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The Transit is a range of minibuses, pickup trucks and panel vans manufactured in Europe by the Ford Motor Company from 1953 to the present. It has been the top-selling light commercial automobile in Europe for 40 years.

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How do you reset 330i 2006 service light?

You'll need to use a scan tool or other OBDII software to reset your service lights.

Ford Transit

How do you turn the red spanner service light off on a 2004 ford transit van?

turn ignition to position brake and throttle together for 15 seconds..light will flash..release and switch off...done!

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In NJ can a school bus turn right on a red light?


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What is the towing capacity for a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban 1500?

For a 1500 2wd w/ 3.73 gearing-7800lbs, w/ 4.10 gears-8800lbs. If it is a 4wd w/ 3.73 gears-7600lbs, 4wd w/ 4.10 gears-8600lbs. Vehicle gearing is indicated by vehicle RPO codes, which are on a sticker in the glove box. It is a sticker with many 3 digit codes. If you see a GT4 you have 3.73 gears. If you see a GT5 you have 4.10 gears. But you cannot just go hook up to one of the above numbers and start pulling. You must also watch GVWR. Gross vehicle weight rating. It is on a sticker in the drivers door jamb. If your truck is rated for 6600 lbs GVWR, then the weight of the truck, plus passengers, luggage, and the tongue weight added by the trailer must not exceed this number. You should figure 10-12 percent of trailer weight as tongue weight. So a 4000 lbs trailer yields 400-480 lbs of tongue weight. If your truck has a weight of 5000 lbs (with fuel) and you put 1000 lbs of people and luggage in it, and have a 4000 lb trailer with a tongue weight of 480 lbs. You will total 6480 lbs GVW. So pulling the 4000 lbs is fine. But if you tried to pull 6200 lbs (which would put 620 lbs minimum on the hitch of the Suburban) you would exceed the 6600 lbs GVWR and the capacity of the Suburban. You also need to ensure the trailer has functioning brakes.

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Ford Transit

How do you reset low brake pad indicator on 2010 ford transit?

To reset the low brake pad indicator on 2010 Ford Trans IT simply turn on the ignition and press the foot brake and the accelerator simultaneously. The accelerator and the foot brake should be pressed at the same time.

Ford Transit

What commercial vans have the best reviews?

According to , the best commercial vans are: Ford Transit Connect Ford Econoline Dodge Sprinter Chevrolet Express Of course, you can always check,, or other sites for locals selling used vans in your neighborhood.

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What is gas mileage ford transit van?

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Why does the engine light stay on in my Ford Transit van diesel 1999 model?

Sounds like the Check Engine Light (CEL), also known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL). These engines have a number of sensors in them. When a sensor returns data the computer determines to be invalid or incorrect, it determines that there is a fault with how the engine is operating, assigns a Data Trouble Code (DTC) to the issue, and illuminates the CEL. To find out what the fault is, and OBD2 scan tools needs to be connected to read the DTCs.


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