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Where are you from Jean Batten?

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Jean Batten was from Rotorua, New Zealand.
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How long is the shortest commercial flight?

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The UK airline Loganair has a flight that goes from the island of Westray to the island of Papa Westray in the Northern Isles of Scotland. It covers about 1.7 miles and lasts around a minute on average. If there is a strong headwind, the flight can take closer to two-and-a-half minutes; with a tailwind, it’s been completed in 53 seconds.
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Did Bessie Coleman have an career?

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Bessie Coleman was a pilot. She was paid for flying at air shows.
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What makes a biplane fly?

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The same thing that makes a monoplane fly (i.e. lift), except a biplane has twice as many wings to do it with.