Hamster Behavior

Hamsters are perplexed tiny creature. They like to chew and grind anything even their cage bar to trim their teeth, enjoy doing exercise especially running, and stock food in their cheek pouch.

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How can you tell if your hamster is stressed?

Common signs of stress in hamsters include hissing, making squeaking sounds (sounds that means that he/she is scared) ears laid back on head, and other symptoms.

Can hamsters choke on their food?

If it swallows a bit that is too large then the answer is most likely to be yes.

How do you care for an injured dwarf hamster and make sure it is ok?

Dwarf hamsters are very small and it's hard for vets to handle them (from my personal experience). There may not be a way to heal them. If they need surgery, it's very hard to put them under anesthesia. They may or may not come out the same or may not come out at all.

You need to make sure the little hamster is comfy so make sure he/she has cotton wool in his bed, lots of fresh water, salad and other supplies to keep him nourished and his usual food. Also avoid handling him/her.

Can a mouse and a hamster get along in one cage?

It depends. If they were raised alongside each other at a young age, then yes, but if you introduce a new hamster to another one they could start fighting. Hamsters are territorial. Especially keep away a pregnant hamster from anyone new, it will cause stress and when the babies are born, she might eat them because of this stress.

How can you know if a hamster is a male or female?

When you examine the lower belly of the hamster you should be able to identify two openings. The one closest to the tail is the anal opening, and the one higher up is the sexual opening. There will be a greater distance between the two holes if it is a male than there will be if it is a female. Different breeds are slightly different. If it is a male, you may also notice a scent gland higher up on the tummy than the openings, and sometimes even a scrotal bulge near the tail.


This works with almost all rodents, if you look under a male's tail you will see his testicles, which look like a little pink butt. A female does not have this. This only works on I adults. If it is a Syrian hamster don't touch them until they leave the nest or start exploring.

take it to a vet

You can tell if its a male or female by the way it wees. if its a male a stick thing called a penus comes out from it and if its a female it squats down and wee comes out of its virgina

check for balls. they will be large on the male

You will know trust me. Male hamsters have huge balls. I kid you not.

determine gender of your hamsters? Well, it's pretty easy to identify (as long as you know how) especially when they are sexually matured. (Easier to say I think because I did mixed up my hammys once).

Basically the male exhibits large, pronounced testicles and scrotal sack, and the anogenital distance is greater. The opposite is true for the female, as in most rodent species, where the anogenital distance is less than that if the male.

Hold tour hamster up and look at it's urine holes.if their closer together,your hamster is a female.If it is wider aprt then it is a male.

How much food on average does a hamster eat per day?

Bigger hamsters like Syrians enjoy 12 grams of food a day but smaller one's like Russian Dwarfs will take 6 grams. But different hamsters eat different amounts, so try to get used to what they need every day.

Remember to give hamsters some FRESH food sometimes, they love it.

cheekolol, Good luck

Why do your Chinese dwarf hamster squeak?

if they are quueaking in your hands and is shivering it is cold or scared if it is squeaking in it's cage and your hand is not near it it's happy if it squeaks in your arms and isn't shivering it's really happy or is just chatty. also if you are tring to grab it in it's cage and it squeaks it's scared as well.

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Why do hamster click?

Hamsters will USUALLY click if they feel threatened or are ready to attack. This is called "bruxing". If your hamster is bruxing then I recommend that you let your hamster be alone for an hour or so. Hopefully by then they are not as threatened.

If your teddy bear hamster just had her first litter of pups is there anything you need to do now?

Don't touch the babies. The mother will sense a smell that has never smelt before. Therefore, she thinks her babies are sick or contaminated, so she will eat the babies. Also, don't disturb the mother too much or she will go crazy!

How do you treat a dwarf hamster with bites from another hamster?

Separate the hamsters. They do not live in groups in nature and only get together for a short time for mating. They are solitary animals and will continue to fight if they aren't separated. If antibiotics don't help, take them to the vet. Some infections can be below the skin where a topical antibiotic won't help. Only the vet can deal with this problem!

Can hamsters eat apple?

Yes, but don't feed it too much, it might get sick. Also, cut it in small pieces so that your hamster won't choke.

Can hamsters eat apples?

Hamsters can eat apples but without seeds. They can eat a lot of (but not all) fruits. However, they can't eat citric fruits. They can eat lettuce, carrots, celery, broccoli (uncooked), corn, etc. From my personal experience I have noticed that they especially like carrots, lettuce, corn, sunflower seeds, and broccoli. They usually eat uncooked foods, though.

Can you get an infection from a dwarf hamster bite?

A bite from a dwarf hamster isn't any worse than getting a paper cut. You should use a disinfectant just in case. You probably won't get a infection, but it is possible.

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How do hamsters mate?

hamsters(doesn't matter what breed) will mater around every week. The reason why this is if you put a male and female hamster together in one cage the male will want sex almost everyday, but the female will refuse. So the female goes threw heat every four days and on the fourth day, not the day before it and not the day after it she will indeed mate with him. She will have a white smelly liquid come from her vagina and her rear will freeze in the air waiting for the male to penatrate. But only on that fourth day will she mate with him. This doesn't happen to often but if they absolutely refuse to mate, then you have to trick them to think its mating season. You either have to leave the lights on for 12 hours or more, or if its winter you'll have to buy a heater (like for lizard cages) for their cage. You should keep them together threw her pregnancy but on the day she gives birth seperate, them but really try your best not to bother her. Because she will feel threatend might eat or kill her young. After they mate, which will be 10-100 times, she most likely will be pregnant( ya never know) on the sixteenth day after they mated at around six o'clock will she give birth, i apologize for making this so long and boring but i want to give you the best information possible, beleive it or not theres even more. I hope this answers all of your questions, goodbye! PS: the reason why you separate them before she gives birth is because after the birth she will be in heat and the whole cycle of pregnancy will happen once again, but after that day put them back together, hes supposed to be with them
Well, first the male is attracted to the female's scent. He approaches her, sniffs her anus, and if the scent seduces the male, he will have an erection. (Yes, hamsters do have penises). He will then stick his penis into the vagina (on the bottom to the rear a little) of the female and proceed to have sex in the usual may sometimes rub its penis in the anal and vaginal area of the female first. Mating usually only lasts a short time for hamsters, but they may mate several times. Scientist are not exactly sure if the female also gets pleasure out of mating in hamsters, but most of them agree that they do.

Where can you buy a dwarf winter white Russian hamster in Australia?

I believe hamsters are not available anywhere in Australia due to what happened when rabbits were introduced here! The powers that be are very nervous about the import of 'exotic' pets incase they escape into the wild, breed and harm our ecosystem. Which is a great shame as hamsters are totally cute & I'd also love to have one.

If you can get one........

To be honest if you have had dwarf hamsters before then you shouldn't have too many problems with Russian hamsters. They tend to bite/nip more and are harder to tame. Don't get me wrong they are lovely hamsters but I wouldn't recommend them for children or people who haven't had dwarf hamsters

Where can you buy a winter white dwarf hamster in Texas?

That sounds like an oxy moron, winter vs texas.....anyway... try typing in in google what your looking for or try this website... I use it for fish but if you look at the catalog for small animalls you might find it.. the catalogs take about 3 business days or less to get to you when you order them

Why are gnats on hamster cages?

They are most likely fruit flies, not gnats. Well, the most common reason for fruit fly invasion is because leftover vegetables or fruit are being left untouched. Those flies like to crawl all over the fruit.

To get rid of them, clean the whole cage thoroughly and replace all food and bedding. If you don't you might find some maggots in your cage!

Are winter white hamsters better than dwarf hamsters?

its only in your opinion. Dwarf hamsters are pretty cool but i personaly like winter white hamsters

What bugs can hamsters eat?

Most people say hamsters cannot eat bugs. But they are wrong! Hamsters are omnivores. They will eat plant and meat material.

Anyways, wild hamsters will eat crickets, small worms, maggots, and other soft invertebrates. However, domestic hamster may dislike bugs. You wouldn't want a half-eaten worm in the cage! It would rot and the smell would spread quickly! Feed domestic hamsters hamster food and the wild ones will eat their worms!

No, hamsters are omnivores. You can fees them hamster food. You could also feed it apples, lettuce, carrots, spinach, bananas, blackberries, cherries, blueberries, cantaloupe, seedless grapes, cranberries, mangoes, melons, peaches, plums, raspberries, raspberries leaves (helpful for diarrhea), strawberries, asparagus, bean sprouts, bok choy, Broccoli, Cabbage (Limited amounts), Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard, Chestnuts, Chickweed, Chicory, Clover, Corn on the Cob, Cucumbers, Dandelion Leaves, Endive, Green Beans, Kale, Parsnips, Peas, Radicchio, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet bell Peppers, Swiss Chard, Turnip, Water Chestnuts, Water Cress, and Zucchini. Just try to keep the diet rounded.

Can hamsters eat dried apples?

yes its very nutritious and healthy for them i gave my hamster dried fruit and it was perfectly fine.

Fruit is NOT a good idea for dwarf hamsters as they tend toward problems with diabetes so it's safer to stick with veggies (not carrots or peas) according to my exotic vet. Syrian hamster can have fruits in moderation since you don't want them to end up with diarrhea from having too much fruit.