Harry Houdini

Considered the greatest of the magicians, Harry Houdini was a consummate showman. His name is a direct take off of the French magician Robert-Houdin, with whom he was often compared. Questions about this performer are discussed here.

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Was Harry Houdini double jointed?

Is it not true that Houdini was totally double jointed and could dislocate and re-align his shoulders. There was no one "secret" to Houdini's ability to escape from handcuffs, but a combination of technical knowledge, physical skill, and trickery. It all started with what one locksmith who knew him called his "remarkable knowledge of locks and locking devices." Houdini collected and studied locks all of his life and claimed that he had "photographic eyes" that helped him remember how each type worked and could be opened. Most of the time Houdini used a key hidden in or smuggled into the cabinet or jail cell, either on his person or by an assistant. Depending on how he was bound, Houdini would manipulate the keys with his hands -- sometimes using specially designed extension rods -- or with his teeth. But he also knew tricks for opening many of the simpler types of cuff without keys.

How did Harry Houdini come up with his stage name?

Harry Houdini was born Erik Weisz, but that name wasn't going to cut it for his magical ambitions. The origin of "Harry" was simple—he'd gone by "Ehrie" as a kid, so he just Americanized the old nickname. "Houdini" was an homage to one of the pioneers of modern magic, Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin. Robert-Houdin was a clockmaker who opened his own magic theatre in 1845. He's widely credited with being the first to perform in evening attire instead of fantastical robes, thus making magic a little more mainstream.

Oddly enough, Houdini turned on his magical namesake later in life, writing a book called The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin in which he criticized Robert-Houdin for stealing other magicians' tricks.

How and where did harry houdini die?

He died in 1926, due to peritonitis which is an inflammation of the membrane which lines the inside of the abdomen and all of the internal organs possibly from a appendix rupture.

Harry often demonstrated that he could withstand the hardest punches to his midsection after flexing his incredibly strong abdominal muscle cage. He became the deliberate target of a strong man (a student at McGill University). The student asked Houdini if he can test out his claim. But, before Harry was prepared, he delivered a strong blow to his abdomen. Being the showman Harry was, shortly after recovering from the initial pain of the cowardly blow, the offender was invited to restrike Harry, and the subsequent blow bounced harmlessly off.

It is commonly believed that he suffered from peritonitis beforehand and the blow to the stomach just made it worse.

The damage was done and the world shortly lost a wonderful and unique entertainer. Harry Houdini died at 1:26 p.m.on October 31 1926- at the age of 52.

Did Harry Houdini work?

As a child he worked as a News Paper Boy, a shoe Shiner, he got many jobs at circuses, and he also got a job as a lock smith.

What was one of Harry Houdini's major accomplishments?

Harry Houdini

Jumped off a bridge with his hands handcuffed. Then he jumped off a bridge and escaped the hand cuffs.

Did any of Harry Houdini's brother follow in his foot steps?

Yes! Harry Houdini's brother Theo or "Hardeen" used a lot of his tricks and followed in his footsteps. I know this because I just finished a long biography on him.

Did Harry Houdini die in Montreal?

yes. because a student named J. Gordon Whitehead delivered several blows(with permission)to harry's abdonmen while he was Montreal. While the above incident happened in Montreal, Houdini traveled to Detroit Michigan the following day and performed at the Garrick theater. He was taken to Grace Hospital after the show & died 7 days later of peritonitis.

Why did Harry Houdini want to be a magician?

He saw Alice from Alice in the wonderland and then the white rabbit gave him a piece of chocolate, he ate the choc and turned into a rabbit. So he learned magic to free himself

Did Harry Houdini die of drowning?

THE ANSWER BELOW IS WRONG. Houdini died of a burst appendix while doing a trick in a straight jacket while hanging upside down in water.

When did Harry Houdini get married?

Harry Houdini married to Wilhelmina Beatrice "Bess" Rahner in 1894

What are the functions of periscope?

The periscope is used primarily to view the surface of the water around the submarine, as well as to transmit Morse code messages to other subs or ships in the vicinity.

How are handcuffs used?

You lock it around your hand and your hand is trapped so you can't escape.

What were Harry Houdini's brothers and sister's names?

Herman,Nathan,and William Harry Houdini had five brothers (Herman, Theodore, Gottfried, Leopold, and Nathan) and a sister (Gladys)