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Who explored Cape Leeuwin?

The region just south of Cape Leeuwin through to Nuyts Archipelago, some 1800km east, was first explored by Captain Francois Thyssen and Peter Nuyts, Councillor of the Indies, in their VOC ship Gulden Zeepaert, in 1627. VOC stood for Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, or the United East Indies Company.

Later, Matthew Flinders also sailed through the region, charting the coastline of Australia as he went.

Why did Tim Harding leave Hi-5?

Tim had a motorcycle accident which left him in a wheelchair for several weeks. He decided to leave the group to allow himself to fully recover and to pursue other opportunities. He had been with the group for 9 years and said it was a "long time".

Where can you buy bulk cookies?

Large membership stores such as Sam's Club or Costco would certainly offer better prices on large quantities.

Depends where you live: Safeway, Bulk Barn, super store. . . . . . . . . . .

Who was Peter Lougheed?

Edgar Peter Lougheed is a Canadian lawyer, and a former politician and Canadian Football League player. He served as premier of Alberta from 1971 to 1985. He has many other honors, as described in this link.

Is the girl in the Yaz commercial the same girl from Hi-5?

Actually, the woman who is the "main" spokesperson" in the YAZ commercials is none other than, Laura Stone. She is best known for her character of "Skye" on the "Young & The Restless".

OMG you have no idea how happy I am that you asked this question. I have asked a million people this question and of course no one has ever seen Hi-5 so they had no idea!!! I was going nuts trying to figure out who she is!!! If you go to you can click on cast and see her. Thank you so much for figuring it out!!!

The main girl is Laura Stone, but yes Carla from Hi-5 is also in those commercials.

Also, Deb D'Agostino, but there are many girls in these commercials.

How do you increase hi5 views?

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Is there a cheat for Texas hold em poker for MySpace hi5 or bebo?

No, there are no cheats for Texas Hold'Em poker for Myspace, Bebo or any other network site if you play against other real players.

Any website and/or software promising cheats for these games are most likely malicious software and websites with the intention of abusing your personal details, so please be careful.

How much do the cast of jackass earn?

Johnny Knoxville said he makes 5mil a movie not to sure though might have been joking

How do you import photos from hi5 to Facebook?

You can't. There are 2 different social networks.

How do you hide games from hi5 pofile?

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#gamesModule {display:none;}


How do you play a Texas hold em tournament?

There is no single "correct" answer to this question, because the specifics of tournaments vary quite a bit. The purpose of this response will be to provide some foundational information for people just beginning to play these types of tournaments. I'm assuming that you know the basics of how the game is played (e.g., hand rankings, what blinds are, etc.). As a quick review, though, all players are dealt two cards down, and there is a round of betting. Betting actually begins with the blinds, where the two players to the left of the dealer put in bets before the flop before seeing their cards. In both tournaments and live games these bets have pre-set amounts. For example, at the beginning of a tournament the blinds might start at 25 and 50, which means that the small blind (the person directly to the left of the dealer) would put in 25 in chips and the big blind (to the left of the small blind) would put in 50 in chips. The person to the left of the big blind then has the option of calling the "bet" of the big blind, raising, or folding. After this round of betting 3 cards are dealt out in the open (the flop), which are community cards played by all players, and another round of betting ensues. A fourth card is dealt into the community cards (the turn) followed by a round of betting. Finally, a fifth card is dealt (the river), followed by a final round of betting. Your hand involves the best five card combination of your own hand plus the community cards. For example, if you have AK and the community cards are QJT54, you have a straight. If you have the A of hearts in your hand plus four hearts in the community cards, you would have a flush.

A Texas Hold'em tournament can range from a single table tournament involving 6-10 players to larger tournaments with hundreds, even thousands, of entries. Each player buys in for a certain amount of money, and receives a certain denomination of starting chips. The amount of chips are generally not equivalent to the buy-in amount. For example, in a home tournament each player might buy in for $20 and receive 2000 in chips, or in a casino tournament the entry fee might be $300 and each player receives 5000 in chips. The amount of chips that a player receives is relatively arbitrary, but is generally set up so that players do not feel pressured to play marginal hands early in the tournament.

Tournaments also have what is called an escalating blind structure. In live cash games the blinds generally stay the same (e.g., $1-$2; $5-$10). This is because the games are essentially never-ending, with players consistently coming and going and allowed to leave at any time. In a tournament, though, play continues until one player has all of the chips. If the blinds did not escalate, then tournaments could take quite a long time. So, blinds escalate after a certain period of time (e.g., every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes). For example, a tournament might start with the blinds at 25-50, and progress to 50-100, 75-150, 100-200, 200-400, and so forth. Thus, players are forced to attempt to accumulate chips, rather than just sit back and wait for elite hands (e.g., AA, KK).

The fact that blinds escalate during a tournament and there are only a set number of chips in play makes tournament play somewhat different than live game play. In a live game you usually don't have to take your own or an opponent's stack size into consideration (there are exceptions to this, of course). In tournaments, though, these are important considerations. For example, if you are down to 1500 in chips and the blinds are at 200-400, you are really in a critical position. You would need to accumulate chips (basically "double up") very soon, or else you will soon lose all of your chips to the blinds. In such a case, the best strategy is to simply go all-in with any halfway decent hand (e.g., any ace, any two picture cards, any pair [even small ones]). Basically, you have to take a chance because your stack size relative to the blinds puts you in a position where you're going to be knocked out soon anyway. In contrast, if it is the beginning of the tournament, you have 3000 in chips and the blinds are only 25-50, there is no need to take unnecessary chances.

In terms of tournament strategy, there are two broad schools of thought. Some expert players recommend trying to accumulate many chips early. They advocate playing draws (i.e., four cards to a flush or straight) aggressively and taking other risks early in the tournament. If successful, accumulating a lot of chips early gives you an advantage over other players at the table. In effect, you can "bully" the table by making big raises and re-raises, and forcing other players to risk all or almost all of their chips (whereas you have a cushion because you've already accumulated extra chips). The downside, of course, is that it's easier to bust out early with this strategy.

The second school of thought is more conservative and stresses simply surviving early in the tournament, and looking for advantageous opportunities later when the blinds are higher and the stakes greater. This strategy would advocate being conservative early, not playing marginal hands and being willing to lay down good, but not great ,hands. Of course, if a great opportunity arises a player should take advantage of it, but the overall strategy is to simply survive the early stages and "make moves" later. The advantage of this strategy is that you usually do not bust out early in the tournament, and therefore have the opportunity to pick up premium hands. The disadvantage is that by not accumulating chips early you often find yourself needing to "double up" in the middle stages of the tournament.

As an example, imagine a situation early in the tournament where someone has already raised, and you have a small pair like 44 or 55. A conservative player might simply fold the hand, because it is unlikely that you could win the pot without making a set (i.e., making three of a kind on the flop). An aggressive player, though, might call the raise. In most cases he or she would then have to fold after the flop, but in some cases he or she might make his or her hand and win a very big pot. Later in the tournament, though, an aggressive player who accumulated chips early might be able to fold this hand, whereas a more conservative player who was getting short-stacked might have to go all in with the hand.

When I play a tournament I try to think about keeping myself in position to take advantage of great opportunities that arise. For example, if you pick up AA and your opponent has something like KK or QQ, you want to have enough chips so that you can win a big pot against that person. So, I am always thinking about my chip stack relative to the blinds. A good rule of thumb is that if your chip stack is at least 10 times greater than the big blind, you are in decent shape and do not necessarily need to take chances. If it gets down to 5 or fewer big blinds, then you're in a danger zone and need to try to double up soon. In such a situation the best strategy is probably to go all in with any decent hand to try and get a much bigger chip stack.

There are a number of great books out there on Texas hold 'em tournaments, especially Dan Harrington's set. Hopefully, though, this tutorial will provide the basics for people getting ready to play their first tournaments.

You ran your 1985 Pontiac fiero se out of gas found the valve on the manifold still not starting what next?

the fuel pump problaly got ruined when trying to start it with no gas. Spray some starting fluid in the intake. if it fires its your fuel pump.

Where does Alan Rickman live?

Alan lives in the west end of London nearby the paddington station, with his girlfriend Rima Horton, if you wish to contact him you can send mail to him at the following address. It will more than likely be handled by his assistant.

Alan Rickman

Oxford House

76 Oxford St.

London W1N OAX


How can solar power affect the future?

It can help save energy for houses cars and many other things. It does not cause pollution, it is safe for the environment . it also helps mother nature so get soler

Do you think Alan Rickman the actor is conceited?

he is really nice, i met him he is my cousin. no way, really? you're joking, right?! hey are you seriously?His hi5 is it really his?

How can you activate your account on hi5?

how can you activate your account on hi5?

How do you get coins for free?

There is a retro of Habbo called "Blah Hotel". You get 250 coins every 15 min and it comes with Vip\Hc clothes.nnn

How do you Hide interest for Hi5?

here you go

<style type="text/css">#Interests {display:none;} </style>

copy paste the code into your about me section

Why would Andrew Carnegie and Friedrich Engels disagree about the effects of industrialism?

Andrew Carnegie and Friedrich Engels are disagree about the effects of industrialism because, industrialization eventually raised the standard of living for many people in Europe and North America.