Giant Pandas

Native to Central China, Pandas live in the mountainous regions, like Sichuan and Tibet there. Taxonomically a carnivore, the Panda actually lives almost entirely on bamboo, but, like most animals, pandas have been known to eat eggs, and consume insects with their diet of bamboo. If you're interested in pandas, whether it's to learn more by asking questions, or to share your knowledge by answering them, this is the category for you.

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How to grow giant orbeez?

Put them in coke or Pepsi and they should grow the size of a baseball

How do you pass level 7 in double panda?

To pass double panda level seven go onto double panda level seven put Giant panda under the lowest platform and make red panda jump ontop of him then make him go onto the platform then jump up onto the next platforn jump over to the lever with red panda. swich. move giant panda over to the enemie jump ontop of them all. Use giant panda to move the box over until it stops. switch. use red panda to go past all the things and then finaly when you get to the blue bamboo pole put him up it and get all the sticks. switch. go to the other side of the big box. use giant panda to push it under the lowest platform. put both pandas on the box and make giant panda jump ontop of red panda and then the platform jump ontop of the enemie with key. make giant panda jump down and onto the box. switch make red panda do the same except make him collect the key. make red panda jump onto the grey platforn andpush the lever make him go through to the finish line and giant panda!

Do Pandas Like Being Cold Or Hot?

They do live in a cold forest, so they may prefer to be a little warmer.

Who was the first panda born in the US?

Hua Mei, born 1999 in the San Diego Zoo and sent to China 2004.

Why were merchants able to sell spices at a high price?

the merchants hide the information that they bought the spices for less to make money, it can technically mean cheating.

How do animals adapt to saline environments?

I think what they do is kind of start to "breathe" the water that's close to a saline river/environment, they get used to it, then slowly move towards it.

What kingdom family does the red panda belong to?

In taxonomy, Kingdom and Family are two separate levels of classification. The red panda Ailurus fulgens is placed in the Kingdom Animalia as is every living thing that is not a plant, fungus, protist or bacteria.

The red panda is most closely related to the raccoon and is therefore placed in the Family Procyanidae.

How long does the average smoking man live?

Depending on your genetics! If your lucky 70-80 with great health complications. Not so lucky 40-50.

Do Pandas live near the Great Wall of China?

Yes, but only if they need food or to escape from danger.

Wild pandas could not live near the Great Wall of China because of the unsuitable living environment.

There are pandas in Beijing zoo because the zoo creat a familiar living environment which is suitable for pandas in the southern China.

Do Pandas have pouches?

no. panda's do not have pouches for their offspring.

What family does the giant panda belong in?

The Giant Panda is classed in the family Ursidae, along with all the other bears.

How does a panda hide from its predators?

A giant panda hides from its predators by either climbing trees or by swimming. They are considered really good swimmers.

What do pandas do in the day time?

They spend 10 - 16 hours finding and eating bamboo, and the rest of the time sleeping

What is the group name for giant pandas?

If you mean, "What is a group of giant pandas called?" I don't think there is a name for a group of pandas as they are normally solitary animals. The exceptions to that are a breeding pair and a female with a cub.

Taxonomically speaking, giant pandas belong to the family Ursidae (aka the bear family; yes pandas are bears not raccoons), the genus Ailuropoda, and the species Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

What are facts about the panda's habitat?

Pandas are only found in the undisturbed mountain forests of some parts of central China. More specifically, their habitat is the bamboo forests of the Tibetan plateau and southwest China 4,000 to 12,000 ft above sea level.The habitat, suitable for the bamboo on which they survive, is a cold, damp coniferous forest. They may descend to lower elevations during winter and spring in search of edible bamboo. In most of the areas in which they still roam wild, they must compete with farmers who farm the river valleys and the lower slopes of the mountains.

Panda bears are herbivores and feed 21-22 hours per day on bamboo to get the required sustenance to support their large size. Rather than hibernating as the weather gets cold, they move up and down in elevation to remain comfortable. Pandas sleep in non-permanent shelters of caves, tree trunks, or outcroppings of cliffs. Pandas never hibernate, and can be found when the sun is high or there is snow on the ground.
Pandas are only found in the undisturbed mountain forests of some parts of central China. They do not tolerate humans well, and are most at home in the bamboo forests which provide 99% of their diet. Rather than hibernating as the weather gets cold, they move up and down in elevation to remain comfortable.
Habitat Giant Pandas live in bamboo forests in the mountains of western China. The continent that China belongs to is Aisa.
THere isn't just one habbit
China, vegetative areas, baboo forests

in a bamboo habitat also they eat bamboo and it is algal to have a panda fore a pet cause some people cant take care of them then they die and that's also why its algal and they cant be pets anymore and there also about to be ac stink
Giant Pandas live in the forests in Central and Western China in the provinces of Shanxxi and 2 others in the mountains; because it is warm and there is bamboo there.

How do pandas defend themselves?

Giant pandas are solitary and peaceful animals who will usually avoid confrontation. If escape is impossible, they will fight back.

They use physical strength (2x heavier than humans), strong jaw muscles and large molars used mainly for chewing bamboo which can make for a very nasty bite. Pandas are great tree climbers taught from the age of 6 months, they swim, and unlike most bears, they don't hibernate for months at a time.
They protect themselves by hiding from predators in trees, valleys and fighting back but that is really rare for anyone to see
find safe habitates
by climbing trees and there sharp teeth

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