Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs acquire empty shells to protect themselves from predators. Hermit Crabs can be popular aquarium pets because they feed on algae and debris. Questions regarding care of pet hermit crabs are welcome here.

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What are some good hermit crab names?

hurry and scurry

itchy and scratchy




Do hermit crabs eat pears?

Yes. Hermit crabs eat fruits, veggies, lean (non fatty) not seasoned meats, egg yolk, egg white, egg shell (rich in protein).

Stay AWAY from human foods, such as peanut butter twinkies, and COMMERICAL FOOD, it has harmful preservatives (no matter what it says), and little or no nutrients.

My hermies absolutely LOVE SEA salted nuts, it has to be SEA salted, because table salt sofacates and kills hermies.

What are some cool ideas for a hermit crab tank?

mix sand and coconut bedding to get a nice texture and retain moisture. you can put in one of the little igloos for small pets or a coconut house, some driftwood, make sure you have extra shells and a food and water dish and you can have what i think is really neat, is these little mesh bridges that they climb and hang on

A water dish with a cool sponge in it is really awesome. You can get a beach background and maybe you could paint some hermit crab shells. (Plastic) plants or flowers would make it look pretty! The mesh bridges are really cool. And you can put like a big rock in there that they could climb on. As long as its safe for your crab you can put whatever in the tank :)

Why did your hermit crab lose its legs then die after it molted?

it lost its legs because of stress. maybe you had just gotten it; or maybe the temperature or humidity levels weren't good enough. It died probably because maybe you were handling it while it was molting, or one of the other crabs messed with it. Make sure to move it to an isolation tank with lots of sand, some food and water, when you start to see signs of molting.

If the hermit crab's arm falls off is it dead?

No, it is not dead. Hermit crabs can grow back their "arms" over time, though claws missing can be harder to live without. Just make sure you give lots of new shells so they can molt (which is when the arm is grown back). Don't worry-this happened to my herm!

Can the hermit crab survive without the snail shell?

A hermit crab is very vulnerable without the snail shell, so you can expect it to get eaten, (or dry up for land hermit crabs), or injured before too long.

Some species of hermit crabs actually don't use snail shells at all, however.

How long can hermit crabs live alone?

not very long; they are very social creatures and love the companion of another hermit crab. so if you don't have 2 or more already, then you should go get another one or two.

Can hermit crabs died of loneliness?

Yes. Hermit crabs love to be social and in the wild, they go together as groups. You should get atleast 2 hermit crabs, because they will get stressed.

How many years does a hermit crab live?

In the wild, hermit crabs have been proven to live more than 70 years and become the size of basketballs. In captivity, you can have them for decades if you provide the proper environment and care.

What do crabs like to eat?

You can feed them algae wagers, specialized crab food, dried bloodworms, shrimp, and blanched vegetables and krill.

Why do hermit crabs commit suicide?

it's the only way to get away from you

How many times a year does a hermit crab molt?

The frequency of a hermit crab's molt relies on two main factors: size and environment.

Smaller crabs will molt very frequently and for shorter periods of time where a larger crab may only molt twice a year but stay down for months when it does.

If conditions (in the wild or captivity) are not ideal for a molt (this includes the availability of upgrade shells) the crab will actually secrete a hormone that puts the molt off for a while. If it goes too long without molting, it will be forced to molt wherever it is (very dangerous) or die.

Do hermit crabs eat bananas?

Yes, but ideally they prefer banoffee pie
Yes, they can eat most fruits and vegetables.

What parts of a crab can you eat?

the meat inside the legs, pinchers and body; do not consume the body inards.

Do you need a license to breed a hermit crab?

no because they breed by the salt water and do it by themselfs

Do hermit crabs die in their shells?

Usually, but not always. I depends on what killed it. For example, a crab that dies from over heating will leave it's shell first in an effort to "cool down". Also, a crab without an available will shell will eventually die since it's gills can't be kept moist.

Can hermit crabs kill moon crabs?

it deppends on how big the hermit crabs and the moon crabs are but if the hermit crab is bigger youv'e got your self a dead moon crab

Do hermit crabs have a butt?

If you are asking if they defecate (poop) then yes, they do. The orifice where the waste comes out is on the abdomen, which stays within the hermit crab's shell. The crab will defecate in it's shell, and it's feces look like little brown turds. If you have ever seen a gold fish go to the bathroom, it looks a bit like that, except brown and dry and in short little bits.

The crab will occasionally clean the feces out of his shell using his small back legs which are the same ones that hold him in his shell. They are attached to the abdomen (the white part) and are very short.

How do crabs breathe?

With gills as fish do, and they breathe on land by keeping their gills moist so oxygen in the air can still be absorbed. Crustaceans (true and false crabs, lobsters and prawns etc) need oxygen, just like we do, but instead of using lungs inside the body they use gills outside the body to get it. Gills (and lungs) work because oxygen is a very small molecule. During respiration oxygen molecules first dissolve into a layer of moisture surrounding a thin membrane. Then the oxygen molecules, because they are so small, cross right through the membrane into the circulatory system (the blood) of the animal. The source of the oxygen can either be as gas in the air or already dissolved in another liquid - like the sea. It doesn't matter where the oxygen originally comes from, the most important factor in respiration is that the surface the oxygen molecules cross is wet. In decapods (10-legged crustaceans like crabs and lobsters) the gills are protected because they are enclosed in a chamber under the sides of the carapace (the hard shell that covers the head and thorax). Crustaceans that live in water have no trouble keeping their gills moist. Crustaceans that live on land or on rocky shores where the tide comes and goes keep their gills wet by using fluids from inside the body and by having the chamber well sealed so that very little moisture is lost. The gills themselves are feathery structures at the tops of the walking legs of decapod crustaceans. They are derived from part of the jointed walking leg.
they have gills so it must be humid and you need to spray them twice a day
Hermit crabs have two breathing ways. First is the main one, gills. They can breathe air or water, but mostly air (they can drown). The gills and crab must remain moist so they can breathe. They can also absorb oxygen through the air through their abdomen.

What do crabs. Eat?

Crabs are 'carrion eaters', meaning they feast on what's left after a larger predator has its fill. Typically, they munch on pieces of dead fish or whatever else happens to wind up on the bay or ocean bottom, since that is where they live.

  • They are detrivores. They will consume animal as well as plant matter (algae, etc.). They will mostly live off plankton and other types of water plantation. They also eat some small fish in the wild, along with crayfish, barnacles, mussels, prawns and shrimp.
  • Crabs are opportunists. They will eat what they find, including partially decomposed items.
  • They also eat hatchling turtles.
  • Some species have been known to eat guano (bat droppings).

Different species of crabs eat different foods. Depending on the species, they may eat plankton, worms, shrimps, prawns and other shellfish, and they scavenge for animal and/or plant remains.

Crabs are opportunistic scavengers and will consume nearly edible thing they can grasp. Most crabs will readily small shrimp, including shrimp pellets, frozen mysis, etc. They will also eat dead fish and other animals.

Do hermit crabs have butts?

yes...................................................................................... yes they do

What is another name for crab?

Decapod Crustaceans, or just crustaceans