Ganges River

The Ganges known as the "national river" in India and often considered a holy river by Hindus.

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Does the river ganges have a delta?


almost all of the country Bangladesh is the delta

How many tributaries does the Ganges River have?

The Ganges has many tributries, major of them are: Yamuna, Ghaghara, Gomati, Ram Ganga, Son, Kosi, Gandak.

Tributries which forms The Great Ganges: Alaknanda, Dhauli Ganga, Vishnu Ganga, Bhilangana, Bhagirathi, Pindaar, Manadakini, Nandakini

What is the flooding frequency of the river Ganges?

this river delta in Bengal can flood every year, some years worse than others. The area is flooded because of tropical cyclones, the monsoons and snow melt from the Himalayan mountains. The worst in 1970 killed 500,000 people with another 100,000 missing. In 1991, 138,000 people were killed and in 1998 1000 were killed and 30 million were homeless. As the area lies in a tropical wet climate, it can receive up to 120 inched of rain a year

Why do the Hindus believe the ganges river is holy?

In reality Ganges River is call Cosmic Energy which is food for soul which we can get in sleep or meditation.

How is the river Ganges polluted?

More than 400 million people live along the Ganges River. An estimated 60,000 persons ritually bathe daily in the river, which is considered holy by Indians. In the Hindu religion it is said to flow from the hair of the god Shiva. The spiritual and religious significance could be compared to what the Nile river meant to the ancient Egyptians. While the Ganges may be considered holy, there are some problems associated with the ecology. It is filled with chemical wastes, sewage and even the remains of human and animal corpses which carry major health risks by either direct bathing in the water ,or by drinking the highly contaminated water.

What are the Ganges?

The Ganges is a river running from the Himalayan mountains through India to the Indian Ocean.

The Gangees is a very sacred river for Hindus and they spread their deceased loved ones' ashes in it.

Why do Hindus make a journey to River Ganges?

The goddess Ganga, or now known as the Ganges, was "cursed", but in a divine way, to become a river. It was not really a curse, but a divine plan to bless the earth and its inhabitants. It was said that the goddess Ganga was told by God that after she became a river, she would wash away all the sins of those who bathed in her waters. Ganga then considered this and became worried with this thought: "If I am to carry everyone's sins, who will take those sins away from me?" Ganga was told not to worry. "Divine Saints will always come to bathe in your waters and dissolve all sins from you and your waters." Please see the link below.

What do pilgrims do at the river ganges?

the pilgrims at ganga do the bath because they believe that after bath they will be free from all sins.

Location of ganga-brahmaputra basin?

The tributaries of rivers ganga and brahamaputratogether form the ganga-brahamaputra basin.the basin lies in the sub-tropical region that is situated between 10 degree n to 30 degree n latidudes.

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What are some uses of the Ganges River?

River Ganges is a Holy river for many religions. Hindus believe bathing in the river purifys them. The river is also used for "water burial". A floatable pyre is constructed for the body and set alight, it is then released into the river.

What was the significance of the River Ganges to the Ancient Indians?

It was highly significant, especially when coupled with the Rig Veda's hynms & discussions of the Great River of Wisdom, The 7 branched Saraswati. Coupled with the data from the Landsaat satalittes, one can in fact find this river system. It has changed its direction at least 6 times, once incorporating the Ganges within it. Most of the hymns of the Rig Veda (the oldest book in the world) refer to a large sea to sea maritime culture spanning what is now Northern India & Pakistan - & probably bits of Afghanistan & Tibet as well. Much of Hinduism is anchored in the presence of great bodies of water . (D Frawley, 1991. Gods, Sages, & Kings: Vedic Secrets of Ancient Civilization.)

What steps can be taken to restore river ganga to its past glory?

The Ganga Action plan was launched in India in 1985.The main aim of the project was to reduce the pollution level in the river.Pollution control activities included under the project were:

  • solid waste management.
  • Installation of sewage treatment plan.
  • installation of crematorium.
  • Development of river front.
  • Provision of low cost sanitary facilities.
  • To creat public awarenes