Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a video game first released in 2004 and based in the fictional state of San Andreas (which is based on cities in California, Nevada and Arizona). Ask questions about San Andreas game tactics here.

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How does CJ become Superman in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

This is a mod, not a cheat. This means it is something that must be downloaded and placed into the program. It will only work on the PC version. See the related link below for a download location and installation information.

What program was used to make GTA San Andreas?

I Think They Used Alot Of Programs. Who Knows.

They coded GTA:SA in the coding language C++. They did not use a specific program.

How do you reduce muscle in the game San Andreas?

Don't Eat or Save for a while. When the Fat is gone the Muscle will start to decrease. even don't work just play video game in cj house

try cheat KVGYZQK but i think it reduces fat

How much swearing does Grand Theft Auto San Andreas have in it?

if u check the ratings u would know and all of the grand theft auto series have swearing like bi... f@!k U and MudaF!@#*$

Can you get a revolver on San Andreas?

no you can only get a nine mm a silenced 9mm and a desert eagle which you can find behind zeros for free

How do you get life bar huge in gta sa?

getting higher stamina and muscle helps as well as generally progressing through the game to increase it

Password for rar gta san Andreas from megaupload?

"THE PASSWORD IS :- NABUCODONOSOR This is for a 677.2MB compressed file from"
How would you type this in...because I tried it and I got nothing???

How do you call a taxi on gta sa?

To be precise Its not actually a cheat its a mod my dear friend

Can you play 2 player mode in GTA San Andreas PC?

google samp or mta

There online multiplayer mods

Actually,you cant. Pc requires only 1 person to play.

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Where are all the free weapons in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Well as far as I know in san fierro the building site in doherty there is a chainsaw near the destroyed building and in CJ'S house in his bedroom there is a can of spray paint and a camera and there is a machine gun on top of swett's house roof so you can get a car, jump on the car then jump onto the roof.Also you can kill the police and get a pistol and a night stick and you can kill the balla gangs and get a sub machine gun also there is 3 cheats for weapons here they are for ps2

weapons 1

r1 r2 l1 r2 left down right up left down right up

weapons 2

r1 r2 l1 r2 left down right up left down down left

weapons 3

r1 r2 l1 r2 left down right up left down down down

that's all the things I know about free weapons in gta san Andreas

Does San Venganza exist?

NO San Venganza is a virtual town name used in the film Ghost Rider.

How much RAM does gta San Andreas need?

256 MB, but if you want it to run well, get at least 1 GB. San Andreas uses lots of memory, the more memory, the smoother the game will run, as well as a good video card could make the game look and play far better. When I upgraded, the cars handled more accuratly, the collision detection became flawless, and the game functioned far better. Which inturn allowed me to pull of better stunts and survive difficult situations.

Where is the abandoned airfield in PS2 gta San Andreas?

The abandoned airstrip/feild is in verdent meadows out in the desert,if you look on the map in the dessert there are planes in a airport on the edge of the map this is the abandoned airstrip/feild.You can unlock the abandoned airstrip/feild later in the game in the mission 'verdent meadows' and learn to fly in flight school.Its one of terenos missions.Also you will get four stars (if you go into the abandoned airstrip) if you dont unlock the dessert by doing missions first ,It will really be no use unless you do the 'verdent meadows' mission because you cant even fly there without completeing flight school,you will also earn your pilots liscense if you complete flight school.Hope this helped!

How many pictures can you take with 3 MP?

Depends on the resolution you have the camera set at and the size memory card. 40 MB will hold aound 26 photos at best resolution on a 3.0 MP camera.

How do you increase gravity gta sa?

There is no in-game code to increase the gravity in the game, but you can use a cheat disk for the game, preferable using Action Replay/Action Replay Max.

Is their a dirt bike code for gta san Andreas?

No but you can get a bike called a Sanchez which is like that.

San Andreas game passwords?

There are no passwords needed for GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas game password?

There are many cheat codes for San Andreas, but no "game passwords." Some helpful cheat codes include: Six Star Wanted Level - BRINGITON, Infinite Ammo without Reloading - FULLCLIP, and Hitman in all weapons - PROFESSIONALKILLER.

How do you buy a car in grand theft auto san Andreas?

You can not buy a car.You will have to still one,if you want to get the fastesst car get a cheat code from


you can buy cars. you need to go to the big boat in the San Fiero Bay and after you start collecting cars for export, walk over to the blackboard and on certain days you can buy certain cars. You can even buy a Monster truck for around 30k i think (don't quote me). But this is only available after you have collected a few cars.

Yep that's correct. Here is the list of cars you have to import so you can buy them:

Patriot $40.000

Sanchez $10.000

Stretch $40.000

Feltzer $35.000

Remington $30.000

Buffalo $35.000

Sentinel $35.000

Infernus $95.000

Camper $26.000

Admiral $35.000

Slamvan $19.000

Blista Compact $35.000

Stafford $35.000

Sabre $19.000

FCR-900 $10.000

Cheetah $105.000

Rancher $40.000

Stallion $19.000

Tanker $35.000

Comet $35.000

Blade $19.000

Freeway $10.000

Mesa $25.000

ZR-350 $45.000

Euros $35.000

Banshee $45.000

Super GT $105.000

Journey $22.000

Huntley $40.000

BF Injection $15.000

Where to get a valet uniform in gta san Andreas?

You get a valet uniform after completing the mission 555-WE-TIP. When you get to the hotel you have to follow the valet down to the car park and then kill him there. After which you steal his clothes and go on with the mission.