Gymnastics Instruction

There are a number of exercises that make up gymnastic instructions. These exercises are designed to teach the right skills and disciplines of the sport. The hand-stand and cartwheel are some of the basic exercises.

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Gymnastics Instruction

Why is friction important to a gymnast working on a set of a parallel bars?

Friction is important for a gymnast in two ways. A gymnast's hold on the bars in not possible without sufficient friction between the hands and the bars. At the same time it is desired to decrease friction on the skin to keep hands from developing painful blisters and rips. Grips are used as a solution. Grip provides sufficient friction between its surface and the bar and reduces effect of friction on the hands. (MZJ)

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Gymnastics Instruction

What is the best way to trim back honeysuckle bushes in Las Vegas if you planted 2 last spring and their growth has been great but they are taking over the yard?

I have honeysuckle growing over the entrance to an old cellar, and it grows rapidly every year. After it blooms, I cut it back to the desired point and it grows back every year. I use electric hedge trimmers. I am not sure what you mean about bushes. Mine are more of a vine, but are a rather old and large group that resembles a bush.

Gymnastics Instruction

How do you do a triple back handspring?

Doing a triple back hand spring is very easy when you get the hang of it. All you have to do is go to gymnstics and practice for a period of time. When you are ready you go to the park and you start off running then you do a round off back hand spring 3 times and there you are. That's all it takes if you practice.

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Gymnastics Instruction

What are the names of some gymnastic stunts?

Some skills for Beam and Floor

  1. back handspring (with or without step-out)
  2. front handspring (fly spring, step-out, regular)
  3. back walkover
  4. front walkover
  5. back tuck
  6. front tuck
  7. back layout (with or without twist)
  8. Back layout step out
  9. front layout
  10. front aerial
  11. side aerial
  12. side sum-my
  13. standing bridge
  14. leaps
  15. jumps
  16. turns
  17. round off
  18. cartwheel
  19. double back (two back flips in the air) in tuck, pike, or layout position
  20. double front (two front flips in the air) only ever attempted in tuck or pike
  21. forward roll
  22. backward roll
  23. back-extension-roll
  24. Back bend or back log( from standing, floor,or handstand position's)


  1. Kip
  2. giant (baby giant)
  3. soul circle also known as front hip circle
  4. back hip circle
  5. free hip /clear hip
  6. front giant
  7. cast handstand
  8. roundy
  9. Malonay
  10. Hip pullover
  11. Pike-on/ Tuck-on/Squat-on
  12. Release moves (shoot half, straddle back, pak salto, Jaeger, Hindorf, etc.)
  13. Dismount (in tuck, pike, or straddle, with or without turn)


  1. front handspring
  2. tsukahra
  3. 1/2 on or off
  4. yurchenko (in tuck, pike, layout, with or without turn)
  5. Front handspring front (in tuck pike layout, with or without turn)
Gymnastics Instruction

Can you make your own gymnastics mat?

You really cant make a gymnastics mat because it isn't safe. make sure you have high quality equipment. or you can go to a gymnastics acedemy to work

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What are some of the do's and don'ts in folk-dancing?

For ANY dancing: USE A BREATHMINT. Please.

Try NOT to step on your partner's toes -or anyone else's!

Gymnastics Instruction

How do you do a forward straddle stand roll?

Open your legs so they are more tha shoulder legnth apart. place the back of your neck on the ground in front of you and keep falling forward. Use that moment um to stand up, still in a straddle.

Gymnastics Instruction

How do you do a handstand?

A handstand is a seemingly simple skill that takes a long time to master. The best way to learn how to do a handstand is to first build your arm and core strength up. You can do this a number of ways. For arms I would suggest push ups and plank holds. For core, I would suggest hollow body holds and crunches. Once your strength is where it needs to be to hold yourself up, you will be ready to try a handstand against a wall. Start in a squatted position almost against the wall. Then walk your feet up (with stomach facing wall) until you reach a handstand position and hold it as long as you can. Once you have this down and can hold it for more than 30 seconds, you are ready to try a real handstand! At the beginning, try some lever hops. These are done by lifting your back leg as you lower your hands and then performing a small "hop" with your other foot when your hands touch the floor, so that for a short moment you are only on your hands. Don't worry about bringing your feet together on a lever hop. These are just used to get the feeling of all of your weight being on your hands. Once you have those down, try to bring your feet a little closer together each time until they are all the way together in your handstand. After that, work on fixing the form of your handstand by getting your shoulders directly over your hands and pushing your feet up towards to ceiling.


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Gymnastics Instruction

How do you do a hand stand without falling?

You need balance and strong abdominal muscles. Also, momentum. Kick up making sure one foot goes after the other quickly, then squeeze in your stomach really hard. And keep practicing! You'll never get it straight away, you need to try.

Gymnastics Instruction

Can you break your back while doing a back hand spring?


Gymnastics Instruction

How fit do you have to be to join gymnastics?

doesn't matter but if u wanna be good extremely fit

Gymnastics Instruction

How do you do a no-hand back flip?

First, you should have mastered a backward roll. Next, jump up, tuck back in midair, and then open up when you get close to the ground. Make sure you can jump pretty high before attempting and you might want help from a coach.

Gymnastics Instruction

Is it hard to do a back flip?

yes if your not flexible you can not do it if you are flexible it should be very easy for you

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Gymnastics Instruction

How do you do a cartwheel without hands?

here how to do it 1. u need to know how to jump and filp then ues your leg and then filp so you wont hit your head

Gymnastics Instruction

How can you do gymnastics at home?

By sitting in front of the TV doing splits within the center. My old gym coach told me that. And doing bridges and watching TV upside down, I do the same thing.

You can do anything in the backyard but if it's raining outside or your backyard is

small you can also do gymnastics inside like handstands on your bedroom wall,

watch tv while doing a split on the sofa, a bridge on your sofa and pretend your

walking the beam when your on the edge of your front/back porch.

Gymnastics Instruction

What are the phases of gymnastics with descriptions?

Are you talking about levels? If you are, level one and two are like an intro into gymnastics, cartwheels forward rolls etc. In level 3 you can sometimes go to competitions but it is generally not very competitive. In level four you compete using the low bar and a Matt to vault on to. Levels five and six are also competitive and like level four they have set routines that vryone in that level competes. In levels 7-10 a coach or coreographer makes up routines for the individual gymnast :) hope this helps

Gymnastics Instruction

What are the terminologies in gymnastics?

* Back or Front Hand Spring (beam, floor)

* Back or Front Layout (beam, floor)

* Back or Front Walkover (beam, floor)

* Aeriel (beam, floor)

* Arabian (beam, floor)

* Tsukahara (vault) * Giant (bars) * Kip (bars) * back or front hip circle (Bars) * clear hip (Bars) * fly away (bars) * Straddle back (bars) * Switch leap (beam, floor) * back or front tuck (beam, floor)

Gymnastics Instruction

What is the best gymnast training gym?

The best gymnastic training center is asap artistic sports academy plus.

Gymnastics Instruction

What is a hurdle for cheer-leading?

You prep like you are going to do a toe touch,then when you jump you pull one of your legs back to your hip so it would look like a N kind of when you flex your toe on the bent leg then with the other leg it goes out like a toe touch and which ever leg is out like a toe touch i what side hurdler it is.and you just land with your feet togeter

Gymnastics Instruction

What do you if your scared to jump to the high bar in gymnastics?

Drills, drills, drills. Ask your coach to spot you if you are still scared. It's their job to help you.

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Gymnastics Instruction

Is 10 too old to start gymnastics?

No way. You can start gymnastics at any age. Some people start when they are 4 and others start when they are 12 but you can start any age inbetween. ---- What Gymnastics sport are you asking about? There are in some countries 6 or more different Gymnastic Sports. In the US there is 6 The one that has the oldest gymnast participating in it is Group Gymnastics. There has been athletes in their 80's. Acrobatic Gymnast can get into their 30's at the international elite level and so does Gymnast who concentrate in Tumble and Trampoline.

Gymnastics Instruction

How do you do a backbend walkover?

well you want to know how to do a bridge kick over first so if you can do that you want to put a leg in the airand then do a bridge with leg in air and kick and also look it up on youtube

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How do you do a cartwheel?

From a Jumping Jack position, lunge to one side. Put your hands firmly on the ground (one hand at a time) while lifting your body and legs high into the air. Continuing the circular motion, land on your feet as your hands leave the ground.

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Gymnastics Instruction

How do you do a front roll in gymnastics?

1.squat down put hands on floor in front

2.put the back of your head on floor

3.stick bum in air

4. bend legs and ppush over

5.stand up straight

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Gymnastics Instruction

Which is harder a backflip or a wall flip?

It depends. If you are on a trampoline obviously you can't do a wall flip! But back flips are easiest on trampolines! If you are doing a back flip on the ground it is much harder. If you are doing a back flip of a house or shed, it is easier than on ground but harder than doing one on a trampoline. So it all depends on the back flip. But you should try and see, while someone spots you if you don't know how, which bac kflip you would like do. And try to learn how to do a wall flip, if you haven't already, and try it. Then do all the back flips, and do a wall flip with each one.


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