you fix binding brakes?

There is two ways.

1. Buy new brake pads for the calipers, they may be worn. (Sometimes you can turn the pads around to be rubbed the other way, and that works...)

2. Take some 800 grit (or higher) sand paper (or emery cloth) and lightly sand the rim of the wheel, IF it feels rough only! Sanding the entire rim may CAUSE more binding.

It also depends on the style of brakes. If you have a caliper type brake, many people try to fix it by tightening the front nut and that causes excessive drag. Check your nuts and make sure they're firm but not overly tight. Also, when rust or corrosion gets inside the housing that can cause drag or a binding. Disengage the housing from the frame's cable stop, then slide the housing off the cable to see if there's contamination. If there is, you can either replace it with a new cable or lubricate it with grease, slide the housing back up and then back again. You'll see dirt accumulate so wipe it off until it's relatively clean again and regrease.

Also check the line of your brake cable and make sure you don't have a kink somewhere.

Don't forget to also make sure your wheel is true and straight. That's often overlooked when thinking it's just the brake.

European Cars
Car Sounds
Noise Pollution

How do you reduce tire noise?

Tire noise can be caused by the tread pattern used on your tires. Off road tires have a deep tread pattern to give better grip on soft surfaces. Change to a road tire.

Road noise can also be caused by worn suspension components, especially the rubber bushes. Check that yours are not worn. They go soggy or split with age.

American Cars
European Cars
Miscellaneous Vehicles

What is the life expectancy in miles of a 2001 infiniti i30?

Impossible to answer as it depends on how you maintain the vehicle, how you drive, where you drive, and many other factors. You should expect, with good maintenance, to be able to drive this car for well over 150,000 miles with no major repairs. With repairs it can last as long as you want to keep driving and maintaining it.

European Cars

Can a engineer afford a lamborghini?

Yes, I've seen a few engineers who could afford more expensive cars.

Cars & Vehicles
European Cars

What cars have the most uncomfortable front seats?

The worst I have ever ridden in is the Dodge Neon.

European Cars
Plate Tectonics

What month does 58 plate come out?

1st September 2008

European Cars
Late Model 1979-New Ford Mustangs

How do you fix a gas pedal that sticks sometimes when it is depressed?

If you want to make it better take it to a good garage

it's better

clean out the throttle body with a throttle body cleaner. Use a tooth brush to clean.

wd-40 the linkage where the cable goes into the line (by the accelator petal) may be rusting up there..

If your car is equipped with a throttle body, try taking some carburetor cleaner and a lint free rag and cleaning around the rim of where the butterfly valve closes. to do this you will have to remove the cover to acesss the throttle body be sure not to drop anything into the throttle body when the butterfly valve is open!

This is one question I would not ask a Toyota dealer!

European Cars
Honda Odyssey
Honda Civic LX
Honda Element

How do you reset the oil life percentage back to 100 after an oil change on a Honda Odyssey?

It is so easy. Just follow this procedure

Turn the ignition to the ON position -Press the selector button so that the warning is showing -Press and Hold the selector for 10 seconds, the display will flash. Once flashing let go of the button -Press and hold the selector button for 5 seconds, the display will reset.

I just tried the same procedure on my 2007 Honda Accord and it worked.

Cars & Vehicles
European Cars

How many seats does a Reliant Robin have?


Cars & Vehicles
European Cars

What side of the car is the steering wheel on in France?

its on the left.

Cars & Vehicles
European Cars
Slogans and Mottos

What is Porsche's motto?

"There is no substitute"

European Cars
Car Selling

What car brand is the most sold in America Europe and Asia?

Toyota is one of the top brands in the industry for reliability, fuel economy overall, and rigidity. However, Honda deserves notoriety, as the Honda Accord outsold the Camry in annual sales by a mere 941 more than the Camry.

European Cars
Salary and Pay Rates

Highest paid car sales?

Maria Pho's Answer

Toyota Corolla

Previous Answer;

The one who listen's the best.

European Cars
Toyota Land Cruiser

How do you reset 1997 landcruiser timing belt light?

I believe that is a dealer only problem.

European Cars
Power Steering

How do you steer a car without power steering?

Its easy just use your hands to turn the wheel. Surpise it works. ha ha ha

its called arm-strong steering for a reason. so grow some are muscles

European Cars
Video Games

How much do bugattis cost?

$1.6 million - $2.8 million

European Cars

Does bugatti have supercharger?

Yes and it it has 4 turbos

European Cars

How much is a mclaren f1 in pounds?

about 2,000,000

European Cars

What is plural of Audi?

i guess audis...

European Cars

Who are lamborghini's main competitors?


Also, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz (the SLS AMG), Audi (R8)

European Cars

How much does a mini lamborghini cost?

Believe it or not the Mini Lamborghini costs more than the full sized real version. A Mini Lamborghini is made with the world's best precious metals and stones. The total cost for a Mini Lamborghini is roughly $4.8 million.

European Cars
Car Buying

How much does the bugatti veyron weigh?

16.4 weight is 4162 lbs. and the 16.4 Grand Sport is 4387 lbs.

European Cars
Turbo and Superchargers
Volvo V70

How do you rebuild a Volvo turbo?

Heres a link that will help. In the future try to give us some more information on your car year, make, model. You supply all of this and you will get an answer very fast! Thanks in advance

European Cars

Who created the lamborghini?

lamborghini is owned by volkswagen and so they created it. the first lamborghini was made particularly by erruco lamborghini


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