Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball takes its inspiration from fantasy baseball. It was originally played by monitoring stats by hand and popularized in the 1990s following the advent of the Internet. Those who play the game are sometimes called General Managers (GMs).

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Is there such a thing as Fantasy Basketball?

Indeed there is. There are multiple in fact, at ESPN, Facebook, etc.

What college did stephon marbury go to?

Georgia Tech

How are points awarded in basketball?

3- behind the 3 point line 2- field goal/inside the 3 point range 1-free throw

Trade or keep Tracy mcgrady fantasy basketball?

keep as long as you can because he is a beast when hes not hurt. to prove it look up on youtube Tracy mcgrady 13 points in 35 seconds

Should you choose current events or fantasy math for a class?

Current events I don't think your teacher would appreciate you do a fantasy math problem especially because you are not in reading class.

How are points scored in fantasy basketball?

There are a variety of different scoring options in fantasy basketball. These are dependent on the league you join and the league format. However, below find the typical scoring system for head to head leagues. Additionally, check the link below to view more information about fantasy basketball scoring.

Scoring SystemStatisticFantasy PointsPoints/Game1Assists/Game1.5Rebounds/Game1Steals/Game2Blocks/Game2Turnovers/Game-1

How does head to head scoring work for fantasy basketball?

Although different sites have slightly different rules for head to head scoring, the general scoring process is based on weekly matchups with the winner being the team that accrued the most points during the week. The points are based on a player's statistics for the week. Points per game typically give players 1 fantasy point and steals per game give players 2 points. For a full breakdown of head to head scoring rules check out the link below.

Shoud I trade Westbrook and Josh Smith for Kobe?

in my opion, no Westbrook is a guy 2 ast. and 5 reb. away from a triple dubble and josh smith is a beast don't do it

How to undo trade in yahoo fantasy basketball Also how to ban people after draft?

Undoing a trade on Yahoo fantasy basketball is easy. All you have to do is wait three days and it will automatically cancel the trade.

What is the best fantasy basketball website?

Check out Fantazzle Fantasy Basketball Games website - It offers salary cap fantasy basketball games for cash prizes.

Where can you join a good active NBA Fantasy League does anyone know a forum or group in need?

I would recommend checking out the fantasy basketball leagues at Phenoms Fantasy Sports. They offer bigger payouts and really great customer service. Also, you can play in Roto leagues or head to head leagues there. Check out the link below for their basketball leagues.