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Gary Paulsen is the author of over 200 novels, including the well-known book Hatchet. Many of his stories focus on the theme of survival in the wilderness.

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Gary Paulsen

How many newberry awards did Gary paulsen win?

He has won three. DOGSONG,1986 - HATCHETT,1966 & THE WINTER ROOM, 1990.

Gary Paulsen

What are all the books written by Gary Paulsen?

nightjohn, suary, stargirl, staroy

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Gary Paulsen

What are facts about Gary Paulsen?

born on may 17 1939

ran away from home when he was14

He ran the Iditarod 2 times
At one point in Gary's life he did 1 sell one word for 7 years
he was born on May 17th 1939

he ran away when he was 14

he completed the Iditirod twice, but has started the race 4 times

he is known for writing adventure/survival fiction books

Gary Paulsen

What is the last line in the book Nightjohn?

The last line in the book by Gary Paulsen reads:

"Late he come walking and it be Nightjohn and he bringing us the way to know."

Gary Paulsen

What did Gary paulsen study in college?

he didnt go

He did go to college. He went to The University of Colorado.
yes at the university of Missouri
== ==
bemidji college minnesota

Gary Paulsen

What is sarny's real name in nightjohn?

Allison Jones

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Gary Paulsen

How did 'The Car' by Gary Paulsen end?

At the end of this story, police are chasing Waylon. Waylon warns Terry that he has to leave, and this is because if the police catch Terry, he will get into trouble if he is caught aiding Waylon. Terry decided that he has to leave, and find his uncle. That is what happens at the end of The Car by Gary Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen

Where can 'NightJohn' be read in e-book form?

Nightjohn cannot be read online for free legally.

It can be purchased as an eBook. See the related link.

Gary Paulsen

What mistake led to Paulsen's accident?

"New trails always get them tuned up and they were fairly smoking as we came to the edge of the gully.I did not know it was there and had been letting them run,not riding the sled brake to slow them,and we virtually shot off the edge." In other words it was paulsens fault he had been injured.paulsen didn't stop the dogs in time and shot off the edge but he immediately lost control of his sled causing him to but flung into mid air. When he did he kicked sideways and caught his knee on a sharp snag.

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Gary Paulsen

How would you describe Gary paulsen?

A very good author? ahha he is a very descriptive, detailed, realistic, author who has a series of page turning books that are age appropriate. I read his books in gr.4 and 5 so its great for children... and my parents loved the books too.

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Gary Paulsen

What is Gary Paulsen's favorite sport?

his favorie sport is your golf

Gary Paulsen

Who is clel waller from nightjohn?

He is the owner of Nightjohn.

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Gary Paulsen

Where did Gary paulsen go to high school?

Theif River Falls

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Gary Paulsen

What book comes after Hatchet by Gary Paulsen?

Brian's winter.. its an alternate ending... then after Brian's winter it is "the river" then after that it is Brian's Return and after Brian's return it it "the hunt" i do not know what comes after the hunt

Gary Paulsen

How many children does Gary Paulsen have?

Gary Paulsen has three children. He has a girl named Lynn and a son named Lance from his first marriage, and he also has a son named James from his third marriage.

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Gary Paulsen

Can a 15-year-old female get emancipated and still live with a family member?

If the 15-year-old has already been legally emancipated, they are as free as anyone else. Emancipation means that you live on your own and fully support yourself. And most states (with the exception of a very few, such as CA) would not even allow a 15-year-old to petition for emancipation. I don't think this situation is an emancipation issue--it's a custody/guardianship issue. The relative that you want to move in with would need to petition the court for custody/guardianship. And frankly, unless they can prove your parents to be unfit in some way, the chances of them winning the case are pretty slim.

Gary Paulsen

Does Nightjohn get his finger cut off?

He got two toes cut off.

Gary Paulsen

What genre does Gary Paulsen usually write?

Gary Paulsen usually writes adventure.

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Gary Paulsen

Did Gary paulsen join the army?

How old was Gary Paulsen when he joined the army

Gary Paulsen

What is the rising action of brians return by Gary paulsen?

The fight, consoling, and missing the woods

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Gary Paulsen

When was Gary Paulsen born?

Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939.

Gary Paulsen

What is the theme of Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen?

family, home life, belonging, acceptance

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Gary Paulsen

Where did Gary Paulsen write his first book?

The first book Gary Paulsen published was special war which he was 27 when he published it.

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Gary Paulsen

How was Gary paulsen's childhood?

gary paulsen childhood was not soo good he was a very bad kid at age 1-71

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Gary Paulsen

Why did Gary Paulsen run away from home?

because he had a bad home life

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