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Nintendo DS
Mario Kart

How much would gamestop give for Mario kart ds a ds lite that has all working buttons except r and Lego star wars?

Well, lets just say not a lot for a unefficient R button. I got 90 for a DS Lite, (that has to have workiing charger), with 6 games and the cases for them. I would see if you can get the R button fixed, if not, bring it to gamestop and they might be able to.

Hope it helped!


What time does Gamestop close?

Game Stop closes at 9:00 PM.


What time does Gamestop close on Fridays?


Sony PSP
Bleach (Anime and Manga)

Will bleach heat the soul be available in the UK?

I think it will never come out, as it should have come out already. But you can can get it from japan video games or eBay but it will only be in Japanese.


Is Gamestop open on Easter?

Yes, it depends on the store. Several have extended hours on Sundays, but are going back to 11 am to 6 pm, just for Easter.


Does Gamestop have mercenaries 3 in stock?

no the game has not been released and a release date has not been given. No one has the game in stock


Does Gamestop buy accessories?

Mostly, no


Does Gamestop sell Kontrol Freeks?

No they dont but they do sell regular controllers


What do you get when you pre order Skyrim at Gamestop?

A map of Skyrim.

Microsoft Xbox 360

If you turned your xbox 360 into gamestop how much money would you get?

xBox 360

It has a lot of factors. Including the condition of the 360, and believe it or not if it has the box it came with and even instruction manual. It also depends on the Gamestop. I'd say around $150 for an xbox 360.

  • I work for Gamestop and it doesnt matter for anything whether or not you have the box what matters is if the console works, do you have all the component cables, you have to turn it in with at least 1 working controller. in addition theres some other factors as well, do you have a hard drive? are you trying to get cash back or store credit.

I went to Gamestop today (03/17/2011) and they will only give you $40 in cash for your Xbox 360 and $65 in store credit.

My recommendations as a store employee:

  • it doesnt matter what Gamestop you go to we are a corporation everything's the same except tax.
  • If your trying to get cash just a reminder that they do take 20% off your total and if you get store credit you'll get any complying promotions in the system plus if you have your edge card you'll additionally get 10 percent more trade in credit. I believe for each system with all the cables and controller as well as the hard drive it trades in at about 120ish store credit.
  • Also if we have any other games we do as well take trade ins on them there value is based on the condition of the game, and how old is it. Most older games arent worth that much so play a game when you beat it and done using it trade it in asap to get the most trade in credit for your game. That edge card does wonders to its valid for a year you get a 1 year subscription to game informer the #1 selling game magazine in the united states and all the perks of haveing the card such as ten percent off all used games or accesories and ten percent bonus on your trades that is valid on any promotion to so not a bad deal.
  • The xbox will sell for 49.99 at Gamestop.
  • Call your local gamestop and ask, All places varies.

Can you use Gamestop coupons online?


Whats Gamestop number?



Does gamestop sell roblox gift cards?



Does Gamestop sell game sharks?


online yes, in stores no

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DSi

How much will Gamestop give you for your Wii console and Nintendo DSi?

You will probably get 300-350 bucks outta both of them because the DSi is pretty new and a bunch of people would die for one let alone a used one. It also depends on the CONDITION. Say you little brother or sister scribbled all over it or stuck a pencil in something and wrecked half the system. It would probably be 80 for the DSi and 60 for the Wii. You can always call up gamestop and ask them how much it would be worth too.

Microsoft Xbox 360

How much does Xbox 360 cost at Gamestop?

a normal one cost 199.99 but a refurbished 1 cost 159.99

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

How much will gamestop buy Modern Warfare 3 for?

half of a used 1 which is 33$

Pokemon Rumble

Why did gamestop say Pokemon Rumble Blast comes out on october 25th when it's the 24th?

Probably a calculation mistake.


Is there a Gamestop in Portage Wisconsin?

Gamestop is coming to Portage! The store front is there, and the signs are up, but the open date is yet to be announced.


What are the Gamestop hours of operation?

Store Hours Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-6pm

Sony Playstation 3

How much will Gamestop give me if you sold them Homefront for the PS3?

Amazon sells the game new for $16.16 and Gamestop sells it used for $17.99 so even when you get a trade in credit you will pay more for some used titles than amazon charges for new


How much is tax at game stop for game systems?

$0.06 per Dollar spent .


What is the price of fossil fighters champions at game stop?

New is 34.99 and

Pre-owned is 29.99


How old do you have to be to work at Gamestop?

In order to work at Game stop you need to be 16 years old. You begin the job as a Game Associate. You need to be 18 in order to be promoted to Senior Game Associate, Assistant Manager, or Manager. You receive a 15% discount off of all merchandise except new consoles. I work there myself and if you get a good store it is an extremely fun job! But be sure not to listen to Game Stop haters out there.


When will game stop be re-stocked with skylanders?

Check your local Game Stop and see when their next shipment will come.


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