Fenway Park

Fenway Park is a baseball stadium located in Boston, Massachusetts. It has been home to the Boston Red Sox for over 100 years.

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Which side do the Red Sox sit at in Fenway Park?

The Red Sox home dugout in Fenway Park is located along the First baseline.

Where can you find information about The Boston Yanks who played in Fenway Park in 1948?

The Patriots are actually New England's third pro football team. The Boston Braves were founded in 1932 and played in Fenway Park from 1932 to 1937. In 1933 they changed their name to the Boston Redskins and in 1937 they moved to Washington DC, where they remain to this day. The Boston Yanks were founded in 1944 and played in Fenway Park until 1948, when they moved on to unsuccessful stops in New York and Dallas before settling in Baltimore as the Colts. They now play as the Indianapolis Colts.

The Boston Yanks are also the only defunct NFL team ever to have the first overall NFL draft pick. They had it twice in 1944 and 46. Both times they selected a quarterback from the University of Notre Dame: Angelo Bertelli (44) and Frank Dancewicz (46).

What is the distance between homeplate and the Masspike at Fenway Park?

Using Google Earth ...... I would say about 500 feet along the left field line.

When does batting practice usually start at Fenway Park?

Like most MLB teams, batting practice starts approximately 3 hours before gametime. There are certain situations, (noon start following a late game, rain delay) where BP is later than that.

Fenway Park's gates open two hours before game time. One person reported that the Red Sox take the field about 20 minutes before gates open, and stay out for approx 30 minutes after gates open. The visiting team then take BP for approx another hour.

Another perspective; I went to batting practice and I was there before it even began. They worked with some young guys at first at like 3 and than started in with the whole team at 4 they all stop at 5:10 for the away to start.

Is section 23 good at fenway park?

Section 23 is right behind Home plate so I would say they are great seats, If you don't want them I will be glad to go in your place LOL

What was the attendance of the first Phillies game played at Recreation Park on Tuesday May 1 1883?

A little more than 1,000 attended that game. The long forgotton park had a seating capacity of 6,500 and the last game played there was a double header against the Detroit Wolverines on October 9,1886.The second game was called because of darkness. The attemdance was just about 1000 and it cost 25 cents to enter the park!!!

How do you take a train to Fenway park from Foxboro?

Take the MBTA commuter rail to South Station. Switchover to the MBTA red line and go inbound to Park Street. Change over to the Green Line and take any train EXCEPT the "E" train to Kenmore square. Fenway is a 1/2 mile walk from Kenmore.

When was Jason Veritek's last home run at Fenway Park?

It came on August 31, 2011 off of Luis Ayala of the New York Yankees in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Why do they not paint a line about half way up the Fenway Park Green Monster wall so a HR counts if the ball hits above line?

Because you would ruin the stigma, of what makes Fenway one of the best parks in major league baseball. In other words, without the Green Monster, and what it does, Fenway would be just another ball park. If they did that ... then one of those bloop hits that just scrapes the wall and results in a double would be ruled a home run. I will grant you that a line drive that hits high on the wall would be a home run in another park, but the risk of awarding home runs to weakly hit balls that wouldn't be a home run in any park outweighs the loss of those hard-hit balls that end up only being singles or doubles.

Who owns Fenway Park?

Charles Taylor, who bought the team then knownas the Pilgrims in 1904, financed the building of Fenway Park. Since then the park has always been owned by whoever was the owner(s) of the Red Sox. Currently the owners of the Red Sox and Fenway Park are John Henry, Larry Lucchino, and Tom Werner.

How tall is the Green Monster in Fenway Park?

the green monster is 37 feet high and 240 feet long

How do you get to Fenway Park from Alewife?

Take the Red Line from Alewife to Park Street. At Park, go upstairs (take the WESTBOUND stairs) and get on any B, C, or D train to Kenmore.

What is center field called at Fenway Park?

Deep center field is refered to as the "triangle" because of the triangle the walls create when they meet around the 420' mark

Is there an alcohol free section at Fenway Park?

No. Although sale does stop two and a half hours after the game begins. This submitted answer is not correct. There are 2 alcohol-free sections at Fenway Park, and it is very strictly enforced. The sections are 32-33 in Left Field. They are referred to as "family" sections.

What are some good bars around Fenway Park?

I have actually been writing a blog about this for my class senior year at Emmanuel College. Some cheap bars around there are An Tua Nua, Thorntons, and Copperfields. My favorite bar is the Lower Depths in Kenmore Square. It has dollar Fenway Franks and beers from all around the world and country. It is a great place to watch the game or pregame for a Red Sox game. Other bars around there are Beer Works, Game On, and the Cask. Hope I helped ....

How many seats are there at fenway park?

In 1912 there were 35,000 seats, which steadily increased to 39,928 in 2008.

What is the McCartney concert seating capacity of Fenway Park?

What was the seating capacity for Paul McCartney at Fenway Park?