Hamster Care

Cute hamsters are easy to tend to as with any other pets. Owner must select a good cage, provide enough chew toys, and feed them with commercially made hamster-food as well as fruits and vegetables, among others.

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What can you feed a newborn hamster?

Food and Feeding Method

Feed them with Lactol; a milk formula as a replacement for mother's milk. Milk is to be given every hour until they are 7-10 days old using an eyedropper. Do not squirt the milk but instead, let a drop of milk hover on the dropper and let the pup or lick it.

What does weaning mean for hamsters?

Weaning is when the young hamsters completely stop using the milk of the mother, the weaning process begins when the hamsters start eating other foods, though also keep drinking the mother's milk. They are completely weaned when the rely on other food and not the mother. This is also usually the point where the hamsters can leave the mother and go to new homes.

Can hamsters eat string?

No. The string could get stuck in your hamsters guts, and that wouldn't be very nice now, would it?

How do you know if you are ready to become a parent?

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Can hamsters eat banana skins?

Hamsters can eat banana peels. However keep it a small amount, to much could cause diarrhea. Also I would cut them into smaller pieces to prevent choking. You should never give any part of a banana to a dwarf hamster or carrots or corn either according to my exotic vet.

What sedative can you give a dwarf hamster?

I would not sedate a tiny animal without the help of a vet even with herbals. However, hamster's teeth grow continually, so they must always have hard things to chew on. Their food mix should have hard kibble and seeds in the shell in it, or give them wood hamster toys from a pet store.

You should always educate yourself about an animal's behavior before you bring one home. This will prevent the animal being treated unfairly. If your hamster is keeping you up at night, it probably has more to do with his environment than a need to be sedated. They are nocturnal creatures. If you have it in a wire or plastic cage, it is probably hanging off of the sides and chewing. You can prevent this by moving him into a glass aquarium with tall sides and a wire mesh lid. The tall sides will prevent him from climbing up on his toys and chewing the rim. If it is his running in a squeaky wheel, look in your pet store for the silent alternatives. The old fashioned metal ones will eventually all squeak. Also, look into investing in glass and metal water bottles instead of plastic. This will also do away with chewing noises. Be sure the hamster has wood pieces to chew on. You can pick these up at the pet store. I give our old cardboard oatmeal boxes and such when are done with them. This keeps their teeth worn down. If you assess the situation and try to figure out a solution, then you AND your pet can both be happier.

What happens if you drop your dwarf hamster several times by accident?

take it to the vet... please...

Edit: My friend's hamster had babies, and she was holding one and it jumped out of her hand. It fell about 3 feet, and broke its back and died. I would be extremely cautious not to disturb your hamster, and do take it to a small animal vet.

How do you know if a snail is male or female?

You simply do not. There are no such thing as male and female snails.
All snails are hermaphrodites.

That means all snails have both male and female reproductive organs. They still need to mate with another snail in order to produce and lay eggs.

Some amateur gardener groups will try to say that snails with a brown-striped shell are girls whereas white stripes are boys. This is false - they are actually two completely different species. Therefore "snail breeders" breeding these two are creating a hybrid or mixed-species.

So the answer to your question is that you can not tell if a snail is male or female, because snails do not have male/female genders. They are all hermaphrodites.

Does Roborovski Hamster urine smell?

Yes, it does. Don't smell it, just clean it up with a tissue.

Can a hamster eat carrot leaves?

Yes but i would not over load him/her with them.

What does it mean when your hamster sleeps on its wheel instead of its bedding?

That is normal. It happened to my hamster too.
1. You can try getting a new wheel (but it didn't work for me).
2. You can use the bedding to rub any urine that gets in the wheel. With the dirty bedding just place it in a corner. Take out any bedding or materials that may be inside the wheel. Either throw away the contents or put it back in the cage. Repeat this process until the habit is broken.

Can you give a dwarf hamster dried fruit?

Yes, but be sure its skin can't be choked on if it has skin.

I take my Russian Dwarf hamster to our local Exotic Veterinarian and he says that you should never give sweets or fruits or anything with sugar to any dwarf hamster as they are VERY predisposed to getting diabetes. So fruit is a bad idea and make sure to read the ingredients listing on all treats purchased for dwarf hamsters also as most of them add sugar to the treats. He also said that carrots shouldn't be given either since they have a naturally high sugar content.

How can you know if a hamster is a male or female?

When you examine the lower belly of the hamster you should be able to identify two openings. The one closest to the tail is the anal opening, and the one higher up is the sexual opening. There will be a greater distance between the two holes if it is a male than there will be if it is a female. Different breeds are slightly different. If it is a male, you may also notice a scent gland higher up on the tummy than the openings, and sometimes even a scrotal bulge near the tail.


This works with almost all rodents, if you look under a male's tail you will see his testicles, which look like a little pink butt. A female does not have this. This only works on I adults. If it is a Syrian hamster don't touch them until they leave the nest or start exploring.

take it to a vet

You can tell if its a male or female by the way it wees. if its a male a stick thing called a penus comes out from it and if its a female it squats down and wee comes out of its virgina

check for balls. they will be large on the male

You will know trust me. Male hamsters have huge balls. I kid you not.

determine gender of your hamsters? Well, it's pretty easy to identify (as long as you know how) especially when they are sexually matured. (Easier to say I think because I did mixed up my hammys once).

Basically the male exhibits large, pronounced testicles and scrotal sack, and the anogenital distance is greater. The opposite is true for the female, as in most rodent species, where the anogenital distance is less than that if the male.

Hold tour hamster up and look at it's urine holes.if their closer together,your hamster is a female.If it is wider aprt then it is a male.

What do you do with baby hamsters if the mother ate some already?

You take care of the other babies by putting them in separate cages.

DON'T TOUCH THE BABIES UNTIL THEY HAVE HAIR. The mother probably ate some of the babies because:

1. She felt threatened.

2. She might have needed more protein.

Other reasons the mother may eat the babies is if the litter is too large for the mother to care for all the young or if the babies have already died on their own. Are you sure the mother actually killed them?

What is the hamsters natural diet?

friuts and berries and veggies you can buy a mix of these thing from your local store and you can get small wood sticks that they love to chew on

Can you bathe your hamster?

No; it will wash out the essential oils in their fur and they will die.

You can spray them lightly with water it it is absolutely necessary to get something toxic out of their fur.

You should not bathe your hamsters because they have special chemicals on their fur and if you wash them off they can catch a cold because they will get cold. you should only bathe them if they have harsh toxic stuff on their fur like paint if so then take a couple cotton swabs wet them a little bit and stroke their fur but you should never use soap.

Hamsters do clean themselves. They clean themselves very often but you can give them a dust bath but DO NOT give tham a bath with water and soap.

not how we get baths. just remember this. get warm water a rag and bowl. dab the rag in the bowl and then ring it out getting most of the water off the rag. then gently dab the hamster. Joe J.

Hamsters - To Bathe or Not to Bathe....Yes, but not often. Hamsters are obsessive groomers and frequent soap and water baths will dry their skin. Pet stores sell bath powder, but a better (because you can use it for a multitude of needs from foot fungus to a very safe and odorless insecticide) and much less expensive alternative is Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth which can vary in price (but still costs less than the pet store powder - the cheapest I've found is about $15 for a huge but light 5 gallon container). Place enough of the powder in a small bowl (pet stores also carry cute, specially made ceramic bathers) for your hamster to be able to roll around in (like a pig in mud). You can keep it in the cage (if there is ample room) or make a routine of it. Your pet will decline if it isn't time yet. Most seem to enjoy it. But a water bath in the sink (make sure there are no holes or drains open that they can fit through) or a large bowl or basin with mild soap (pet store variety, baby shampoo, or your own if it's mild) is nice every so often, but no more than once a month unless Hammy gets into something icky. Be careful of the temperature and rinse well. I wrap mine in several soft paper towels and cuddle them until they're dry. Although they don't love it, they handle the bath quite well, and are surprisingly calm afterward. Good luck!

P.S. Never bathe a nursing mom! But, if you know she's expecting, it's not a bad idea to give her a gentle bath before the birth and freshen her cage. But don't disturb all the nesting she's done in preparation, and consider adding another cage (because they'll be needing the extra room temporarily - especially if you remove the higher attachments, which babies can fall out of if that's where she decides to keep them).

Emma: No!, I just called a pet store they said no, but maybe every year. Hamsters clean themselves so there not dirty (think of cats) And A heads up if hamsters are a lot of money, use a friends ( like I did!)
Hamsters can clean themselves. If they have gotten into something they shouldn't have, you can take a damp cloth and wipe it off. Then wrap them in a dry towel until completely dry. NEVER give a hamster a bath. It can lower the hamsters body temperature, and strip the natural oils that keep their fur and skin healthy. Never apply any shampoo or oils, because then they will ingest anything they groom off after. This can harm them.

Can you shower an albino Russian dwarf hamster?

'Albino Russian Dwarf hamster should be gently scrubbed with some hot water'

You should never shower a hamster in case it gets wet tali! Only 'bath' a hamster if it has something in its fur - but you use an old toothbrush and water to comb it out, but never shower it.


According to my exotic vet you should never bathe your hamster since they keep themselves very clean through self grooming and could actually die from getting wet. If there is a smell then clean the cage thoroughly and if there's still a smell then get it to an exotic vet in case your hamster has an infection. Mine had a small hole in her cheek from shoving too much stuff in her cheek pouch and it got infected (though it didn't smell) and I took her to my exotic vet. She needed antibiotics and she was fine once everything healed.

What food do hamsters eat?

They can eat vegetables, but not too many or they will get diarrhea. One of their favorite things to eat are sunflower seeds. They can't get enough of them. They eat other seeds too.They also like frozen blueberries but you first have to run ONE under hot water until it softens a little. But take it out of the cage at the end of the day or it will start to mold.

Can hamsters eat apple?

Yes, but don't feed it too much, it might get sick. Also, cut it in small pieces so that your hamster won't choke.

Do hamsters eat papaya?

Yes, hamsters can eat dried or fresh papaya. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, since papaya is a tropical fruit, the hamster could get an upset stomach if you feed too much of it. Maybe one small piece every 2 days.

Can hamsters eat apples?

Hamsters can eat apples but without seeds. They can eat a lot of (but not all) fruits. However, they can't eat citric fruits. They can eat lettuce, carrots, celery, broccoli (uncooked), corn, etc. From my personal experience I have noticed that they especially like carrots, lettuce, corn, sunflower seeds, and broccoli. They usually eat uncooked foods, though.

If a hamster dies is it normal for another hamster to eat the corpse even though normal food is available?

It is definitely normal hamster practice to eat the corpse (before it decays), which is thought to be for waste disposal purposes and not to satisfy hunger.

A person who can read hamster thoughts may tell you that "Once a hamster dies, it IS normal for it's house-partner to eat it's corpse, as a way to show simpathy for the dead friend. If the baby hamsters are not strong enough, sometimes the mother will eat them, in order to keep them from dying a horrible death. Also, if the mother feels her young is in danger, she will eat them because she thinks that her young will be safer that way."