Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is an American actor and novelist. He starred in various movies, including “Bonnie and Clyde,” “I Never Sang for My Father,” “The Poseidon Adventure,” “The Quick and the Dead,” and “Crimson Tide.”

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Why wasn't Gene Hackman in Superman III?

Gene Hackman is a great actor however I think that he was a poor choice for Lex Luther. He acted the part alright but there's a physical type to the part that he just doesn't fit. Other film and stage commitments Hackman was under couldn't allow him to work in S-3 as Lex Luthor and the film's producers did not wish to replace Hackman with another actor for the role.

Gene Hackman was also very vocal in his distaste for Richard Donner's expulsion from Superman II. He did not return to film extra scenes for the film when Richard Lester took over the film. Most of his footage had already been shot, and a stand-in was used for a few inserts. So long as the Salkinds (Alexander and Ilya) were producing Superman pictures, Hackman would not be involved. After Superman III, the rights to the character were sold to Cannon films, and the Salkind's were not involved in the production of Superman IV, which is why Hackman returned to the role. He was very vocal in criticizing how the Salkinds treated "Superman" director Richard Donner. Margot Kidder who plays Lois Lane, was also angry over the release of Donner and was limited to a cameo in Superman III.

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Did Gene Hackman ever play in a batman movie?

Superman? Yes.

Frankenstein? Yes.

Batman? No.

Is Gene Hackman in true grit?

Hackman does not appear in either filmed version of this novel.

Who is gene hackman married to?

Presently he is married to Betsy Arakawa. His first marriage, to Faye Maltese, ended in divorce after thirty years.

Is gene hackman dead?

Still very much alive as of 2011 September. He hasn't made a film since 2004, but he's alive.

Michael Caine has stated recently on TV what his all-time favourite film is - can anyone advise what the film was?

The Third Man Source:

This was NOT the answer he gave! he was being interviewed by Jonathan Ross and he most definitely didn't suggest this film - this is cliché answer that thousands of people would proffer - he chose a far more obscure film?

What actress played Gene Hackman's girlfriend in the first Christopher Reeves 'Superman' movie?

The blond actress who played the girlfriend of Lex Luthor (Gene Hackmans' character) was Valerie Perrine.

Is gene hackman gay?

Gene was married to Fay Maltese from 1956-1986, and had 3 children. He remarried Betsy Arakawa in December of 1991, and is still married. whoop!yes Gene Hackman is a homosexual, he has been frequently spotted on the Sunset Strip searching for young male hustlers....

Does Gene Hackman have children?

Hackman had three children with his first wife, Faye Maltese: Christopher, Elizabeth, and Leslie.

How many movies have Gene Hackman been in?

As of May 2009, Gene Hackman has 100 acting credits. Some of these are television roles. His first film was "Mad Dog Coll" (1961). He played an uncredited cop. His most recent film was "Welcome To Mooseport" (2004).

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How many movies have Gene Kelly in them?

Not too sure but there is a whole list of movie acted in, movies directed, and soundtracks. Just go to IMDb just search his name

Does Gene Hackman still act?

No, Hackman has retired from Acting and now writes novels, in 2004 he announced that he had no future film projects lined up, and said his acting career was over. In 2008, while promoting his third novel, he confirmed that he had retired from acting.