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From role-playing video games to the ones that make you dance, puzzles to Scrabble, solitaire to poker, games can be a source of solo fun, a gathering point for the guys, or the center of a family fun nights.

Verla Becker asked in Games, Probability, Playground Games

Is there an actual strategy to winning Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Although technically Rock, Paper, Scissors is considered a game of chance, there are a few patterns to keep in mind that could give you a leg up on your competition. Men are statistically more likely to throw rock first, whereas women are more likely to start with scissors. Further, if someone wins on a particular throw, they are more likely to start with the same choice in the next round. Similarly, if they lose, they’re likely...
Asked in Games

What is the computer password on escape the 13th floor?

lie and 8456 for the safe thing
Asked in Games

How do you beat level 9 of guts and bolts?

buy the cheatsheet of amazon for $1.50. Postage is $19.99
Asked in Games

How do you beat level 22 on factory balls 2?

dip in blue, the put the first strap on dip in yellow take off the first strap and put the second one on the then dip in the yellow then put both straps on and dip in orange :) ...
Asked in Roblox, Games

Where to download roblox shirt template?

Well go to create shirt and right click the blue words that say something like Shirt Template and then save as then your done. ...
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How do you beat level 18 on b cubed?

all u got to do in level seven teen is suck my balls!!!!!!LMFAO..
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What do you do on level 15 on 40x escape?

press es then e then cap
Asked in Games

What is the aim of the commenwealth games?

to get the most medals
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What word expression or name is D d D d W d D d D?

West Indies . W = West and there are D's or d's around it so is "West in D's" which sounds like West Indies name. ...