Gwalior is a city in Madhya Pradesh, India, lying 423 km north of Bhopal and 122 km south of Agra. It is the administrative headquarters of Gwalior division and Gwalior district. The city has a population of 901,342 as of 2010.

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What is the zip code of jabalpur Madhya Pradesh?

• Bahoriband483330• Bakal483331• Barela483001• Barwara483773• Bhedaghat482053• Bijeraghoghar483775• Gosalpur483222• Jabalpur Adhartal482004• Jabalpur Anand Nagar482004• Jabalpur Azadnagar482010• Jabalpur Baika Bagicha482001• Jabalpur Bargi482051• Jabalpur Bargi Irrigation482050• Jabalpur Bargi Nagar482056• Jabalpur Bhedaghat482053• Jabalpur Bilheri482020• Jabalpur Cantt482001• Jabalpur City482002• Jabalpur Civil Lines482001• Jabalpur Dixitpura482001• Jabalpur Factory482011• Jabalpur Ganad Bazar482001• Jabalpur Ganjipura482002• Jabalpur Garha482003• Jabalpur Garth Bazar482003• Jabalpur Gohalpur482002• Jabalpur Gokulpur482011• Jabalpur Gorahaphatak482002• Jabalpur Gun Shop482005• Jabalpur Gupteshwar482002• Jabalpur Gurandi Bazar482002• Jabalpur H O482001• Jabalpur H R Lines482001• Jabalpur Hanumantal482002• Jabalpur Hathital482001• Jabalpur High Court482007• Jabalpur Howbagh482001• Jabalpur I T I482002• Jabalpur Iac Lines482001• Jabalpur Jiwan Bima Nigam482001• Jabalpur Jonesganj482002• Jabalpur Kamla Nehru Naga482002• Jabalpur Kanchanpur482004• Jabalpur Kasturba Nagar482001• Jabalpur Kasturbanagar482011• Jabalpur Khamaria Market482005• Jabalpur Khameria482005• Jabalpur Kutchery482007• Jabalpur Lordganj482002• Jabalpur Medical College482003• Jabalpur Meloniganj482002• Jabalpur Motinalax482002• Jabalpur Nagar Nigam482002• Jabalpur Napier Lines482001• Jabalpur Napier Town482001• Jabalpur Premnagar482001• Jabalpur Ranjhi482010• Jabalpur Regt Bazar482001• Jabalpur Ridge482001• Jabalpur Robert Lines482001• Jabalpur Sarasvati Vihar482001• Jabalpur Telecom Trg Cent482006• Jabalpur Telegraph Workshop482002• Jabalpur Vehicle Factory482009• Jabalpur Wright Town482002• Katangi (jabalpur)483105• Katni Bazar483501• Katni Cement Factory483504• Katni H O483501• Katni New Yard483501• Katni Purani Basti483501• Katni R S483501• Katni Rubber483501• Kundam483110• Kymare (katni)483880• Majholi (jabalpur)483336• Niwar (jabalpur)483442• Panagar (jabalpur)483220• Patan (jabalpur)483113• Rithi483990• Saroli Majhgawan483334• Shahnagar (jabalpur)483445• Shahpura (jabalpur)483119• Sihora (jabalpur)483225• Sihora Khitola Bazar483225• Sleemnabad483440• Umariapan483332• Adhartal482004• Agaria Tikaria483334• Agasaud482002• Amahinota482003• Amkhera482004• Anandnagar So482004• Anghora483336• Antarved483334• Archha482002• Bachaiya483225• Badhaiyakheda483113• Badkheda483220• Badkhera483110• Baghraji482001• Bai Ka Bagicha482001• Bandhi483440• Barbati482021• Bargi Ipc Edso483050• Bargi Nagar482056• Baroda483220• Baroda Chhedi482003• Basendi483119• Belkhadu482002• Belkheda483119• Bhaironghat Pipariya483119• Bhandra483334• Bharatpur483990• Bheeta483119• Bheraghat Edso483053• Bhoola483440• Bhuwara483119• Biharia483440• Bilhari482020• Chargawan483440• Chaurai Kala483110• Chhaparhat483119• Chhartarpur483220• Civil Lines482001• Dadargawan483110• Darshni483225• Dasarman483334• Dehri Khurd482001• Deori Patpara483001• Deorimawai483440• Dhanwahi482001• Dharwara483440• Dheemarkheda483332• Dhoreshar483332• Dixitpura482001• Engineering College482011• Gadaghat483113• Gadar Pipariya483119• Gandhi Gram483222• Gangai Badkheda482003• Gangai Bijori482003• Gangai Padaria482001• Ganjipura482002• Garha Bazar482003• Garha Mdg482003• Garha Phatak482002• Gaura Khamaria483334• Gauraiyaghat482021• Gauri483110• Ghat Piparia482003• Ghat Simaria483222• Ghughara483110• Gohalpur Edso482002• Gubra Kala483119• Gun Shop482001• Gupteshwar482001• Gurandi Bazar482002• Gwarighat482008• H.r.lines482001• Hanumantal482002• Harduli483110• Harsinghi483222• Hathital482001• High Court482007• Hinotia Bhoi483001• Hirdey Nagar483222• Howbagh482001• I.t.i.482002• Imlai483220• Indrana483336• Jabalpur City Mdg482001• Jabalpur Ho482001• Jeewan Bima Nigam482001• Jhansi483222• Jhingrai483222• Jhinna Piparia483332• Jhiria483110• Jhirmila483110• Jonesganj482002• Junwan Kalan483225• Kachhargaon483334• Kailwas482021• Kaladehi482051• Kaladumar483220• Kamala Nehru Nagar482002• Kanchanpur482004• Karmeta482002• Kastara483110• Kasturba Nagar482001• Katra Belkheda483113• Khajri482004• Khalari483332• Khamaria Market482005• Khamaria Neemkheda482021• Khand483336• Khinni483222• Khirahani483220• Khirahani Kala483334• Khirahni483440• Khitola483336• Khukkham483001• Kondia483440• Konikala483113• Kosam Dongari483110• Kua483225• Kumhi Khurd483334• Kumhi(satdhara)483334• Kutchery482001• Kymori483113• Lac Lines482001• Lakhanpur483222• Lamheta Ghat482003• Lamkana483225• Lordganj482002• Luhkari482001• Magarmuha483119• Mahagawan483220• Mahner483332• Majholi483336• Majitha482003• Makura483225• Mangela482002• Mangela Deori483332• Mankedi483119• Marha483225• Medical College482003• Miloniganj482002• Mohas482051• Mohniya483222• Motinala482002• Mureth483225• Murrai483105• Murwari483332• Nagar Nigam482002• Napier Lines482001• Napier Town482001• Natwara483119• Neemkheda483225• Nichi482003• Nigri482051• Nimas483225• Nirandpur483105• Nunji483334• Nunsar483113• Pachkuiyan482002• Padaria483220• Padwar483001• Pahrua483225• Patan483113• Patori483336• Pawla483119• Perfect Pottories482008• Phanwani483225• Pindrai Barha482021• Piparia Paroha483440• Piparia Sahalwan483332• Piparia Shukla483332• Pola483336• Polipahar482008• Ponda483225• Pondi Kala (b)483332• Pondikala (a)483222• Prem Nagar482001• R.f.r.c.482021• Ramkhiria483222• Ramkhiria Thutha483119• Rampuri Turka483110• Ranjhi482005• Ranjhi Azad Nagar482005• Reewan482051• Regimental Bazar482001• Richhai482010• Ridge482001• Riyana483113• Roberts Line482001• Sagada Jhapni482021• Sagona483332• Sahajpur483119• Sahajpura483222• Sahajpuri482056• Sahshan483119• Sakra483113• Sarauli483110• Sarond483113• Sarsawa483220• Sarswati Vihar482001• Sihora(mp)483225• Silondi483334• Silua483222• Simaria482002• Singhuli483334• Singod483220• Slleemanabad483440• Subhas Nagar482004• Sukha Bharatpur482003• Sukri482051• Sundarpur482005• Supawara483110• Surtalai482002• T.t.c.482001• Talad483225• Telegraph Work Shop482002• Temarbhita482001• Teori483440• Tilsani482001• Tilwara Ghat482003• Tinsi482051• Tripuri482003• Udna483113• Umaria Choubey483220• Umaria Dhirha483336• Umaria Jujhari483225• Umaria Kudari483001• Umaria Pan483332• Umaria Patan483119• Umaria Pathra483220• Urdua Kala483220• Vehicle Factory482009• Vidyut Nagar482008• Vijay Nagar Colony482002• Wright Town482002

Natural vegetation in himachal pradesh?

Pollen analysis of Sitikher bog near Kunzum Pass

(Himachal Pradesh) indicates that between 2300 and

1500 yr BP, cold and dry climate prevailed in the

upper Spiti region and glaciers advanced towards the

lower elevations. Between 1500 and 900 yr BP the climate changed to warm and moist, which resulted in

the retreat of glaciers and shift of tree line towards the

higher elevations. From 900 yr BP onwards the mountain glaciers/tree line descended with the return of

cold climate which continues until the present time.

Is The Bible fake?

yes, why would "god" make the universe only to have us pray to him? also, all of the bible says nothing about "how the earth was made" that makes any sense. i just generally think that the bible was just something that somebody made to try to make their friends belive in something.

Which College allot on 99 marks mp pet?


College doesn't matter, BRANCH matters.

so, firstly u decide which branch you want?

Here am giving you some details regarding to the Engineering colleges in Bhopal & Indore.

BHOPAL: Its is the best place to study,as it has the best Rail route connectivity. ZERO percent crime rate, a number of colleges, very cheap in all respect as compare to other places. The weather here is very pleasant. Some of the good colleges are given below:


2) Laxmi Narayan College of Technology, Bhopal.

3) Oriental Institute Of Science & Technology, Bhopal.

4) Gargi Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal.

5) TIT,Bhopal

6) Sagar Institute of Research & Technology.

7) UIT- BU.

When did BIG BAZAR started?

it started 23 Mar 2010

Surely it cannot be 2010. Please provide right answer.

It should be 2001.

When is cg ppht 2009 counseling date?

well new is like that it will be held on 13 and 14 july.......plz contact the number given in your ppht booklet to confirm the dates

Why is wresling fake?

Because if you did some of those moves in real life then you would kill someone/ be killed and who would want to do that?

Can you play online jet lottery in madhya pradesh?

i want to play your online lottery tell me proceedure please.

Write a program which will display the list of even and odd numbers?

In Java:

System.out.println("Even numbers")
for (int i = 2; i <= 100; i += 2) System.out.println(i);
System.out.println("Odd numbers")
for (int i = 1; i <= 100; i += 2) System.out.println(i);

Location of big bazar in gwalior?

Location: M.L.B. Road

Din Dayal City Mall, M.L.B.Road, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh - 474002

Contact: (91)751-3982442

Is the ssbb demo torrent fake?

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What is IFSC codes?

IFSC Code means Indian Financial System code. It is a 11 digit unique code which is specifically assigned to all the bank's branches. It is most significant aspects for money transfer. You can get IFSC Code of all Banks at

Is NASCAR fake?

of course not. Nascar have been a sport since 1940's.

What are the tax rates of professional tax in Madhya Pradesh?

Persons in employment whose annual salary or wage -

(i) does not exceed Rs. 40,000


(ii) exceeds Rs. 40,000 but does not exceed Rs. 50,000

Rs. 360 (Rs. 30 per month)

(iii) exceeds Rs. 50,000 but does not exceed Rs. 60,000

Rs. 720 (Rs. 60 per month)

(iv) exceeds Rs. 60,000 but does not exceed Rs. 80,000

Rs. 1080 (Rs. 90 per month)

(v) exceeds Rs. 80,000 but does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000

Rs. 1800 (Rs. 150 per month)

(vi) exceeds Rs. 1,00,000 but does not exceed Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 2100 (Rs. 175 per month)

(vii) exceeds Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 2500 (Rs. 208 per month for eleven months and Rs. 212 for twelth month)

Why when you do long ride with your gsr 2000 you have cut off at 5000 rpm .. at beginning cut off a 8200 at usual?

The fuel pressure could be dropping as the engine runs for a while. It could be as simple as a fuel filter that gets blocked as you drive, or it could be the fuel pump pickup screen inside the fuel tank or even the fuel pump that starts to fail when it gets warm. There are plenty of other possibilities, but those would probably show up on an engine diagnostic scan.

What is IFSC code for SBT kannur main branch?

Please go through the list. You will get all the IFSC codes.

Top 10 eng colleges in mp?




4.IIST Indore

5.jabalpur college of engineering

6.vidisha engineering college




Current affairs of Madhya Pradesh?

biggest district...n smallest dis.? biggest district is CHINDWARA..........

What are the best colleges of Madhya Pradesh?


1. MANIT Bhopal

2 D.A.V.V. Indore

3. S.G.S.I.T.S Indore

4. MDITM ( Mathuradevi Institute Of Technology & Management, Indore )


6. LNCT,Bhopal

7. IPS-Acadmy,Indore

8. Medi-Caps,Indore


10. ORIENTAL,Bhopal & Indore

11. Hitkarni,Jabalpur

12. Acropolis ,Indore


14. BANSAL GROUP,Bhopal & Indore


16. Thakral inst.,bhopal



19. SANGHAVI,Indore



Which scholarship would be best for MIT?

Scholarships offered by Ahsan Corporation only for defence research at MIT for post graduate students. Highly secretive, from Pakistan