French Horn

The French horn is a brass instrument made of 12 coiled feet of tubing. Sometimes called simply a horn, it is most commonly called a French horn.

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Does a french horn play jazz music?

Not always, but many french horn players do. Examples include John Clark, Willie Ruff and Tom Varner.

French horns are not a standard jazz instrument, but they have been used in some significant ensembles. For example, Gil Evans, the well-known jazz arranger, was known for including them when he was arranging for the Claude Thornhill big band, and later when working with Miles Davis on albums such as Birth of the Cool (recorded 1949, although not published under this name until 1957) and Porgy and Bess (1958). Evans exploited the more mellow timbre of the horn and used it to blend the sounds of the brass instruments and the saxophones.

How do you get weird sound out of french horn?

I'm not sure what you mean by "weird sound", but I'm assuming you have a lot of spit in the horn, so much that it sounds like it's bubbling. The only way I have found to get spit out of a french horn is to keep rotating it clockwise until the spit comes out of the bell. either that or pull off all of the slides and pour the spit out of there.

What part of the french horn vibrates?

The sound of the French Horn is produced by the vibration of the player's lips inside the mouthpiece.

How do you clean a French Horn mouthpiece?

There are several ways. For a thorough cleaning, I use a mouth piece brush (bought at an instrument supply store) to remove any gunk that might be stuck in it, then I boil it in a pot of water.

When I'm sick or just feel like sanitizing my mouthpiece, I use a special spray that does it. It tastes bad if you accidentally let it get into your mouth, smells really good, but I don't use it very often since it is an alcohol product similar to rubbing alcohol. (I think it's ethyl alcohol)

You can use any one of these methods or just plain soap and hot water, or all of them, if you want.

How many feet of tubing is the french horn made of?

If unrolled, the French Horn would be 12 feet long, or 4 meters!
When stretched out, it would be 12 ft or 4 meters long!

What is the lead pipe on a French horn?

Simply put, it's the part on the very top where the mouthpiece goes into. Sometimes, it's a different color/finish than the rest of the horn and is usually a little bit thicker than the tubing directly after it.

What clef is the french horn?

The French Horn generally plays in the Treble Clef, however in some orchestral music (and more advanced band music) bass clef is occasionally used.

How hard do you have to blow to play a french horn?

from what i understand, its not so much how hard you have to blow but how tight your embouchure is. I have been told it is similar to a flute's embouchure, which is rather tight (making it ranked as a rather difficult instrument).

How much is a Conn French Horn worth?

the lowest price I found was $2,319

the highest price is $3,699

What type of ensemble does the french horn play in?

Horns play in Symphony Orchestras, Brass Choirs, Brass Quintets, Woodwind Quintets, and Concert Bands/Wind Ensembles

How do you do your horn on trackmania?

Go Controls Then see but Normally it The button "0" On The right bottom of keyboard


What is the highest note on a french horn?

The most common top note is the C above the staff, but it's only found in advanced repertoire and some jazz arrangements. Some players can go beyond that, but such notes are almost never used.

In what country did the french horn originate?

The horn evolved out of German hunting horns, so the answer is Germany.

Does a French horn use value oil?

Yes, but only rotory valve oil. Piston valve oil (used in trumpets) will damage the valves.

How long should you practice the french horn?

You Should Practice The french horn til you cant get anything wrong.

I usually practice it for 30 minutes a day. And on concert days, I usually do 20. You can ask your band director or if you have a private lessons teacher.

Is a french horn a tenor bass alto or soprano?

More like a tenor in range, although it can attain notes in the middle alto range, much like a tenor does using falsetto voice.

What sound does a french horn produce?

It makes alow pitched sound and if you put your hand inside the bell it will go quiter and have a much lower pitch.

What are facts about the french horn?

French horns are typically used in orchestras as a role that are similar to trumpets: to act as a fanfare-like "battle call" instrument. They can be loud or soft, which make them very versatile instruments and of all the instruments in the brass family, the French horn is said to contain the most amount of tubing.
If stretched the french horn measures out 3.7m in length
it is well over 3m long OMG
The horn comes from a long tradition of instruments first used in ancient china,egypt,and scaninavia.

In the 1600's the natural horn was used in the royal mounted hunt.

The horn became a regular member of the orchestra during the 1700's

How much does one french horn cost?

It costs around 1200-1250 dollars for a French Horn

What is the french horn fingering for e sharp?

E# is the same as F natural, so it would be the first valve only. E# and F natural are in-harmonic, which means they are the same note, just written differently.

What is the difference between french horns valves and trumpets valves?

A french horn valve moves like a revolving door. When you press down on the valve, it moves a piece of metal aside to let air flow through the pipe. On a trumpet however, the valve works more like a car engine, or a piston valve. You press down on a valve and it pushes the valve down inside of aside to let air through.