Ferns are plants that have stems, leaves, and roots like other vascular plants, but they do not produce flowers and seeds. Ferns reproduce by means of spores. Before the emergence of flowering plants, ferns dominated the land for millions of years. Nowadays, they are mostly valued for their attractive foliage.

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What will kill asparagus ferns?

Immediately after cutting it, apply herbicide to the cut section of the stems using a squirt bottle or a paintbrush. For the best results, the herbicide should have a concentration of 8 percent triclopyr. The plant will absorb the herbicide through its cut stems, which will then kill the underground roots. If you need more information you can Call Now: +1 855 640 0327 (Toll-Free) this number.

What eats java fern?

Java fern, Microsorium pteropus, is known for its ability to tolerate low light levels and for not being eaten by many fish. While it is not supposed to taste good, no one told my goldfish who ate the plant I put in with them years ago. Most other fish leave it alone. Java fern is a fern that will produce spores and often baby plants right on the leaf. This plant does okay in my tanks with moderate light, soft water, and temperatures in the low 70's. It is very slow growing. Leaves can grow pretty large but then tend to rot and die, often with "babies" growing on them at that point. The small ramshorn snails in my tanks seem to enjoy "chewing" on it but the plant seems only minorly affected. thankyou for asking. :)

What does a fern have in common with an apple tree?

both have specialized channels for transporting water.

What are the leaves of ferns called?

The leaves of ferns are called fronds.

As a young frond unwinds and opens, it is called a fiddlehead.

The regular fronds are called trophophylls. The fronds that produce spores are called sporophylls.

Does ferns have hyphae?

No. Hyphae are the filaments that make up the body of a fungus. A fern is a true plant.

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Serfs were bound to the land.

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What is the scientific name of a fern plant?

"Fern" is a generic term used to describe a group of plants with common physical and biological features.

Most "ferns" belong to the plant Division: Pteridophyta.

Is a tree fern a seedless plant?

A tree fern is a seedless plant. All ferns are seedless plants.

They reproduce by spores instead of seeds.

How do you take care of potted fern?

First, find the ideal location, which is preferably the northern side of the house. The northern side of any home is cooler and has mostly shade for the rest of the day. Potted ferns need soil that drains well, but can also retain moisture. Make sure the soil never gets dry.

Is a fern a shrub or a herb?

A fern is not really a shrub nor a herb. Ferns, like grasses, have their own classification.

What are the difference between fern and mushroom?

Mushrooms reproduce by their spores while ferns reproduce by pollen, but only in spring.Mushrooms grow in hot humid areas, while ferns grow in warm sunny places.

Is a fern a producer consumer or a decomposer?

A fern is a producer. It is a plant that needs light, water and nutrients.

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Why do ferns grow out from another fern?

Mother ferns, Asplenium viviparum, and A. bulbiferum, are two species of fern where small clones grow directly from the fronds of the parent. When the clones are large enough, they fall off the parent, and take root in the substrate below. Many plants have evolved the ability to produce clones of themselves in order to spread faster in an area than their competitors,as reproducing through clones is much faster than sexual reproduction through spores or seed.

Does a fern have a weak stem?

Not necessarily. New Zealand tree ferns have trunks up to 10m tall, and are quite strong. Individual fronds up to 4m long. (Cyathea dealbata. the Silver Fern.)

Where are ferns found?

== == typically where there is alot of water, like the rain forest dont no

How are ferns important to people?

As a group of plants, ferns are not of great economic value. Many different species have been used as a minor food source and for medicine in various parts of the world.

Can a fern reproduce by seeds?

No. Ferns reproduce by spores.

Is a fern a vascular plant?

Vascular means that the plant a system that carries nutrients and liquids throughout its body, very much like the way a human's arteries and veins carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Ferns are some of the earliest and simplest vascular plants.

Is a fern a vertebrate?

No, a fern is a plant. Animals with internal skeletons (bones) are vertebrates.

What animals eat ferns?

Most animals avoid ferns because the mature fronds are poisonous. Humans and most farm animals like cattle, horses, pigs, etc. will get sick if they eat mature fern fronds. White-tailed deer, rabbits, and European wood mice are a few animals that can eat ferns. They usually eat the soft new shoots (called "fiddleheads") that aren't poisonous yet. Humans also eat fern fiddleheads in some parts of the world, usually after cooking them.