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Answers with Donna Halper?

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The current lineup of Rush is coming up on 40 years together -- what are you doing to mark the occasion? I know what they are doing-- they are taking a much-deserved break from touring, to re-charge their proverbial batteries and spend some time with their families. As for me, what I am doing is feeling profoundly grateful. When I first discovered them, I never expected to get a 40 year friendship. I've done favors for many bands over the years; that's the job of a music director, to give new bands a chance to be heard. But rarely have those bands kept in touch, nor would I expect it. Rush, however, is unique. Despite all their success, they remain three very down-to-earth guys; success has not spoiled them. Yes, they are wealthier, and they've gotten many awards over the years (including FINALLY getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), but if you hang out with them, as I've had the privilege of doing on a number of occasions, they are still Alex, Geddy, and Neil, three very good human beings who deserve every bit of the success they have achieved. I consider it an honor to know them and to have been a small part of that success.

What remedies did guaman Poma recommend?

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Tolerance and good treatment of the indians.