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A truly healthy person has a sound body and mind that is free of disease and infirmity. Healthy living includes taking the steps needed to optimize one's chances of surviving and thriving, like eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Questions relating to all aspects of health and living a healthy life are welcome here!

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Are there any health problems in Jordan?

Nah they all good in da hood
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Can rickets be spread?

No. Never. It is not an infection. It is a nutritional deficiency disease, caused by vitamin D deficiency. Not at all contagious....
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What happens if you take medication during the first weeks of pregnancy?

While some drugs cause no harm to the fetus, many drugs such as antimalarials and anti epileptics can cause fetal malformations. That is, can cause child defects. Hence, before taking any drug, always consult your gynecologist or physician, during pregnancy....
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What is the difference between chronic diseases and communicable diseases?

communicable diseases can be spread from person to person whereas chronic disease is something that may be treatable, but not curable, fibromyalgia, athsma, diabetes...
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How do you get rid of a inner lip tattoo?

keep licking it until it goes away
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How do you locate the prostate?

Upon Digital Rectal Examination (DRE), the organ felt as a bulge on the anterior wall, below the bladder, is the prostrate, in males. However, this should only be performed by a registered medical practitioner, for reaching to any conclusion....