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French is a major language of international organizations such as the United Nations; and of countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has longstanding literary traditions and extensive musical applications. Typical contributions include questions about the language's geographic range; local dialects; and widespread use in business, dance and music, diplomacy, everyday life, modern writings, and scientific research.

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How do you describe your school in French?

You can say: 'Mon ecole est petite' <--'my school is small' Mon ecole est grande' <--'my school is big' 'les cours sont interessants' <--the classes are interesting. 'les profs sont intelligents' <--the teachers are smart. 'les profs sont amusants' <--the teachers are amusing. to say 'i am a student at ________. you say 'Je suis eleve a _________. for example; Gardens High School would be 'Je suis eleve a Gardens lycee. Or you can just abbreviate it by saying 'Je suis aleve a GHS.' hope i...
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What are the French speaking countries their capitals and presidents?

There are 29 countries in the world where French is the official language. The top three are the Democratic Republic of Congo, France and Canada. The capital of Congo is Kinshasa and the president is Joseph Kabila. The capital of France is Paris and the president is Francios Hollande. The capital of Canada is the monarch is Queen Elizabeth II. ...
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Where is it possible to obtain lessons to learn how to speak French in France?

There is multiple places in France that you can learn. Either you can go to a formal class or if you are not interested in doing that you can go to places like cafes, squares, markets. You can even pick some of the language up at art galleries or museums. French is a very romantic language and what better way to learn then from the people of France themselves. ...
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How do you say happy birthday in Ontario french?

If you were in Ontario and would like to wish someone a happy birthday, you would often speak French Canadian. In that language, you would want to tell them, "Bonne Fête." ...
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Why don't Americans like French cars?

Only the Bugatti is sold in America and no one can really afford it, so mainly because their not sold here. ...
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What parts in Canada speak french?

Quebec is the largest French-speaking area, but New Brunswick is also bilingual. ...
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What is 'répandu' when translated from French to English?

"Common" is just one English equivalent of the masculine singular adjective/past participle répandu. The pronunciation of the word -- which also can be translated as "spilled, spilt, widespread" -- will be "rey-pawn-dyoo" in French. ...
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Where are French film makers Claude Jannel and Frederique Guerlain today?

Claude Janelle has since retired in 2008 and currently resides in Canada. Little is known about Frederique Guerlain today. After 1995, and 4 successful books published, Frederique has since stood out of the limelight. ...
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How long does it take to learn the French language?

This depends entirely on how committed a student is. Traditional schooling will usually take at least 3-4 years to learn very much. Rosetta Stone claims not to take as long. ...
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What does the French word bois mean?

The French word bois means wood, timber or woodwind. It could also mean woods as in forest. It also means to drink, to absorb, and to drain however it is commonly used for wood. ...
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Where can one translate from English to French?

There are many sources one might use to translate something from English into French. There are many online websites that offer these services, such as Google Translate. ...