Previously known as British Guiana, the Co-operative Republic of Guyana is a sovereign state on the northeast coast of South America. It is the third-smallest independent state on the mainland of South America at 215,000 sq km.

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Brown Sugar

What is brown sugar from Guyana called?


Acronyms & Abbreviations
Literary Terminology

What is the abbreviation for Guyana?

The abbreviation for Guyana is GY. Some people also refer to it as GT.


What is the tallest mountain in Guyana?

Mount roraima

Telugu Language and Culture
English to Telugu

What is the meaning of arhar dal in Telugu?

kandhe papu

Tiger Woods

Can you name the types of wood found in Guyana?

GREENHEART :(Chlorocardium rodiei)

PURPLEHEART : (Peltogyne spp

KABUKALLI : (Goupia glabra)

MANNI : (Symphonia globulifera

MORA : (Mora excelsa)

SHIBADAN : (Aspidosperma album)

CRABWOOD : (Carapa spp.)

KUROKAI : (Protium decandrum)

AROMATA : (Clathrotropis spp.)

TATABU : (Diplotropis purpurea)

LOCUST : (Hymenaea courbaril)

SIMARUPA : (Quassia simarouba)

TAURONIRO : (Humiria balsamifera var balsamifera)

WAMARA : (Swartiza leiocalycina)

DETERMA : (Sextonia rubra)

HUBUBALLI : (Loxopterygium sagotii)

RED CEDAR : (Cedrela odorata)

SILVERBALLI (GROUP) : (Ocotea, Licaria, Aniba)

SOFT WALLABA : (Eperua falcata)

BAROMALLI : (Catostemma spp.)

DUKALI : (Parahancornia fasciculata)

Lesser Used Species

BLACK KAKARALLI : (Eschweilera spp.)

LIMONABALLI : (Chrysophyllum pomiferum)

HURUASA : (Abarema jupunba)

KAUTABALLI : (Licania spp.)

SUYA : (Pouteria speciosa)

SAREBEBEBALLI : (Vouacapoua macropetala)

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken in Guyana?

Guyana's official language is English. However, other languages are also spoken throughout the country. Guyanese Creole, for example, is extensively spoken. Other languages spoken throughout Guyana include Carib languages, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, etc.
Guyanese Creole.
No. Spanish is not the official language of Guyana. English is the official national language, although a number of other language also have recognition.

English is the only OFFICIAL language and is what is taught in schools and used in government, however other languages are spoken.
The official language of Guyana is English.

Guyana (formerly British Guiana) is the only English Speaking country in South America.

Informally, people in Guyana use Guyanese Creole, which is a mix of English and local words.

There are also some indigenous languages spoken.


What are the four natural regions in Guyana?

Guyana is divided into four natural regions, the low coastal belt, the hilly sand and clay region, the interiour savannahs and the forested highlands.


What is the theme for education month 2011 in Guyana?

transforming Guyana through science and technology

South America

What is the capital of Guyana?

The capital of Guyana is Georgetown, estimated population 239,227 (2002 Guyana census), is the capital and largest city of Guyana, located in the Demerara-Mahaica region. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River and it was nicknamed 'Garden City of the Caribbean.' Georgetown is located at 6°48′N 58°10′W / 6.8°N 58.167°W / 6.8; -58.167. The city serves primarily as a retail and administrative centre. It also serves as a financial services centre.

British Guiana gained independence from Britain in 1966. It is now called Guyana and the capital is Georgetown.

South America

Who is the richest person in Guyana?

Beharry is the richest person in Guyana.

Coins and Paper Money

How much is the guyanese dollar worth in Canada?

Check the exhange rate onlne or:

.72 Cdn. cents to $100.00 Guyana Dollars

$208.00 Guyana Dollars to $1.00 Canadian Dollar

South America
Century - 1800s

What are the names of the slave ships that transported slaves from Africa to South America Caribbean and Guyana?

slave ship 1

slave ship 2

slave ship 3

so on, and so on (:

Countries, States, and Cities

Is the country Guyana owned by France?

No. Guyana is an independent country which was formerly the British colony of British Guiana. Suriname was formerly a Dutch colony named Dutch Guiana. French Guiana remains a French overseas department.

English Language

How do you say hello in Guyana?

Guyana's national language is English so it is mainly said hello.


What are the six ethnic groups you can find in Guyana?



East Indian





What are some Christmas traditions in Guyana?

They exchange their presents instead of putting them under the tree

History of Europe

Why did the Europeans come to Guyana?

Spanish explorers noted the coastline of the Guianas around 1500. Sir Walter Raleigh explored parts of Guyana in the 16th century, encouraged by stories of "El Dorado" - a land where gold was plentiful. The first Europeans to colonise Guyana were the Dutch, who settled in Demerara area, Essequibo and Berbice. The British also had settlements from around 1700 and formed British Guiana in 1831. The Europeans came to Guyana to build their empires, for new lands to culitivate crops such as sugar and rice, using slave labour and later "indentured" labour, and to profit from the land and industry. So the main reason for colonialisation is to make money, to find new markets, to take advantage of slave labour. But other reasons are to explore the world and to enjoy sunnier climates.

South America

What kind of clothing do the Guyana people wear?

The capital, Georgown is a city with extremely fashionable women who wear boutique clothing. Many shops and malls offer top quality goods. Guyanese women wear clothing suitable for their tropical climate.

History, Politics & Society
National Emblems

What Is Guyana's National Bird?

Guyana's National Bird is called the Cajen Pheasant. All I did was google it, I'm not a nerd or anything.

US National Parks Reserves and Monuments

What are Five national monuments in Guyana?

5 national monuments in Guyana are:

St.George Cathedral

1763 Monument

Non-Aligned Monument

Red House

Umana Yana


Famous celebrities that are from Guyana?

Imarah Radix A beauty queen, Imarah Radix represented Guyana at the 2009 Miss World pageant.


Names of community leaders of Guyana?







Travel & Places

Is Guyana a dangerous travel destination?

If you come off the plane and you look like a tourist your more likely to get followed anywhere you go. Its safe once your keen about your surroundings. Its changed a lot as well but I think its safer than some other places and quite beautiful too.

South America

What games are Guyana competing in at the 2004 Olympics?

none, we play Cricket as our national sport, but I don't think we compete in the Olympics.

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