Hamster Health

Hamsters are so small that sickness and injuries can rapidly become severe. Symptoms of illness may include inactivity, sneezing, ruffled coat, loss of appetite, diarrhea and wheezing. It is important to keep the hamster warm if not seeing a vet.

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Why does your hamster have a hard lump on its side?

OK , this is not normal. Put your thumb and index finger on the lump.If it moves freely and does not seem attached to a muscle, it's probably an incapsulated cyst, just keep an eye on it. If it's gowing , you may want the Vet to take it off. If pus or liqid comes out, it may be a sore. Kind of yellowy stuf is serous drainage .Sniff you fingers , but don't touch your nose. If it smells like a stinky old sweat sock, it's a cebaceous cyst , an impacted fatty sweat gland. These , too, are benign if not growing any more. A solid lump that seems stuck to the muscle and has no odor, and may be something serious.Vets cost a lot of money, so be realistic if it's something serious.I love all my little furry friends, but sometimes we have to make hard choices. If the hamster is really sick, don't let it suffer .

What happens when a hamster can barely open its eyes?

If it's a young hamster it is normal or it may be ill (conjunctivitus etc.) or it may just be tired.

Does Roborovski Hamster urine smell?

Yes, it does. Don't smell it, just clean it up with a tissue.

What does it mean when your hamster sleeps on its wheel instead of its bedding?

That is normal. It happened to my hamster too.
1. You can try getting a new wheel (but it didn't work for me).
2. You can use the bedding to rub any urine that gets in the wheel. With the dirty bedding just place it in a corner. Take out any bedding or materials that may be inside the wheel. Either throw away the contents or put it back in the cage. Repeat this process until the habit is broken.

Can you give a dwarf hamster dried fruit?

Yes, but be sure its skin can't be choked on if it has skin.

I take my Russian Dwarf hamster to our local Exotic Veterinarian and he says that you should never give sweets or fruits or anything with sugar to any dwarf hamster as they are VERY predisposed to getting diabetes. So fruit is a bad idea and make sure to read the ingredients listing on all treats purchased for dwarf hamsters also as most of them add sugar to the treats. He also said that carrots shouldn't be given either since they have a naturally high sugar content.

How do you put a hamster water bottle in a glass cage?

buy a bottle with suckers on it and stick it on the inside and turn the bit that they suck out of around x

When can you start touching baby hamsters?

* About two weeks is what I would recommend. Hamsters are quite notorious for infanticide, therefore a mother disturbed will either eat her pups or attempt to stuff them in her cheek pouches, neither of which is desirable. * I would wait until hair has grown on your hamster. Don't touch them until then, and then only if they appear lost to return them to their mother (they make tiny squeaky noises when searching for her). * The age you can handle the babies without the mother rejecting them is approximately 15 days. At this time, they have a short coat of fur and are mobile. I have had to gently put them back into their nest when the mother is asleep and does not know they are not with her. They still need her for warmth and milk for the first 4 weeks of life. When you have a pregnant hamster, you should provide her with a solitary home (if she shared one with her mate). She may be returned with him after her babies are 4-5 weeks and have been given independent homes of their own. I would recommend only putting the hamsters of opposite sex together if you want a family. They reproduce VERY quickly. * I would give it 3-5 weeks because I have learned this by experience.

What food do hamsters eat?

They can eat vegetables, but not too many or they will get diarrhea. One of their favorite things to eat are sunflower seeds. They can't get enough of them. They eat other seeds too.They also like frozen blueberries but you first have to run ONE under hot water until it softens a little. But take it out of the cage at the end of the day or it will start to mold.

How do you know if a hamster's leg is broken?

The hamster will be lazy. You should pick it up gently. If it is dragging it's foot it could just be sprained, only if they can move it. If you have the money take it to the vet. Also pray for it. Only a vet can tell you for sure, but if you even suspect it has a broken leg, you should follow the same guidelines given in "How to treat a hamster's broken leg".

How do you know when a dwarf hamster's leg is broken?

Take it to the vet. It may be suffering. Hamsters are quiet animals. They won't scream when in pain, but the will limp and remain hurt. Bring it to the vet as soon as possible. They will know exactly how to check.

What do you do if your hamster broke its leg 2 months ago but didn't see the vet and now is limping?

You should take it to the vet but it costs quite a lot and most parents usually let them die because getting a new hamster is cheaper than taking an old one to the vet.

Plus, how could you just leave it! You could also try to tape its leg with tape and a splint. After you do this, leave it alone for a week or two. Hopefully it gets better. However, it's possible that it may not fully heal because of how long you left it alone.

Where can you take your hamster for a vet check up?

Check with your local vets. If they don't take small rodents, they may be able to recommend someone that does.

Do hamsters eat papaya?

Yes, hamsters can eat dried or fresh papaya. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, since papaya is a tropical fruit, the hamster could get an upset stomach if you feed too much of it. Maybe one small piece every 2 days.

What do you do if you can't take your dwarf hamster to the vet and it has one red eye?

Assuming his eyeball is red, with mucus, Polysporin works quite well. You can purchase this over the counter at any drug store. You can purchase Polysporin in drops or ointment (looks like Vaseline). The ointment I believe works better.

It works well on Dogs and Humans to clear up conjunctivitis.

Give your vet a call though, and ask if you can try it on your Hamster.

It's just a phone call.

If you decide to try the Polysporin, (after you talk to your vet), sooth his eye with a warm damp washcloth and keep the eye clean of mucus, before you apply ointment. Only apply ointment once a day.


What you need to do is go to a pet store and ask what they would say to do. Then call 1800PETMEDS and order an eye drop prescription. After that you need to call your vet for tips how to put the eye drops in.

Some hamster's eyes are naturally red but if you see anything abnormal about his eyes besides them being red you may want to take them to the vet. I wouldn't suggest using creams or topical's because the hamster can lick it off. If a hamster licks off creams it can be life-threatning. The best thing to do is probably to take the hamster to a vet or a local pet store and see what they say.

If a hamster dies is it normal for another hamster to eat the corpse even though normal food is available?

It is definitely normal hamster practice to eat the corpse (before it decays), which is thought to be for waste disposal purposes and not to satisfy hunger.

A person who can read hamster thoughts may tell you that "Once a hamster dies, it IS normal for it's house-partner to eat it's corpse, as a way to show simpathy for the dead friend. If the baby hamsters are not strong enough, sometimes the mother will eat them, in order to keep them from dying a horrible death. Also, if the mother feels her young is in danger, she will eat them because she thinks that her young will be safer that way."

What do you do for a hamster that got bit by another hamster and is sick and cannot eat or do anything or move and all it does is sleep?

Take it to the vet ASAP. If these are the symptoms, that means your hamster is very close to dying. Your hamster is not sleeping. It is just waiting to die, so it closes it's eyes. Take it to the vet!

If your hamster is not eating or drinking anything and he looks ill what might be wrong with him?

If a hamster is not eating or drinking take him to the vet quickly. It might be a sign of old age. If the hamster feels cold, and refuses to move, it could either be hibernating or dead. Try to keep hamsters away from drafts, they really don't like it. If it's new to the home, its normal for them to reject food and water and look pitiful for a while. This will also vary depending on the animal and its exact species. For instances, dwarfs have a harder time adjusting, where as short hairs, may have no trouble at all. Take him to the vets!

What does it mean if your hamster mouth is wet?

They sometimes dribble on themselves when they sleep, or get excess moisture around their faces when they curl up and press their noses against their sides. Just keep an eye on it.

What does it mean when your hamster loses hair on her neck?

Maybe your hamster has some insects that grows on the beeding when u never clear it often. Because the same issue happened to my hamster, when i was trying to find out the reason i saw some little tiny worms so i knew that's the reason my hamster loses it's own hair... Hope it help :)

What happens if the hamster's eyeballs drop?

Take him to an exotics vet. This needs to be treated immediately! Only the vet can take care of small animals. So don't try to cure him at home. Otherwise, your hamster could die.

Is it normal for a hamsters teeth to fall out?

no it isnt, i would check with a vet to be sure that nothings wrong. well actually it is normal for hamsters teehth to fall out. they grow back just like ours do just feed your pet soft food untill then and it should be fine after about a week.

If a dwarf hamster falls on the floor and blacks out but awakens to a normal condition how can you be sure he is okay?

Blacking out is a common sign of a concussion. An untreated concussion, even a minor one, can cause permanent brain damage and early death. Call an exotics vet and see if they can do anything for him, though I don't know what they could do for such a small rodent.

As long as he's functioning normally, eating, drinking normally. He should be OK. If you're not sure, take him to the vet. Try to be more careful next time. They are very fragile animals.