Head, Ears, and Nose

The head, ears and nose are located on the upper part of the human body. The head houses the ears and the nose, which are two of the five sensory organs of the body.

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Why does cold weather cause runny noses?

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A couple different cold-weather factors contribute to there being just too much fluid for the nose to hold (gross, I know, but true). First, because winter air tends to be very dry, the nose has to produce a lot of extra fluid to humidify it properly on its way to the lungs. Sometimes it makes so much that it runs right out the end of the nose. What’s more, when that warm, moisturized air gets breathed back out into cold, dry surroundings, it condenses on the cold tip of the nose, adding even more fluid.
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What is the correct sequence of structures through which sound waves are sent to the brain?

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Sound waves hit a human ear and pass through the eardrum by vibrating the hammer, anvil, and stirrup of the middle ear. These vibrations become a pressure wave that affects the fluid of the inner ear where they become electrical nerve impulses sent to and interpreted by the brain as sound.
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What can you do to soothe your throat?

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The easiest way to sooth your throat is by using a cough drop.
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Can you use peroxide to remove ear wax and is it safe?

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yes, it is safe to use peroxide. but in my opinion i wouldn't use it if you have an ear infection.
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What is a small lump on the right side of your neck underneath your ear?

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i get a small lump under my ear when i have an infection, lymph nodes (sp) get inflamed.
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Why do i Feel sick after head injury?

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I only eat only twice or 3 times a day. I go to school. I go to Butler Primary School. I have to go to the sick bay alot. Um....... When I get sick then I don't go to school but my Mum says that I have to go when I feel sick. I feel sick all day. I will relive toe real awnser: if you go to work highschool or normal school then you shouldn't go to work highschool or normal school. That was the awnser
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What causes sharp pains on top of head?

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I was told inflated nerves but im still tryna figure that out because I have sharp pains all the time
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A person who cannot see or hear?

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probably cant answer this question for you
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Is it safe to drink grand pa headache powder when pregnant?

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Grandpa is not safe to use in pregnancy due to caffeine and aspirin ingredients. Ask your doctor what to use.
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Why do your ears pop when you're on an airplane (and how can you stop it)?

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Your ears pop because of the difference in pressure between the air inside your ear and the air outside. As you get higher up, the air is less dense, meaning there’s less air pressure pushing on your eardrum from the outside and more pressure on it from the inside. The ear regulates its internal pressure through structures called the eustachian tubes, and when these tubes open and allow outside air into the ear, we experience that as a pop. With that in mind, you don’t want to stop your ears from popping; rather, you want to encourage it. Tricks to avoid uncomfortable pressure on your eardrum include anything that encourages frequent swallowing, like chewing gum. Yawning also helps. Or, you could try something called the Valsalva maneuver, which entails holding your nose shut, closing your mouth, and gently blowing, as if you were blowing your nose.
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Can scoliosis cause headaches?

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Yes, Scoliosis can cause headaches, depends on the type of curve and how bad it is Scoliosis affects more than just the spine!
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Which of the parts of the ear is unable to recover from damage?

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The hearing nerves are unable to recover from damage.
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Is it possible to experience memory loss after a traumatic event?

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Yes. When someone experiences a traumatic situation, his brains are capable of trying to 'protect' him against that experience because he and his body can't handle what happened. It's also possible that someone has memory loss after that person get hit on his head in an accident. Like a car crash..
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Is it normal to have parts of your head feel numb after hitting your head really bad?

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Right after hitting your head, yes. But it should only feel like that for a small amount of time. If it continues, GET TO A DOCTOR
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What is purpose of the bones in the middle ear?

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The three bones of the inner ear are designed to pick up sound waves from the ear drum and send the signals to the brain for interpretation. It is similar to the ear piece of a telephone receiver.