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Construction, demolition and mining are big industries in the world. This category is for all those non-agricultural giants that scoop, push, or drag earth. From backhoes and bulldozers, to the great granddaddy of them all, the Bagger 288.

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Can you drive a tractor at age 14 on a field?

In most US states, you can drive on private property (with permission of course) without a license at any age. In many states, they have a "farm license" that will allow someone as young as 14 to drive a farm vehicle (can include a pickup truck) on the road legally, but with restrictions.

Heavy commercial vehicle engine?

One of the most popular is the Cummins ISX--15 liters displacement, anything from 435 to 600 horsepower.

Why does bulldozers have caterpillar tracks?

caterpillar tracks cause the tracter to have a larger surface area as this decreases the pressure the tracter exerts on the ground, preventing it from sinking into the soil. if we use the formual pressure=force/surface area. where force is the weight of the tracter, we can see that that the pressure will be less if the surface area is large.:) hope this helped

How do you remove rear axles on Kubota rtv 900?

Jack the unit up and place jack stands under the frame. Drain your flluid. Remove rear wheels and hubs. The rear axles are actually 2 shafts slipped together. There is a plastic boot with a band at the top and bottom that must be removed. Use wire cutters to cut the bands. Once this is done to both sides, remove nuts holding the rear bumper/axle assembly in place. With the nuts removed the rear bumper/axle assembly can be rotated downward and side to side to release the shafts from each other, If you can not get them to release you may have to use a screwdriver to break the plastic boots free from the shafts. Once the rear bumper/axle housing is removed the outer shafts are pressed into the housing. The inner shafts are bolted to the transmission. All you need to do is remove these bolts and the inner half shaft will come out.

How do you connect two 12 volt batteries into a 24 volt hitachi ex60 excavator?

Connect the two 12 volts batteries in Series. Battery 1 & 2. Connect the negative post (-) of battery 1 to the negative (-) ground cable. Then connect the positive (+) post of battery 1 to the negative (-) post of battery 2. Connect the positive (+) post of battery 2 to the positive (+) cable. You now have 24 volts as the batteries are wired in series.

What is the cost per hour for using a bulldozer D8?

I see rates from $75 to $150 with many at $85 plus a one time fee to bring the unit in of anywhere from 3 to 6 hours rental cost.

What is an ''ancillary product''?

An ''Ancillary Product'' is an EXTRA that you buy with a product. For example if you booked a holiday, ancillary products would consist of aiport car parking, insurance, extra leg room etc, etc....

What does the 315 mean in a cat 315 excavator?

The 315 is a model size of the excavator. Cat uses the last 2 numbers ( the 15 in the 315) . In this case the 15 means 15 metric ton. If the machine was a 320 it would be 20 metric ton and 325 would be 25 metric ton and so on. Most other brands of excavators use the first 2 numbers in the model number. Like Deere's 160 you would use the first 2 numbers the 16 and that would mean 16 metric ton and the 200 Deere would be a 20 metric ton machine and so on!

How much does a semi truck weigh with no cargo?

16,000 - 20,000 lbs usually for the front part ("truck", "tractor", "cab"). But the empty trailer adds several tons more. For example a 53 foot long simple box ("van") trailer weighs 10,000-15,000 with nothing in it. So a whole 65 foot long empty system (truck and trailer) weighs over 30,000 lbs. Shorter box, flatbed, and covered wagons systems would weigh less. Systems with an extra long truck or specialized systems, like some of those with tank and pumping equipment, may weigh more. Adding to this answer. I have a 2003 kenworth w900 with a stepdeck trailer and i weigh 32,000 empty.

What is the Shift pattern for Eaton Fuller 18 speed transmission?

It's the same as the shift pattern for the Eaton Fuller nine speed transmissions, albeit with additional gears on the low side. For the sake of not wanting to type out a long winded explanation, there is a related link posted - 'Eaton Fuller 18 speed shifting diagram'. Click on that link to see a visual representation of the shift pattern.

Do you need a license to operate a petrol chainsaw?

It depends upon where you are and what rules apply. For example, in a U.S. Wilderness Area, you need a license, even if you're a government employee. Also, if you're using it to harvest ice for human consumption, you may need a health handling permit.

In general, however, you may need no more license than you would for any other internal-combustion yard equipment.

What is a wet kit on a semi truck?

A wet kit on a semi truck means it has a power take off commonly called a PTO, which activates a hydraulic pump making it capable of running accessories like a boom or crane if it is mounted on the truck.

What is the proper technique for grading with a bulldozer How do you grade with a bulldozer?

Once u know and level out a starting point for your grade you operate dozer with out changing blade hight then recheck your work with laser

How do you put a track back on a komatsu excavator?

This should work on most mid-size excavators:

Slacken off the track adjuster screw and push the idler back to a fully retracted position. If the track is worn you may be able to man-handle it back into position over the sprocket and idler and then readjust the track with grease.

If that is not possible, you might have to press out the master pin that holds the track together then wrap the track over the idler and press the pin back in.

The master pin has a dimple in the centre which helps identify it, these are very tight and special tooling is required to replace them easily.