Fever 1793

Fever 1793 was written by Laurie Halse Anderson, and first published in 2000. It is a historical novel about a 14 year old girl, Matilda, trying to survive an outbreak of yellow fever.

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Who is Nathaniel Benson in the book Fever 1793?

Nathaniel Benson is a local painter whom Mattie has a crush on.

Foods eaten in the book Fever 1793?

in page 90-91 there are food descriptions...

chapter 13-14 there are some...

page 138

Does Mattie's mother survive in Fever 1793?

Yes, she does survive but at the end she is very weak and very fragile.

What is the theme of Fever 1793?

The main theme of the book is to "survive". Because of the yellow fever epidemic in 1793 in Philadelphia its hard for Maddie (14 year old girl and main character) to survive and live through it.

What is the internal conflict in Fever 1793?

Mattie was having internal conflict, because she wittnessed many deaths throughout the town, and even in her family.

What is some figurative language in Fever 1793?

"Bodies are piling up like firewood"

"Two bony hands curled around my shoulder like the claws of a panther"

"Life was a battle, and Mother, a tired and bitter captain"

"We walked past blocks of empty houses along streets that felt abandoned"

"My stomach took control"

"A roast beef bigger than a horse"

"The sun wasn't made of fire, it was a monstrous snowball"

What is the moral of the book Fever 1793?

The moral of this novel is no matter what don't give up. don't go jump off a cliff, don't go shoot yourself, just figure out a way to improve what's going on in your life.

What is the climax of Fever 1793?

The climax of the story is when the fever is gone and the first frost comes.

What is the plot diagram for Fever 1793?

The plot diagram is a big diagram, and it starts the exposition, then the rising action then the climax then the falling action and finally the resolution.

What is a summary of the book fever 1793?

During the summer of 1793, Mattie Cook lives above the family coffee shop with her widowed mother and grandfather. Mattie spends her days avoiding chores and making plans to turn the family business into the finest Philadelphia has ever seen. But then the fever breaks out.

Disease sweeps the streets, destroying everything in its path and turning Mattie's world upside down. At her feverish mother's insistence, Mattie flees the city with her grandfather. But she soon discovers that the sickness is everywhere, and Mattie must learn quickly how to survive in a city turned frantic with disease. She herself gets the fever, and many others that she knows, including her grandfather. By the end, Mattie and most of her family &friends recover, but her grandfather dies.

What is the theme in the book Fever 1793?

I would say one of the main themes in this book is Survival.

Did anyone survive the fever 1793?

Yes, some fortunate people survived and lived to tell the tale.

What are some similes for Fever 1793?

"Two bony hands curled around my shoulder like the claws of a panther"