Fantasy Hockey

Fantasy hockey is a kind of fantasy sport where a player forms a team of real-life National Hockey League players that competes with other players who do the same. Head-to-head and Rotisserie are some types of fantasy hockey leagues.

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What does placed on waivers in hockey mean?

When a player is placed on waivers by a team, it allows other teams to claim that player and assume his contract. There is a provision called "right of recall" which allows that team who initially put the player on waivers to recall the player. If there is no right of recall and no team claims the player, the player is now able to be demoted to the farm system team of the parent team and paid the minor league salary.

Who is better auston mathews or conor mc david?

Matthews is one year younger than McDavid and is a better goal-scorer than his counterpart, having only scored six less goals in 74 less games played.

Who should I trade for in my Hockey Pool Brad Richards Ryan Smyth Milan Hejduk Vaclav Prospal or Dustin Penner?

Either Vaclav Prospal or Dustin Penner. Prospal plays on the same line as Marian Gaborik, which makes it hard for him not to do well. Penner got 32 goals and 31 assists last year.

How do you play a season with your created team on NHL 2K10?

You cannot play a season on it. You can play a quick game,

but it doesnt count. It is a feature that really sucks.

What does util stand for in fantasy hockey?

That depends on which league you are in. It may stand for utility player, which would mean you can put any non-goalie in that slot.

What is the average score in nhl fantasy drafts?

There is no score in the draft but both teams usually score about ten goals.

How many players are allowed on a fantasy hockey roster?

Depends on the type of league you're in... anywhere from 15-20 with around 5-7 bench spots. Join a league, it's fun

Is Duncan Keith better than P.K Subban?

I think Duncan Keith is better for points and goals. Otherwise, P.K can draw penalty's and hits more.

Would Mike Richards be a good replacement for Mats Zuccarello?

MIke Richards wouldnt be a bad replacement if you could use a center and not another RW. Tomas Plekanec, another center, would be a better option and he is available in a lot of leagues.

Who should I start tonight for fantasy hockey Peter Budaj or Joni Ortio?

Many people have preferred to start their Fantasy Hockey teams with Peter Budaj. Joni Ortio is still a top picked player as well.

What are some popular fantasy hockey pool websites?

Some popular fantasy hockey pool websites include TheHockeyNews and PlayDailyFantasyHockey. NHL Fantasy and CBS Sports News are also examples of such sites.

Who is the highest rated player on ESPN fantasy hockey?

Fantasy Hockey is like fantasy football where people create their own teams and play games. The highest rated player on ESPN fantasy hockey is Alex Ovechkin.

Where can one find a Fantasy Hockey team?

One can find a fantasy Hockey team on sports websites or the major TV networks that cover hockey. ESPN offer fantasy hockey where you can choose a team and compete against others.