Excavators consist of three main pieces, the bucket, the boom, and the cab. The entire assembly is located on top of a rotating house on a track. It has many uses including trenching, dredging, and mining.

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How do you connect two 12 volt batteries into a 24 volt hitachi ex60 excavator?

Connect the two 12 volts batteries in Series. Battery 1 & 2. Connect the negative post (-) of battery 1 to the negative (-) ground cable. Then connect the positive (+) post of battery 1 to the negative (-) post of battery 2. Connect the positive (+) post of battery 2 to the positive (+) cable. You now have 24 volts as the batteries are wired in series.

What does the 315 mean in a cat 315 excavator?

The 315 is a model size of the excavator. Cat uses the last 2 numbers ( the 15 in the 315) . In this case the 15 means 15 metric ton. If the machine was a 320 it would be 20 metric ton and 325 would be 25 metric ton and so on. Most other brands of excavators use the first 2 numbers in the model number. Like Deere's 160 you would use the first 2 numbers the 16 and that would mean 16 metric ton and the 200 Deere would be a 20 metric ton machine and so on!

Excavator of ur?

The excavator of Ur, the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, was Leonard Woolley.

Where can you buy a backhoe excavator?

Try looking for companies in the local yellow pages or phonebook but if you cannot find where to buy a backhoe excavator then look for companies like CAT that manufacture the excavator and try to contact them to find the needed information of how, when, and how much to buy the machine for.

How do you put a track back on a komatsu excavator?

This should work on most mid-size excavators:

Slacken off the track adjuster screw and push the idler back to a fully retracted position. If the track is worn you may be able to man-handle it back into position over the sprocket and idler and then readjust the track with grease.

If that is not possible, you might have to press out the master pin that holds the track together then wrap the track over the idler and press the pin back in.

The master pin has a dimple in the centre which helps identify it, these are very tight and special tooling is required to replace them easily.

Where can i get service operator manuals parts for a Mitsubishi mm55sr-2 excavator?

Hi, I also need this kind of stuff for my MM55SR. If you find anything, I would be delighted to pay for a photocopy or other copy and would do the same for you if I find anything. If OK, let me have your details. Also, do you have experience with this excavator - mine is new to me and the knuckle boom doesn't operate. It tries to but stops as soon as it moves, like an interlock is not releasing. Does the left foot button release an interlock? Thanks if you can help. Chris. I have a manual that was translated from Japanese to English.....our mechanic is familiar with the machine MM55sr.

Do I have to pay duty on imports at customs?

First it depends on the item is it is concidered duty exempt by the Harminized Tarrif Schedule USA. Depending on the comodity it can be exempt any duty. Once the rate is determined (if any), local/state may pose a have a limit on the comodity.

Where can you find information about backhoe excavator?

You can find detailed information about backhoe excavators from It includes a full description and analysis of the functions of a backhoe excavator.

Where can I download a wiring schematic for john deere 955 tractor?

Since it is proprietary will have to buy it...:-( ...either from John Deere or I&T manuals

John deere lawn mower serial number?

I assume you are looking for the serial number. If it is a ride-on mower the serial number will be located either above the left-rear wheel or behind the right front wheel on the chassis. You will see a bar-coded sticker with a number below/above it. That is the serial number.

What is thrust specific fuel consumption of turbo shaft?

There is no such thing as thrust specific fuel consumption of a turboshaft engine, as a turboshaft is designed to deliver mechanical power, not thrust. This mechanical power can be converted into electric power by a generator or converted into thrust by a propeller or rotor. Basically, a turboshaft uses jet technology but is an alternative to a piston engine.

While thrust specific fuel consumption doesn't exist for a turboshaft, "brake specific fuel consumption" does. It measures the rate of flow of fuel required for a certain amount of power. For example, a specific fuel consumption of 0.2 lbs/h/hp means that for every horsepower the turboshaft produces, it burns 0.2 lbs of fuel each hour.

If you are building a pool in Southern California what's the best way to find subcontractors for each of the steps such as plumber electrician gunite and excavator?

No matter where you are you should only have to look for the Pool Builder, When you find a reputable company they will have a list of contractors that work with them or for them for all your needs Kenny Kummer brody chemical

What six areas should be covered in a site induction?

Security arrangements - wearing of ID badges for example, bag/vehicle searches etc

Access Routes - vehicle entry/exit and pedestrian entry /exit, one-way system, deliveries

First Aid arrangements - where they are, who to call and how, nearest hospital

Expectations - Tidyness of work area, disposal of waste, no smoking/food/alcohol/drugs etc

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - what the requirements are across areas of the site

Accident reporting procedure - who to report to and what follow up is required.

There are other 'categories' which would be applicable according to what tye of work is carried out, but the above 6 would be fairly universal across almost any site.