Ford Capri

The Capri refers to three distinct car models manufactured by the Ford Motor Company: the Consul Capri coupé built in Britain; the Capri coupé produced in Europe; and the Capri convertible manufactured in Australia.

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How do you adjust clutch on a 1992 ford capri?

Pre 1997/9 models of Ford Vehicles were self-adjusting via the clutch-foot-pedal. The pedal engages a ratchet system called the QUADRANT & PAWL and is part of the pedal. The mechanism is very similar on older Ford models of: Escort, Fiesta, Sierra, Granada, Transit & others. Newer vehicles may have a Hydraulic Clutch from 1997/9 onwards, and these work differently from the cable & pully mechanism. Clutch-fluid can be bled to improve the ability to operate the clutch, however this is not necessarily a method of adjusting the clutch.

If your reading this article because you have a broken clutch-pedal then please read on.

If when pressing the foot-pedal it feels like cable is broken, or pedal is loose, ...This is symptomatic of failure of the QUADRANT & PAWL 'ratchet' mechanism due to wear of teeth on the ratchet.

In some cases the pedal fails to pull the clutch out far enough to change gear, and may make a 'springing noise'. This is due to slippage on some worn ratchet-teeth, but the mechanism has not reached full failure. There are 2 ways to remedy the fault.

1. Change the Quadrant & Pawl, using only genuine Ford parts. #Beware of inferior mouldings that are not up to standard e.g. too soft, and do not trust 'pattern-parts' on eBay etc.


  • Disconnect SPRING ON THE FOOT-PEDAL to release ratchet mechanism.
  • Clamp cable slack (engine end).

How do you raise the top on a 1991 Mercury Capri convertible?

There is a release leaver on the drivers side of car by the back seat of the car. It is just inside the door. You should have two (2) release leavers the top is to fold the front set forward and the other is to open the back lid over the top. If it is a little stiff you may need to Pull up on it while you pull the release leaver(mine is).

AnswerThere's a release lever for the rear deck lid behind the drivers seat near the door opening. The lever is locked and needs a key, or in my case no-key, the lock removed, two Phillips screws. Once the deck lid is un-locked, open the lid and hold it upright and grab the center of the rag top and lift. Note: Both doors must be opened, or the windows get in the way. Two grab catches on the front of the top must be released by pressing in on the red releases. Need more info email me at

Where is fuse box in 1991 Mercury Capri?

The fuse box is located under the dash on the drivers side of the car.There is also a fuse box under the hood by the drivers side strut tower.

1991 capri does the radio need to be grounded separetly oR IS IT ALREADY GROUNDED through THE HARNESS OR ANTENNA?

It is not going to hurt to ground it with a secondary ground if you suspect it is not grounded. It is not grounded thru the antenna. Just run a ground wire from the radio chassis to any ground location.

It is not going to hurt to ground it with a secondary ground if you suspect it is not grounded. It is not grounded thru the antenna. Just run a ground wire from the radio chassis to any ground location.

How much coolant does a ford explorer hold?

As above Wiki User says: The Ford Explorer coolant can hold 15.1 liters. In order to keep your car in a good condition you need to flush the cooling system.

Alexa says 4 gallons equal 15.1 liter. Make sure the antifreeze than you are buying either 50/50 antifreeze than you do not mix with water or straight antifreeze that must be mix at least 50% antifreeze to 50% water (some people say you can mix it with 60% water.

Just remember the more water you add over 50% allows the possibility of the radiator freezing at 32 degrees and it could snow at 32 degrees.

How do you take down the convertible top on a 1991 Mercury Capri?

To take your top down open both doors then push forward on the red bottons on the top release handles located at the top of hte roof by the visors and pull down on the levers. Releve the tension on the back of the roof and gentle pull this back from the car. Raise these up and then open the compartment for the roof. There is a release by the drivers door. You may need the ignition key to unlock it. Lift the compartment lid. Lower the bottom of the roof into the compartment do not drop the top in. Lower it in carefully and watch to see if it folds properly you may need to push the top bar back into position to get it to go in flush to the top. Close your top and enjoy.

How do you take 1991 Mercury Capri convertible top down?

After you unhook the front latches, push back to unhook top from the back ledge. Roll the rear window under first, push the top back slowly and then push the 1st(front) roller bar backwards as the top is falling into the backend. If you don't, the top won't fit flush. It took me FOREVER to figure this out! DONT FORGET TO USE YOUR KEY AND POP THE LEVER ON THE DRIVERS SIDE!!!!! DID YOU FORGET THAT ONE NUMB NUTS AND YOU HALF A$$ ANSWER

What is the value of a 1956 Lincoln capri?

Depending on condition could be around $30K

What size speakers are in a ford capri?

6.5 Inch in the front doors and 5x7 Inch on the sides of the rear seat.

What causes a pungent rotten egg smell coming from the tailpipe of a 1977 Ford Capri II 2.8 V-6?

Emissions system not working properly, or a defective catalytic converter. A bad catilitic converter will cause that rotten egg smell THE Smell is from the Engine running 2 RICH - TO much fuel.U need 2 check 2 C if there are any codes like (O2 Sensor) EVEN a Vacume leak will cause a RICH condition & if the leak is bad enough the engine will idle rough. Plugged or damaged pcv valve; Damaged or faulty oxygen sensor or circuit; Clogged, damaged, defective or faulty catalytic converter. From my past experiences, owners of older cars tend to use higher octane in hopes of a better running engine. Higher octane than what the factory recommends can, also, cause a pungent rotten egg smell.

What is the best car Ford Motor produce is it Ford Capri?

It is the MERCURY Capri, produced by the Ford Motor Co. Capris are very reliable cars, but which is best is a matter of opinion. I have always preferred the Thunderbird, but any Ford vehicle with a 302 will last forever if you keep it tuned up properly.

How many Great White Sharks are the there in the world?

no one can really tell because we can't be in every single part of the ocean at the same time. Also the number will keep changing because they reproduce and get killed.

How can you identify a cvh engine?

CVH engines are a later varient of the Kent block. This may not be the most accurate way to identify one, but you can normally hear one coming. They have very loud, chattery tappets which make for a unique idle sound.

How do you change the heater blower motor in a 1983 Ford Capri?

Uncouple all hoses under the hood, then remove all hoses from the unit to your blower outlets, uncouple heater controllers and electrical feed, there should be 4 set screws/bolts holding the unit into place looking up from inside the car under the dash, use a long reach socket bar and unbolt. Removal of part of dash/glove compartment can make it a lot easier. It is a matter of coaxing it out taking care not to damage any controllers or wires close by. Forgive me if i have missed anything out i am trying to recall how i went about it a few years ago. I removed the passenger seat as well so i could lie on my back in the car.

Where is the relay to the head lights located in a 1991 Ford Capri?

If I rember right its a small silver box above and to the left of the washer bottle in the engine bay,and I believe it has fuses inside if that helps

On your 91 capri you changed your timimg belt and now it rubs against the back plate why?

if you did it yourself, you either got the wrong belt,(too wide), something is loose on the belt gears or belt idler pulley, or if you had a shop do it, take it back!!! shops are used to "comebacks" due to techs trying to multi-task as fast as they can to get that big commission check, and usually make mistakes that they will deny.