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Has anyone done Michael Collins family tree and is there a website on it?

Yes, they have. You can refer to the added link, for a referenced website on Michael Collins' family tree.

Although Collins never married or had any children, before he was assassinated, he was one of 8 children. Children or Grandchildren of his nieces and nephews are still alive, today.

*The family tree linked by the earlier answerer is only tangentially connected. No good comprehensive ancestry for both Michael Collins' paternal and maternal lines is readily available online.

How can you find the history of an Irish family?

For detailed information on your search for Irish roots, check out The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA) Web site. It provides a more extensive list of links and additional information for your ancestral search. These links include tutorials on genealogy, national resources, maps, history, culture, clan associations and emigration and old passenger lists.

I do not have an answer to the question, but I do have something to ask her. I was given up for adoption 16 years ago, and my birth mother's maiden name is Molly M Finney. I have been looking for my birth mom for a long time. When you email me back I will give you more information. Please email me.

How do you know if you're Egyptian?

There is no way to know for sure, without knowing your family's history or having some sort of documentation that is verifiable.

For example, knowing wither you parents or grandparents were Egyptian.

If you were adopted or an orphan, you are dependent upon some outside source to let you know your true heritage or national origin.

The skin color of someone who is truly Egyptian is similar to the skin color of many people from middle eastern counties, so that would not be an accurate gauge of true nationality.

Dialects clues are also not an accurate gauge of true nationality, since dialects are environmentally controlled.

Facial features can only narrow down the possibilities, but again are not a accurate gauge due to possible intermarriage over the centuries.

Only an outside source or family history can let you know if you are truly Egyptian.

Is there a Savalas family website?

---- Excellent response. I have been trying to figure out what a "Savalas" is for decades. Is it from Fotos Tzavelas, son of Hellenic icon Lambros Tzavelas, who himself was a Greek patriot, backgammon champion and distant great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather of TV star Telly Savalas? Fotos' 1814 murder at the historic "Mavros Gatos" ('Le Chat Noir' or 'Black Cat') cafe after triple-gammoning the proud Ali Pasha was the incident that began the Greek struggle for independence. Perhaps the answer can be found in reading about the heroic life of Kitsos Tzavelas, Greek fighter and Prime Minister? Tzavelas was born in Souli, Epirus in 1800, the son of Fotos Tzavelas and grandson of Lambros Tzavelas, both of whom were famous for their roles in the Souliot struggles against Ali Pasha, the Turkish governor of Epirus. He grew up in exile in Kerkyra. Tzavelas played a leading role in the Greek War of Independence in 1821, distinguishing himself especially during the siege of Messolonghi. After the arrival in Greece of Ioannis Kapodistrias, during the latter part of the war, Tzavelas was responsible for liberating a large part of Central Greece. After indepedence, Tzavelas became a supporter of Kapodistria and eventually a leader in the Russian Party which was the conservative and arch-Orthodox political faction in the period of King Otto. Accused of planning a revolt against the king in 1834, Tzavelas was imprisoned by the Regency Council head by von Armansperg along with other politicians of the Russian Party. When King Otto reached the age of majority and took over the reigns of government, Tzavelas was released and later was named aide-de-camp to the king. He was subsequently appointed Minister of War in 1844 and, in 1847-1848, Prime Minister. Kitsos Tzavelas died on March 21, 1855. Generations later, while becoming United States citizens in the early 1900's via Ellis Island, the family name, 'Tsavelas' (and the variant 'Tsavalas' - it doesn't really translate well into English) was simplified to 'Savalas'. The offspring of that American lineage includes Decorated Soldiers, Diplomats, Architects, Producers, Doctors, Teachers, Artists, etc., and, of course, Actors. The official Savalas family website is at: - if you'd like more information, please contact me using the contact area there. Until I hear from you, I remain, Sincerely, Nicholas Savalas -

How do you summon a deceased relative?

Hold a seance ... ____________________ could not do it. There is no way to guarentee that it is the relative you are looking for that is coming across. You could be opening a door to all sorts of nastiness. Hopefully, this realitive crossed over and is happy where they are and can't be summoned. Take heart, and know that your realitive loved you and is happy now in the light.

What is a good Family Tree website?

This is an opinion question, so it will generate subjective answers. Here are answers that have given. You might also wish to check the discussion page.

* Genes Reunited, Ancestry, Scotlands People, and Origins.

* is a good website for family trees, although there is a subscription fee.

* WeRelate is free but you can't enter living people.

* is made by the creator of WikiAnswers. It's entirely free and has privacy controls so you can enter living people and share it with your family.

What is the best Free genealogy website?

Genealogy is your family tree - searching any past relations.

Is there any proof that the caste Ayyanavar is the part of the var?

Ayyanavar is not a caste name, but it is a race name. More details are available in the book "Aiyn to Ayyanavar and the Origin of Letters" by M.Kunjurajan Ayyanav

How can you find a free genealogy site?

Kindred Konnections is a good site for that. I do transcribing for them and earn 1 free hour with them and you can do as many as you want. To get into the membership section you have to pay but if you do the transcribing(census pages,typing out names)you can use that 9one of your hours) to get into the paid section and search.

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Where can you find good research on the history of college football?

Click on the 'Brief History I' and 'Brief History II' links on this page to read histories of the college game and football in general. Each article has many links in it that you can click to read more about specific topics.

Where is a website that can show you your whole family tree for free?

Free Family Tree Builder

Free Family Tree Builder, sounds good. Yes, today in this article we are going to tell you how to create a family tree with the help of a free family tree builder. Nowadays there is so many genealogy software by using them you can easily create a family tree.

Before starting this article firstly know what is Family Tree Builder and how can you get a free family tree builder. Family tree builder is a genealogy software used to create your beautiful family tree. So that you can preserve your family's beautiful memories for the future.

Free Family Tree Builder

Start to build a family tree is a very enjoyable and funny task to do. For this, you have to start a research about your family members. During making your family tree, a lot of things you can know about your family members. It becomes a fun process when you research and uncover some unknown and new family members.

Family Tree Maker: Free Family Tree Builder

Family tree maker is one of the best free family tree builders. You can use the family tree maker trails version before purchasing. Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version of family tree maker. FTM 2019 has some unique and amazing features that make it so popular. Family Tree Maker is an easy family tree maker.

Ancestry: Online Family Tree

Ancestry is a very popular name in genealogy software. You can use the ancestry family tree for making a free family tree. For making a family tree you have to put your and your family details in the ancestry family tree and your tree is done.

My Heritage

Next, free family tree builder is My Heritage. My Heritage website allows you to create a tutorial on how to build a free family tree. You can also download your family tree by using My Heritage. For more details, you can check my heritage site.


Findmypast, likely its name it is also used in making a family tree. It gives you an accurate genealogy result. Thanks to Findmypast genealogist researchers to make it so accurate. In this genealogy software, you can make your free family tree and check that from anywhere.

RootsMagic: Free Family Tree Maker

In RootsMagic, RootsMagic essentials give you the facility to make a free family tree of your family members. RootsMagic is also a popular genealogy software which is used by many peoples in the USA. If you want any support regarding RootsMagic then you can contact RootsMagic support.

Tribal Pages

Tribal pages also give you a chance to create a free family tree. It is secure and private genealogy software. Build your online free family tree and invite your family members to visit and update your family tree.

These are some free family tree builder by using you can make your free family tree and preserve your family memories. For more articles like this, you can check family tree maker blogs. Need help!

What is the best site to find your family tree?

Trace your ancestry and build a family tree by researching extensive birth records. You Will get many web sites dealing with genealogy. You will need to do your own research to put together a reasonably complete family tree.

What website can you use to find out family history for free? is an excellent site for finding out about family history, search records, and create your own tree. And it's free!

Where can you find help in researching your family history?

The best free site is There are 500 million names you can research of deceased people.

Where can you find your family history?

With family history, you always begin with yourself and work your way backwards. Write down everything you know and organize it then write down questions for which you are seeking answers. Next, visit, call or write to your oldest living relatives and ask the questions.

When you have exhausted all home and close family resources, visit or write to the library, archives or churches in the areas where your family lived. If you have no idea, get birth/marriage/death records and extract the pertinent information to set you in the right direction.

The Internet is also a great resource. Use Google to search for your ancestors' names and locations. There are commercial sites such as and free sites such as

Family research is all about being a detective. Listen and search for the clues to keep you moving in the right direction.

Most families do not have a history ready and waiting in some library somewhere for you to ask for it. You have to do the research and put it together yourself.

Is there website where wishes come true?

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What is a free site that lets you find your Ancesters?

Another Site:You can try familysearch(dot)org. It is a free site and there is a lot of information available.

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Where is a good place to find information on relatives?

Roots Web Free Pages click on family tree on top of page put in name of family member and go from there. Most people who put info on there are great help when you email them

Is WikiTree easy to navigate?

Like anything, there is a bit of a learning process involved, but you can always start at your Navigation Home Page. Click the "My Nav Page" link in the upper-right corner of any page, when logged-in.

Where can you find the history on the family names of vernon?

szukam rodzine mojego wujka Ferdynant Wolny , urodzony 1980 ? w Kopytowie (Zaolzie). Byl komandantem policii w Tarnowskich Gorach AZ do roku 1938 , pzniej w Trzyncu (Zaolzie) Dzieci: Leon. Wladyslaw i Janina.