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American football is much different than what many parts of the world call football. American football is a full contact sport. It involves two teams competing to carry the ball from one end of the field to another to score. Progress is marked by yard lines. It involves kicking, passing, tackling, as well as other physical and mental skills.

Was Joe Burrow's 2019-2020 season the best ever by a college QB?

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It’s hard to argue otherwise. In his national championship win last night, he passed Colt Brennan on the all-time list for passing touchdowns in a single season, with 60; he also posted the second-best completion percentage (76.3), the third most passing yards (5,671), and the highest-ever passing efficiency rating (202) in a single season. If you’re a skeptic, you can check those stats here. Perhaps most telling, none of the quarterbacks in the top five of the above statistical categories won the national championship that season...besides Joe Burrow. In the national title game, he set the record for most total touchdowns and combined yards in the BCS/CFP era.

What is the average 40 yard dash time for a 13 year old boy?

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Im 6'6 and about 125 pounds and run a 4.98

What is the shortest punt in the NFL?

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In a game in 1985 between the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears, the Redskins punter, Jeff Hayes, suffered a knee injury and could not perform his duties. QB Joe Theismann volunteered to punt. On his first punt, he shanked the ball off the side of his foot and the ball went exactly one yard past the line of scrimmage. Seattle Seahawks Punter Ruben Rodriguez during a game in the late 80's kicked a ball so poorly it went almost directy up in the air above his head. It was untouched and rolled near the scrimmage line, eventually losing two yards on the play.

How fast does OJ Simpson run the 40 yard dash?

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According to the fact that O.J. Simpson ran the 100 yd. dash in 9.4 seconds, it would calculate to him running the 40 yard dash in 3.6 seconds. (9.4 divided by 100 equals 0.09 seconds per yard times 40 yards equals 3.6 seconds) The 100 yd. dash may be true, but O.J. Simpson did not run a 3.6 40 My Answer: Even if he did run 9.4 on a 100 yrd dash, it would account to .094 per yard, meaning 3.76 seconds to finish 40 yards. However, it doesn't work that way since speed increases dramatically between the 3rd and 8th second approximately while we are sprinting, so a 40 yard dash is not as quick as 3.76. I'm guessing it would be around 4.1-4.2 realistically speaking for even someone as fast as OJ Simpson.