Head Injuries

Head injury refers to the damage of the skull, scalp, or brain. Injuries can be caused by traffic accidents, workplace accidents, falls, sports injuries, assaults, or bullets. The damage caused ranges from mild to severe brain injury.

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Is it safe to ride a roller coaster with a level one concussion?

depending on the type of concussion really and literally no it isn't you don't wanna be swung or flipped about with a grade A concussion you should seek medical help immediately and get evaluated by your doctor. maybe after your brain heals itself you can ride but not with a concussion that's not safe for overall mind, body, spirit, and health. unless you want to. but i highly recommend go to the doctor.

Can head injury stitches get wet?

Yes, only if u run them under water e.g. swimming,bath,shower etc.

How should you diagnose a serious head injury?

concussion or compression:

concussion is the most common and it's when your brain gets "shaken"

compression is when your brain swells inside your skull.

What are the dangers of hitting your head and getting a big swollen bump on the right side?

The dangers? A concussion and permanent damage. Or it could just be a bruise. If the swelling and pain persist and are accompanied by other symptoms (like headaches or dizziness) call a doctor as soon as possible. ~ T

Why would a bump appear on your forehead when you have not banged your head?

If u have been angry or very stressed out lately that's what it is probably from. u should probably see a doctor and get a prescritption just to see if its not too serious! I'm not sure, but, It has happened to me. One on my forehead, then my index finger, now the back of my head......Stress may be a factor, but, I'm heading to the doc tomorrow...

Why do i Feel sick after head injury?

I only eat only twice or 3 times a day. I go to school. I go to Butler Primary School. I have to go to the sick bay alot. Um....... When I get sick then I don't go to school but my Mum says that I have to go when I feel sick. I feel sick all day. I will relive toe real awnser: if you go to work highschool or normal school then you shouldn't go to work highschool or normal school. That was the awnser

Is it serious if you hit your head and get a big bump right above your forehead?

I encountered such a case as a 2 year old infant. I fell down a flight of stairs and was admitted to the hospital when my mom found me with a huge bump slightly above my forehead. It wasn't an issue at all. Just a normal reaction to the fall. However, you may want to go to the clinic to get your head scanned just to make sure that it is no blodclot.

Why do you feel sick at school in lunch room?

It might be anxiety but it's too general. Is it like this every day? Just today? It may be because you haven't eaten enough within the last 8 hours which causes stomach aches as well. It really isn't anything to worry about but if it continues to presist and it really and I mean really concerns you, go see your family doctor.

How long should a beginner at golf hit an 8 iron?

The answer to this is it depends. It depends upon your age, the quality of your club, the ball you are using, the conditions etc etc.

However, if you are an average player then typically you will probably be hitting it an average of 130 yards. Subsequent clubs are about 10 yards different i.e 7 iron is 140, 6 iron is 150. -

When should a head injury send you to the hospital?

Answer Any head injury would warrant a visit to a doctor. ----------- Any or all of the following: If consciousness is lost (even momentarly), if the patient is nauseous, if the patient complains of a tingling sensation, if speech is slurred or movement is slow or erratic, if there is a discharge or bleeding from an ear or sight is affected, if the wound/injury hurts really bad or if its bleeding.Here's something i learned a few years ago in my health class, If Bleeding Is severe, Call 911 fast and get a towel and apply pressure to the wound.

How long do you keep awake after head injury?

At least 6 hours in case it is a minor concussion.

Cold applications may cause injury to a patient if the patient has?

cold applications may cause injury to a patient if the patient has dependent swelling, a fever, large bruises or poor circulation?

What should you do if you fall and hit your head on the pavement?

Seek medical attention immediately, as you may have a concussion or some other serious brain injury.

How do you clear an infected scab on your cheek?

Apply a really, really hot wet cloth to the area 4 or 5 times per treatment. Do this as many times a day as you can. The heat will kill some of the bacteria and also bring healing bloodflow to the area.

This also works on tooth and gum infections.

How did she receive her head injury as a teenager?

Too general of a question. Please make it a little more specific.

Are there organizations like online support groups for head injury survivors?

Hope this helps you, if not please let me know what area you live in: Brain Injury Information & Support Brain Injury Society - Brooklyn, NY 11230
Telephone: 718-645-4401--Referrals, consumer and legal advocacy, and support groups. NYS Medicaid Waiver Provider Services, educational forums, and decision support.
url: The Brain Injury Association of Oregon - 2145 NE Overton, Portland, OR 97210 -- Telephone: 503-413-7707;
Toll Free: 800-544-5243
url: -- email: Cafe Plus -- 216 W. Manlius St., E. Syracuse, N.Y., Telephone: 315- 446-3124 - A social group for people who have survived head injury. Meets every Sat. 12 to 4, p.m., est.Refreshments, Companionship and much more!
email: Head Injury Hotline
A non profit clearinghouse founded and operated by head injury survivors since 1985. It is a place where visitors can get information, join a discussion group, build advocacy skills, and self-care skills. The site integrates resources from diverse organizations including support groups, rehabilitation, and research sites, as well as lay and professional journals and more. email:
url: -- Telephone: 206-621-8558 Mouth Magazine - PO Box 558 Topeka, KS 66601-Bimonthly magazine. Subscription info.url: Pensacola Brain Network - (TBI / ABI) Support Group, Pensacola, Florida Survivors and caregiver oriented - monthly meetings. url:
email: TPN Inc., The Perspectives Network - PO Box 1859, Cumming GA 30028-1859 - Voice/Fax: 770-844-6898 -- Provides forums and resources for persons with brain injury, their families, caregivers, friends and the professionals who serve them. Their goals are to promote a sense of community, and to increase public awareness of brain injury. url: -- email: TBI Support Fund - Founded in 1995 provides financial and emotional support to needy TBI survivors. Giving limited to New Hampshire residents. email: -
url: Traumatic Brain Injury - Dedicated to survivors and all who wish to learn more about traumatic brain injury. url: Trident Head Injury Support Group -- 975-G Savvanah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407 --
Telephone: 843 852-5550 ext.14
email: - url:

Is it common to have numbness in your head after bumping it?

I have had numbness on top of my head and also it feels like I have something around my head like a headband. Also my eyes have been real sore, this has been going on for about two weeks now? what can it be? Mirna

What do you do after hit on side of head and bleeding from the ear?

GO to the Hospital , you may have a concussion or fractured temporal bone.

What are the side effects of ct scan on 6 months old baby?

I wonder that also. My 4 months old fell on his head and the doctors said it's our decision if we want a cat scan. They said he looks ok, but they can never be 100% sure, but studies have showed that babies that had a cat scan at a very young age are more likely to develop cancer?! Weird. I am looking online and can't find any side effects though. It says CTs are safe. We decided against the cat scan.

Why do you get a bump when you hit your head?

AnswerWhen you bump your head you cause damage to various cells that make up your tissues. Consequently, the cells release prostoglandins, and other molecules including vasodilators and constrictors, that activate an immune response. Specifically they modulate a non-specific inflammatory response, which in a nutshell causes increased blood flow to the damaged area (simplified version). The whole purpose of the increased blood flow is to allow the transport of critical immune molecules (neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes) to the site of damage so that they may begin the repair process.