Figs are a grown on trees, and are native to Middle Eastern regions. Their origins as food are ancient, and they are mentioned in early books of both the Bible and the Qu'ran.

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What can substitute figs with for a recipe?

Depending on what your making you could use dates, apples, apricots, cherries, cranberries, raisins regular or golden, prunes, peaches, or pears.

How can you kill a sacred fig tree?

Cut it down and "paint" the stump with diesel fuel.

How did the Fig Newton get its name?

Obviously the fig part comes from the fruit paste filling, but Newton doesn’t refer to Sir Isaac Newton, as many believe. Instead, it references the city of Newton, Massachusetts. The company that invented them, Kennedy Biscuit Works, named many of their cookies after nearby towns.

Can you freeze fresh figs?

wash the figs in cold water then place in container and put in freezer de frost natuarly and use as normal

What are 6 letter words ending with fig?

There are no 6-letter words ending with fig!

The only word is an 8-letter one: caprifig, a wild fig that grows in Europe and Asia.

There a one six letter abbreviation: config. (configuration)

How do you care for a fig tree?

Fig treesFig trees are easy to grow! Fig trees do well in containers and in almost all type of soil. They can be kept as small as 6" with regular pruning. Fig trees survive better if set 2 to 4 inches deeper than they were grown in the nursery. Water the plant to settle the soil firmly around the roots after planting. Do not fertilizer at planting time.

Fig trees planted at the beginning of the dormant season often develop root systems before leafing out in the spring. This can be advantageous; however, young trees are more susceptible to cold injury. Most fig tree roots are close to the soil surface and can easily dry out. Therefore, apply water to the trees as drying develops. If you observe slight leaf wilting is an indication of water stress, water more frequently during hot weather. Mulching helps maintain uniform soil moisture and reduces weed competition.

Figs do not require regular pruning. Prune fig trees annually during the first three growing seasons to establish desired shape. Generally, fig trees do not require regular fertilizing. Excessive applications of nitrogen can have a negative effect on fruit quality.

A fig tree will grow almost anywhere especially in Florida. To keep the leaves shiny use milk and a sponge. Beer and dish liquid use in a sprayer will keep the bugs off use 1 can of beer and one ounce of dish liquid. This is good for your yard too.

Choose a fig tree variety that will do well in your climate. Figs can be grown as far north as the coast of Long Island, but most do best in a warm climate such as southern California.

Select a location for planting. Figs need some sun to propagate well and do best in full sun. The roots are vigorous so keep the tree away from septic tanks and sewer lines.

Start a tree from a hardwood cutting by taking a stem with three or four joints and place it in a container with well-drained soil. Keep the cuttings wet, but not too wet.

Remove the suckers that form at the fig tree's ground level. The pruning of a fig tree is less work if you let it grow in a bush style rather than a single trunk.

Fertilize if you want to increase your fig yield. The fig tree does well without fertilization, but feeding the tree will increase its fruit production. If you're going to fertilize, do it during the growing season from spring until late summer. Spread it around the base of each tree once a month and then water it thoroughly.

Water every week to every three weeks during dry spells depending on the soil.

What is the best way to cover a fig tree in the winter in the Northeast USA?

Use a clear plastic sheet and peg the corners down make sure that there is a slight gap at the bottom so it can breath.

Where is sig fig scientific calculator?

Go to [See related link "Scientific Calculator" below] for a sig fig calculator and interactive tutorial on significant figures with practice exam.

Why eat figs?

Because they taste good and make you poo a lot.

Is a strangler fig an angiosperm or a gymnosperm?

It is the product of the ripened ovule of gymnosperm and angiosperm plants

How are strangler figs affected by deforestation?

I'ts life, It's seeds, It's species, and Its' home

How do I get the right sig fig numbers for this problem 1 divided by 0.0007?

if not specified you do it to the lowest no. sig. fig. in the original equation. if you are only given 1 (not 1.000 i.e.) then do it to 1 sig. fig. in practice though, could get away with 3 sf because you will not be penalised for it

Did Adam and Eve eat a fig?

Another answer from our community:

It can be assumed since they covered themselves in fig leaves, but it is never made certain. We can know for certain what fruit Adam & Eve ate.

Gen.3:7 tells us what the fruit was that Adam & Eve ate after they eat the fruit they cover with fig leaves. Therefore if they cover w/ fig leaves that means they ate a fig. Fig leaves grow on a fig tree if a tree has fig leaves the tree will grow fig leaves. Adam & Eve ate a fig not an apple.

Can you over feed your guinea pig?

Yes you can over feed your pig. Too much pellets or foods that contain sugar will cause health problems over time. AnswerYes its possible for you to over feed your guinea pig so watch on how much food you give you guinea pig. AnswerWell, yes and no. I suppose you could overfeed it, but in the same way, you can't. If you give some guinea pigs too much food, they will take what they need and leave the rest alone. On the other hand, some guinea pigs will eat everything in sight, so be careful.

Why is the wasp family important to the fig-growing industry?

can someone actually answer this?

joes turkey bagule

Do you need to cover your fig tree in Florida near Tampa?

yes! this past freeze here in tampa, ours lost all its leaves! DEAD!

What are figs called in Hindi or in India?

Figs are know as "ANJEER"(ANN+JEER) in INDIA.

What are some Adaptations of a strangler fig tree?

The strangler fig tree have many adaptations one being that the strangler figs start their lives off as epiphytes, plants that do not root in the soil in their first stages of life, as at the ground level of the rainforest there is little light and a huge amount of competition for water and nutrients meaning that the majority of plants that start off on the ground have to adapt or die. The strangler fig has adapted by using other trees to get itself into the canopy where it is lighter.

Once the strangler fig sprouts roots, it begins to use them to strangle the tree. as well as this it competes with the host tree for nuitrients and water, then the strangler fig has a large growth spurt, and once it begins to grow leaves they are very large and they tend to cover those of the host plant. The Strangler fig uses alot of these adaptations to become able to grow into a strong healthy plant.

What time of year do you trim a fig tree?

In winter, while the tree is dormant.

Are figs a citrus fruit?

No, figs aren't a citrus fruit.