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Haven't you ever wondered how the graceful ice dancers twirl and jump on the ice? Don't you want to know how they make their costumes, and how long they practice before competitions? In this category, you can ask away with all your curious questions about the artistic form of skating!

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Which is better prod 2.5 vs prod 4?

the 2.5s are lighter and feel extremely comfortable but the 4s are also nice. i would suggest you buy the 2.5.

What adjectives describe figure skating?

there is so much Beautful, Graceful, Spirit lifting, Dancing on ice with your soul, exciting, (sometimes painful), fun,and more!!

Who was Merovee?

Merovee is the name of an early French monarch who began the Merovingian Dynasty. It is also the name of a modern French figure skater.

Can you turn your roller skate into an ice skate?

No. You can't but on Figure Skates you can get wheels put on them and then you will have Roller Skates

Are figure skaters Jeff Buttle and Chris Mabee boyfriends?

Jeff Buttle and Chris Mabee are not boyfriends. However they are both gay, but are just good friends.

How do you do a sit spin in figure skating?

First go in to a scratch spin but drop your butt lower, then swing your leg around to the front, crossed over the leg you are spinning on. Bring both your arms in front of your body and rest them on your now crossed legs. Yes it will take you a while to master but keep on trying and don't feel bad if you fall, almost everyone does

How do you master a double loop in figure skating?

In order to even land a double loop in figure skating, it is crucial for you to know how to do a single. It is recommended for you to have sharp skates, ankle support, and flexible/comfortable clothing (no jeans).

When you do a single loop you have to pull your arms in a cross lightly to get the rotation . With the double though you will need to work out and have really strong leg muscles. The idea of the jump is to master a rotation without using your toe pick by jumping off one leg and doing a rotation and landing on it again.

In order to do a double loop, you will have to pull in your arms really tightly to get more spin. Second, you need to be able to push yourself off your leg hard and fast. This is probably the most important part. You need to get higher up in the air to be able to fit in two rotations.

When you first try doing a double loop, you should always have someone watching, just in case you get injured. It's OK to wear a helmet for the first couple of times if you feel really uncomfortable without it, or just not confident.

How old are Torvill and Dean?

Jayne Torvill was born on October 7, 1957, and Christopher Dean was born on July 27, 1958.

How old is Jane Torville?

52! (7th October 1957)

unless she's dead

How do they make ice skates?

There are three basic types of ice skates: hockey skates, figure skates, and speed skates.

Ice skates are constructed of leather, nylon, plastic, steel, and various other synthetic materials

Knit nylon and molded plastic are commonly used for hockey and speed skates.

The leather and nylon are specially treated for water-resistance.

Blades are generally made of tempered steel and coated with a high-quality chrome, though some blade manufacturers may add titanium to the metal.

4 The boot is shaped by placing it on a last, which is a plastic foot form corresponding to a particular shoe size and width.

First an insole is tacked onto the last.

Then the boot is pulled tight, by hand, over the bottom of the last.

A worker then makes sure that all wrinkles are eliminated, working from the arch to the heel then from the arch to the toe.

Tacks or cement adhere the arch, heel, and toe to the insole.

The boot, still stretched over the last, is placed into a drying chamber.

Heat is applied to set the boot to the length and width of the last.

The boot is placed upside down on a peg under an electric grinder to remove the leather finish from the boot bottom.

The grinding process causes a crevice to form across the middle of the boot bottom where the foot's natural arch occurs.

This crevice is packed with a synthetic filler and an 18-gauge spring-steel arch support shank.

A leather or rubber sole is then attached to the boot with a urethane base cement.

The heel (where applicable) is constructed by gluing square stacks of leather or water-repellent fiberboard on top of each other.

The heel is glued onto the boot and then six to ten long nails are driven through the heel, outsole, and insole.

Finally, the heel is trimmed and smoothed.

The sole and heel plates of the blade are lined up with the sole and heel area of the boot bottom.

A worker then screws the blade onto the boot using a high-speed drill on a foot-powered press.

Only a few of the screws are inserted into the boot; the remainder are packaged with the ice skates. This allows the skater to adjust the blade as necessary before the remaining screws are inserted and tightened.

However, the blades of skates fitted with rubber soles are permanently attached with rivets.

The completed skate is hand-polished and sprayed with a solution to make it shine. Laces are threaded through the eyelets.

The skates are then boxed for shipping.

What two entertainment crazes prompted the invention of figure skating?

Ballroom dancing and acrobatics are two entertainment crazes that prompted the invention of figure skating.

What is a stylish ice skating helmet?

they dont have figure skating helmets.

its useless

only hockey, and speed skating has helmets

Who is Scott moir's girlfriend?

for me, it's tessa virtue!they have a good chemistry in dancing,.& they are also a perfect couple. even thou Scott is rumored dating jessica dube..but not yet proved.

Who was the first person who invented figure skating?

The sport known as figure skating has been known for a couple of centuries. The first known paper written on it is by Englishman Robert Jones in 1772. The American "father" of figure skating is Jackson Haines who developed the "modern" style from which the current sport has been developed. From the pictures of the time of Jackson Haines, he also developed the first skating costume...and possibly the current styling of men's undergarments, although I have not researched this theory. But.... A lesser known member of the tribe called Crank invented figure skating...and ice skating in the process. Crank was an curious child, always getting into mischief. He had this habit of wandering off after Rhonda to see what she would find. But, being a child, he would get tired and simply lie down and go to sleep wherever he was. The tribe would often find him in the fields around the encampment fast asleep, and when they woke him (he was a bit big to simply pick up by one person) he was short tempered and irritable, so they named him Crank. One fine morning, Rhonda decided to make an expedition near the Kokonee mountain to see what else the area contained. She had never been entirely satisfied with the previous two expeditions and just knew that there had to be something else worthwhile in that area beside the huge mountain. Crank saw her making preparations and he grabbed his own purse and followed her out of the camp. As Rhonda strode purposefully into the wilderness, Crank was fascinated by the many wonders of the area outside of the camp. He had seen some of the smaller animals, but the medium animals were an unknown. On the second day, Crank found himself lagging farther and farther behind Rhonda, but he gamely moved in her footsteps trying to catch up. But it was no use; a child simply could not keep up with the much swifter and more fit Rhonda. By this time Crank could see the top of the mountain however, so he knew that Rhonda was making a line for it. Immediately he figured that this was a total bust, so he cast about for a reasonable place to make a mini camp for himself. He soon found a rather shallow but wide stream near a stand of trees and sat down to rest. As he munched on cold paste that Sheila had cooked the day before, he casually looked around. The trees (as usual) were oozing that sticky stuff that was so hard to get off the body, and there were a couple of smallish animals frolicking in the underbrush. Seeing nothing to alarm him, he set about making a fire for the evening to discourage those animals from disturbing him. While he slept, the night grew very cold as was usual for those parts, and the little stream froze over. Crank was warm and comfortable so he didn't even notice much lower temperature until the next morning when he awoke. He noticed the crispness in the air and quickly killed a bird for breakfast. After finishing the bird, he set off to go back to camp. However...he had forgotten that the stream was between him and the path back to the camp. As all children will, he simply decided to cross the stream again and continue on his way. But he only took a couple of steps when he landed flat on his backside. The water was hard and he soon found out that it was very slippery too. He managed to get back to the bank with the aid of some refuse dotting the shoreline and went back to his camp to ponder the problem. As he arrived at his campsite, the bird bones were the first thing to catch his eye. Since he thought that he needed something for traction on the slippery stuff, the breast bone looked like just the thing because the sharp edge looked like it would bite into the hard water. He slipped his mukluk into the ribcage of the bird and it indeed fit. So, taking it off, he immediately killed another bird and speedily skinned and removed the meat. Now he had two ribcages to work with, so he went back to the icy stream with his bird bones. Crank shoved his feet into the bones and gingerly tried the stream. Instead of falling immediately, he was able to glide over the ice on that breast bone! Even as he fell from the lack of balance, he was intrigued. Struggling to regain his feet, he made it and by slowly and carefully shifting his weight, he was able to glide across the ice. Soon Crank was gliding across the ice with ever greater control and precision. His aim improved tremendously, and in a very few minutes, he was enthralled with the swiftness of his progress across the ice. Not since Powl had had his accident had anyone moved so swiftly. He discovered by accident that if one turned the foot just a bit, one could go in circles. Voila! The first skating figure. As he turned the circle, he noticed that the pattern was still on the ice. He retraced the circle, then inspected his handiwork, becoming the first Ice Skating Judge, since one's self is the hardest judge to please. This was fun stuff ideed..much better than following Rhonda! As Crank grew more absorbed in his new occupation, he never noticed that the sun was rising higher in the sky and to his dismay, the ice started to become soft and it broke in chunks around his skates. Swiftly moving to the other side of the shallow brook, he removed his ribcages and went on his way back toward the camp. But his new passtime intrigued him so much that he didn't fall asleep on the way back. Arriving at the camp late in the afternoon, he found a few playmates and told them of his fun new sport. The next few days saw a huge increase in industry among the young population as they all wanted to try the new passtime. About a dozen children became avid hunters of birds and in the process, became critics of the various skeletons as to durability and function on that shallow brook. The tribe had an increase in provender and the children were becoming independent which made their mothers somewhat alarmed. Crank became very popular; so much so that his sleep was interrupted by the other eager novices in this new sport. He grumpily led expeditions to the brook and demonstrated the technique to his pupils. On one of these expeditions, he was so irritable that he leaped upon the ice. To everyone's surprise, he not only stayed upright, but because of the way he landed on his bones...he started to spin. Crank had invented the flying spin, perfected many eons later by the famous Dick Button. The tribe was so enthralled by Crank's new achievement that to this day we remember him. Crank It Up isn't about's about how Crank invented figure skating.

How do you sharpen ice skates by yourself?

You buy a blade sharpener, its always better to get them done probaly as if you dont do it right you could reck you blades

Did Kim Yu Na have a plastic surgery?

I don't think Kim Yu-Na got a plastic surgery.

Why are most figure skating moves counterclockwise?

not necessarily. i am a figure skater and i know the answer. some people jump clockwise, because they are right handed, which is known to be more common. if they jump counter clockwise, it means their left handed, which isn't that common.

Remember: Clockwise = to the right

Counterclockwise = to the left

It's physically impossible for someone to rotate to the left and land on the



Hi. I am also a figure skater and I'm from Ohio, I agree with your statement about being right handed and going in the right direction. But I did want to discuss with you about your directions!


I just wanted to make that clear. Check a source! And thank you for your time.

Is ice skating challenging?

At the beginning it is because you feel as if you are either ready to move on or just don't understand a single thing you are learning. But if you stick with it you enjoy it because great things are soon to come. Such as your single jumps! Waltz jump, toe loop, salchow, loop, flip, lutz, and axel!!! Those are all fun but the reason you learn your singles is to prepare for doubles and triples!!!! If you are committed to figure skating then it will seem like a beautiful sport and you also burn lots of calories in figure skating. Another good thing about figure skating is you can express yourself and your feelings. Ice skating will be challenging and costly at times but if you're sure that that's what you truly want, then it's completely worth it. So go for your life-long dream and don't let any nasties snatch you and blow you away. (As in jealous competitors of yours.)