Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers were first bred for retrieving game. However, because of their intelligent, friendly and easy-going personality, they are now used for many different jobs, including guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and even more commonly, a family pet. In this category, you can find questions relating to this fabulous breed, such as their temperament, appearance, height and weight range, etc.

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Why does golden retrievers ears smell?

Well, if they stink, then there is probably an infection, either yeast or bacterial. If there is brown sticky like stuff in there, then there is definitely an infection. The most common ear infections are yeast infections. The best thing to do is see a vet, let them diagnose the problem, flush out the ears, and get you medication. I recommend this first and foremost, however, you can get a mild ear cleaner and clean the ears yourself. For yeast infections, I swear by the over the counter vaginal yeast infection medications. It is the same type stuff your vet will give you for an ear yeast infection, however, it does not take care of bacteria if it is present. One other thing you need to consider is ear mites.

Are golden retriever cross borders collie good with kids?

Golden Retrievers are usually great with kids, and Border Collies are better with slightly older kids. It all depends on how the dog was raised when it was younger.

Where do people hate Golden Retrievers?

i can't imagine anyone, anywhere hating a goldy, they are sweet by nature, i am sure there are cases of abused goldens being nasty, and some people just don't like dogs,

How do Golden Retrievers get their name?

Golden Retrievers get their name because they are golden and they are retrievers

Are labradors the same as golden retrievers?

No, the Labrador Retriever is recognised as a completely separate breed to the Golden Retriever. All though both of these breeds were originally bred to retrieve, they were bred along different lines. The Labrador Retriever has a shorter coat and can come in black, brown (chocolate) and blonde (yellow). The Golden Retriever (as it's name suggests) is almost always golden in colour with a longer, flowing coat. There are several other Retriever breeds that look similar, including the Flat-coated Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. All of these breeds were bred for a similar purpose but are each individual Kennel Club recognised breeds, except the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever are much more common.

Why does my golden retriever fight at dog parks?

cause other dogs when they bark at them they talk in dog language that makes your god angry and wants to fight its because they little dogs always think they rule dogs and a golden retrievers are sweet dogs and don't like to fight i can tell you

Are golden retrievers allergy free?

no. if your allergic to dogs this is not a good dog for you .Unless your willing to groom it a few times a week or get allergy medicines

Are golden retriever and chow mix dogs good dogs?

I had a golden/chow for 10 years. Great dog, very loving, and also appropriately protective. I am currently looking for another one. Does anyone out there know where I can find one. I prefer a puppy or young male. I live in South Florida, so it would have to be somewhere south of Orlando.

What is the difference between fetch and retrieve?

The basic principle is the same. Fetch is normally reserved for toys and balls while retrieve is used for retrieving game. Same principles apply and fetch games are a predecessor to training a dog to retrieve game.

What kind of chew toys are best for dogs?

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How big is the biggest golden retriever?

The largest golden retriever stood 5 ft tall and weighed as much as an averaged human.

I took my retriever Eliza to the vet and she tipped the scales at 96.2 pounds. She makes an averaged sized retriever look tiny.

How long do golden retrievers live?

Golden retrievers can live up to 12 to 16 years of age. Some have lived as long as 20 years, but this is very rare.

Why do people kill dogs?

Some kill dogs because:

1. Disobedience or frustration. The dogs don't listen to their masters when they tell them to do something.

2. Psychopathy/cruelty. The owners are psychopaths or abusers.

3. Dog fighting. Some don't kill them directly, but set them up to be killed in dog fights. Sometimes sore losers of dog fights kill their own dogs.

4. Mercy killing. Some kill dogs out of mercy, such as if they are very old, terminally ill, or in severe pain.

5. Self-Defense. Some kill dogs that are attacking them, their loved ones, or children. Some do so because the dog has end-stage rabies and is a public health risk.

What to do when your dog is bored When your golden retriever sits around I just cant drop my work Help?

Well, find some time to play with you dog! He must be lonley if you just work all the time! Atleast take him on a walk every once and a while!

Do Golden Retrievers bite Children?

Like any dog, Golden Retrievers will bite if badly provoked, but in general they have a mild happy disposition.

How do you get your golden retriever pregnant?

When it's in heat, introduce it to an intact male dog. Nature will most likely take its course if you just leave them to it.

Which is bigger a golden retriever or a labrador retriever?

The golden retriever because the golden retriever is deeper in muscles and has a heavier weight than a labrador.

Why would a Golden Retriever attack a small dog?

well usually golden retrievers are known to be protective and show their domanince.....but if it is attacking it vicously then it obiously doeant like it


My 7 months old pitbull puppy got attacked today by a adult pure breed golden retriever. The golden retreiver was not on the leash when it came close to my puppy. After the golden sniff my dog's rear it jump and bit my puppy's back. Traumatized my puppy started to cry and get off from underneath the golden retriever. The only time the golden let go of my dog was when the owner yelled no. She did apologized and said that she doesn't know when her dog gets agressive. My puppy was left with a hole of the golden's tooth on his back. I don't understand that lots of people believe that goldens are good dogs by nature and the way it is breed. That's so not true because good dogs can come from any breed if it receives good training. Not all goldens are Marley. And there is no such a thing of best genes because goldens are mix breeds.

Where can you buy a miniature Golden doodle dog in Maryland?

This person is a jackass. Many people with allergies do very well with poodle crosses and this breed (yes - there are true breeders who are respectable - see are smart, family friendly pets.

Try the local animal shelter? You're talking about a mixed breed, so the best bet is to save a life, and not contribute to backyard breeders who are creating designer mutts.

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When is a labrador retriever fully grown?

A full-blooded Labrador Retriever should reach his/her full bone growth by 18 months of age, although they may continue to add significant muscle mass until they are 3 years old.

How much Rescue Remedy should you give an 80 lb Golden Retriever when it thunders?

Rescue Remedy is not necessarily the best choice for helping a dog with storm or sound phobias. You would probably see better results from melatonin or an anti-anxiety medication prescribed by a vet.