Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams, born December 27 1988, is an American rock singer and the lead singer for the popular band 'Paramore'.

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How old is Hayley Williams?

US singer Hayley Williams is 29 years old (birthdate: December 27, 1988).

WNHL player Hayley Williams was born June 3, 1990.

Does Hayley Williams have MySpace?

Fans are constantly speculating about Hayley's myspace account due to the huge amount of fakes, but she has stated that she does not have a myspace.

How can you get Hayley Williams hair?

(What Hayley Williams does to have "Hayley Williams hair" ). First, she dyes her hair blonde. Then, she uses a temporary red spray in her hair. However, she uses the expensive kind, not the cheap Walmart kind. She sometimes has orange hair because the red dye is fading and showing the blonde hair through the red, and the colors kind of mix together. Also, she sometimes has a pinkish haircolor because the blonde is more white than yellow-blonde, and sometimes she has blonde hair, because all of the red dye washed out. I don't know how to get her haircut, but I know that she has a short, piecy, bob kind of cut. That is how you get "Hayley Williams hair".

Where can you find pictures of Hayley Williams?

For photos of Hayley Nichole Williams - the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the band Paramore - see the Related Links.

What type of keyboard does Hayley Williams use?

"Yamaha. That's what she used on the Final Riot! tour. :) " In 2006, she used a: * Roland Juno-D * Roland VP-550

Does Hayley Williams go to voice lessons?

Yes, her vocal coach is Brett Manning, he runs a program called singing success.

Does Hayley Williams wear thongs?

According topaparazzipictures, yes she does.

What middle school did Hayley Williams go to?

She went to west lauderdale in mississippi but I don't know if it was elementary,middle, or high school. I also attend that school:)

Who is Hayley Williams currently dating?

She has been dating Chad Gilbert, guitarist of New Found Glory, since early 2008.

Before that, she dated Paramore guitarist Josh Farro for three years.

No other boyfriends are known to the public.

How old is Josh Farro of Paramore?

His birthday is September 29, 1987, making him 20 in 2008.

Did Hayley Williams and Josh Farro ever date?

They did and it was for 3 years almost. Hayley is currently dating Chad Gilbert of the band New Found Glory.

Josh is now married Jenna Rice.

How can you contact Hayley Williams?

The best ways you can contact Hayley are:

Who were William Few's family members?

William Few's wife's maiden name was Catherine Nicholson. He had three daughters.

i am! he is one of my great(to how ever many greats, i honestly dont know) uncle! i just thought i would throw that out there!


What are the names and ages of Hayley Williams' siblings?

She's got 2 sisters Erica who's about 16yrs old and McKayla who's about 8yrs old... She also has a step-sister named Jiana who's 15, and Anthony who is 14 yrs old and another brother...

What is Hayley Williams street address?

Please note: Only fan contact information can be published here on individuals private information will not be published.

Does Hayley Williams smoke cigarettes?

No, Hayley does not smoke. She said that it dries the throat or something similar but she did say so herself that she doesn't smoke, drink alchohol, or do drugs.

How tall is Hayley Williams?

She is 5'2". it says on the paramore website.

When was William Hayley born?

Hayley Williams was born on December 27, 1988

What is Hayley Williams' sexual orientation?

Hayley Williams is straight. She has said so in a public interview and has only been seen dating men.