Guitar Hero

Popular series of video games using a device in the shape of guitar to mimic the performance of rock music. The games feature individual, cooperative, and head-to-head game play.

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How do you download worlds most impossible gh3 song?

The hardest GH3 song is Through the Fire and Flames, by Dragonforce, and is unlocked after beating the main story.

How does Guitar port work through Cubase?

Select the GuitarPort ASIO drivers in the VST Multitrack section of the Device Setup menu.

How much money is Guitar Hero metallica?

it depends on what kind of system ps2 39.99 xbox 360 59.99 ps3 59.99 wii 49.99

Do proconnect bands work?

Ive used my proconnect band for about 1 month and have noticed improvments, whether or not its just in my head or not, I dont care. I feel better with it.

How long is a normal guitar?

Guitar length usually refers to the length of the neck itself, excluding body and headstock. The two most common lengths are 24.75" and 25.5".

On my guitar hero drums the red pad is screwy. If i hit it too hard it hits the yellow cymbal. Any quick fixes?

I play real drums and have played GH drums and am quite good at both. Try not hitting it so hard. To fix that little habit just hold the sticks between your thumb and pointer finger. Then with the other fingers, just wrap them around the stick loosely. It will help you hit it softer and have more accuracy with tricky drumrolls. Hope I helped!

What is the hardest Guitar song in Rock Band?

For Rock Band 1:

"green grass hills and high tides"


"Pain Killer"

in-game Store bought:

"Ride the lightning"


In my own opinion it is probably still

"Ride the lightning"

IN my opinion the hardest song ever on rock band is Ride the lightning.

Is this war is ours in rock band 2?

yes. i don't know if you can only download it or you gain it, but it is available for download on the PS3 and Xbox360

In Guitar Hero 5 what are open notes?

Open notes are notes in Bass tracks which require you to not hold down any notes upon hitting them. i.e. you just strum the guitar and nothing else. this is not to be confused with begginer difficulty in which all the notes are open but you can hold down whichever notes you want.

Where does the Guitar Hero microphone go?

If this is for the Wii, I have an answer. You plug the USB mic into the back of the Nintendo Wii. There are 2 plugs for a USB cord.

What is guitar phrasing?

An example of guitar phrasing would be how you actually play the notes in the music, (similar to singing) playing them as they appear on the music, ie, whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, etc, with bends, rests, holds, etc...the actual expression, or translation, of the music.

What is d7 on a guitar?

E not used

A open

D open

G 2nd fret

B 1st fret

E 2nd fret

Does band hero for ds work on the dsi XL?

nope it doesnt. it doesnt have a port for the guatar hero to go in and also the skin for the drums is made for the ds lite sorry

Is there anime on Guitar Hero 3 legends of rock?

Stock no,but There are guides on the internet that can help you put your own songs on it that is guessing you have it for the wii,ps2,or pc.

Why didnt Joseph simmons appear in guitar hero aerosmith?

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How do you install games in Samsung E250 by usb cold?

I finally succeeded in installing some java games to my Samsung E250 via bluetooth. I thought I would share the info on how I do it here because it seems to be a frequent unanswered question on various forums.

----> You will need a *.jad and a *.jar file for your game.

1) Download Softick PPP and Samsung Java Uploader.exe . Also JADmaker if required.

2) Install SoftickPPP . Set up your bluetooth COM ports in the SoftickPPP bluetooth/serial settings. leave them all ticked.

3)Just connect your phone to the computer via bluetooth or cable and check the tray icon of softick PPP .If it shows one device is connected then your phone is ready to install Java apllications otherwise,the port to which you connected your phone is not the port detected by the softick PPP software .Then you are supposed searchy for the port which is detected by the softick PPP software and connect it until it shows ex: 1device(s) connected

4) Enter *#52828378# on the phone to access the Java Test Menu. Choose OTA type setting, choose Serial bearer OTA. Click select. (This seems to need to be changed back to GPRS bearer OTA for Samsung PC Studio to connect)

5) Start SoftickPPP. Click on cancel for the missing USBPort.dll error message. Accept bluetooth connections for DUN and Serial connections on the phone.

6) Choose 'Activate PPP' by right clicking on the icon in the taskbar. Accept connections on phone again.

7) Start 'Uploader.exe' and then add the required jad file. Leave the program open.

8) If you are not still in the Java Test Menu then enter *#52828378# on the phone again. Select 'Serial test--->PPP Up--->Bluetooth' on phone then select 'Serial download'.A Java splash screen should appear with a progress bar showing the upload of the file. The game then starts automatically. There we go. It works i am using it ...

9)After that if u want to continue to install another application then enter *#52828378# on the phone again. Select 'Serial test--->Serial download'.A Java splash screen should appear with a progress bar showing the upload of the file. The game then starts automatically.

Link to download All softwares required to install Java apllications on the Samsung E250 is :

So just Enjoy this is

How can you restart guitar hero warriors of rock on the wii?

If you want to restart, depending on what you mean, you could restart your Wii, or you could start another file on you Guitar Hero. If you do not want to make another file, just delete the game block on you Wii. Those are some of the ways that you can completely restart your game. Hitting restart on the Wii does not completely restart the game files, though.

Does XPB band work?

I bought mine a couple weeks ago. I was starting to think it was a scam until last night. I'm not a huge workout buff but I bench and have some free weights at my house. Normally I do one set on the bench press one set on the curl bar and by then I'm to tired to do anything else haha! Last night I did my bench my curl and after I was pumping 40lb free weights like a madman. It was almost scary haha.

I think there is something to the bands you won't feel it anything it may not effect you until weeks later but doing some routine workout you will notice an added longevity