Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world after conventional medicine. The questions under this category may include its basic fundamentals, health queries, and advancements.

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The placebo effect happens when?

Since one group of patients would be given the placebo (a tablet or capsule with absolutely no medicinal qualities), its sole purpose is to install a false hope in the group that they are receiving helpful medication.

Another group of patients are given a real medicine. If the genuine prescription begins to work for the second group and they begin making strides toward recovery, it becomes obvious that the placebo is not worthy of further use.

Who is known as the father of homeopathy?

Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician.

How do you find relief from dizziness?

Salt, Vinegar, Mustard, Nacho cheese, Pepper and Cayenne in small and equal proportions should be mixed to a cup of water and consumed. Blood circulation increases and makes you feel clearheaded and steady. A solution of Lemon juice, Black Pepper, Salt and Water is also an excellent solution for Dizziness. A mix of Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar is greatly helpful in clearing Dizziness quickly. Yoghurt mixed with orange, lemon and Tangerine peels relieves dizziness to a great extent. Chamomile tea or Peppermint when consumed restores normalcy. A massage with Lavender greatly helps in relieving dizziness. Pure ginger juice in small quantities relieves the pressure. Alternately ginger juice along with honey can be taken for better results, since honey has so many curative properties. If you want a remedy that doesn't include eating or drinks placing you head between your knees usually helps as well.

You can also try motion sickness over the counter medication. If the condition persists, you should visit your doctor.

How do you use friar's balsam?

Friar's balsam is a solution of benzoin resin in alcohol. You should avoid using it on wounds. The usual use is to remove oils so that bandages will stick. Since the questioner wanted to know if it was suitable for use on a small ulcer on his toe - diabetic on insulin, the answer is not to use this. Visit your podiatrist as soon as possible and take this seriously. A family member had a similar wound and after learning the process from the doctor, we used saline to wash it daily with medical grade saline, covered it with a saline soaked material (can't remember the name), put mesh with an oil emersion on it and then wrapped it in gauze. Since his circulation was bad, a pressure sock went over that. It took awhile to heal, but there was no infection. Another friend self-doctored his and ended up with MRSA. Again, visit your podiatrist as soon as possible and take this seriously.

How long one can take rhus tox?


Homeopathic remedies are generally safe for long term use. If you are using Rhus Tox for a chronic condition you may want to consult with a Homeopathic Doctor or Integrative Healthcare practitioner about your condition and if Rhus Tox is the most appropriate remedy for your condition.

Can you smoke while taking a homeopathic medicine?

Yes, but then you would have to take anti-smoking medicines later on as smoking habit would result in disease conditions.

What is 'minimum dose' in homoeopathy?

"The law of minimum dose' was given by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1801.

It states that: Infinitesimally small dose (only that amount of medicine is administered which is sufficient to cure the disease, not more that that, that means no overdosing) of potentised medicine to stimulate your innate healing powers.

Potentisingthe medicine increases it collative medicinal powers through dynamisation (serial dilution and succussion/trituration) and avoids unwanted side-effects.

What was notable about the contribution of Swedish homeopath Nils Liljequist to the field of iridology in the 1800's?

Nils Liljequist worked independently of Dr. Ignatz von Peczely discovering iridology. He was the first to identify the effects of such drugs as iodine and quinine on the iris.

Is there any medicine for VITLIGO?

Well Vitiligo cannot be cured, but it can be managed . Cosmetics can be used to improve the appearance of the white areas not covered by clothing. prevent burning of the affected areas and also prevent the normal skin around the patches from becoming darker. Skin creams and oral medications are available for severe cases, but they have side effects that may make them undesirable. Autologous transplantation of skin is an option for those who are severely affected. Bleaching or depigmentation of the normal skin is another option.

What are Kali Phosphoricum 3X HPUS side effects?

Simply put, the only side effects from homeopathy are the same as placebo, or water. The system of dilution commonly used in homeopathic remedies results in NO active ingredient being left in the homeopathic 'solution.'

As an example, a homeopathic dilution of 30c would reduce the amount of 'active ingredient' so much that you would need a sphere of water with a diameter of 800 light years to have on molecule of the active ingredient left.

What are some homeopathic remedies for knee pain?

Rhus toxicodendron is recommended for joint and arthritis pain that is worse in the morning and relieved by warmth. Kali bichromium is indicated for persistent, severe pain.

Name the homeopathic medicine to increase sexual power?

SHUDH SHILAJIT CAPSULE : It is completely organic, ayurvedic, herbal, natural and vegan product without any added ingredients. BIOAYURVEDA’s products are made in a high pharmacy grade quality facility certified internationally by WHO. GMP, WHO ORGANIC, ISO among others. The production processes uphold the highest standards of hygiene, quality, safety and sustainability.

Take1 to 2 Capsules twice a day either in the morning after breakfast or after dinner but there should be a gap of at least 2 hrs. Between dinner and sleep, or as directed by the physician

Is Children's Chestal honey safe for 1 yr old?

I do not know what is chestal honey. But honey can be safely given to 1 year old. You need not bother about that.

How do you pronounce 'homeopathy'?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, it's homee ahp eh thee. "Pronouncing Homeopathy (audio visual)"

Aconite is poly crest remedy discuss?

Depending - a polycrest remedy is one that is used commonly for multi-purposes so each practitioner will have their own polycrest remedies.

Aconite is a commonly used homeopathic remedy and would be a polycrest remedy for many.

How is graphite used in homeopathy?

Graphite is a form of carbon that is the basis of all life. It is found in older igneous or metamorphic rocks, such as granite and marble, and is mined for its industrial uses, e.g. in batteries, motors, pencil leads, cleaning and lubricating fluids. It was investigated and proved by Hahnemann after he learned that it was being used by some factory workers to heal cold sores.

The powder used in homeopathy is ground graphite, and it is mainly used for skin disorders that may be caused by metabolic imbalances and stomach ulcers. It is a remedy for czema, psoriasis, acne, rough, dry skin conditions with pustules or blisters, scarring and thickened cracked nails and cold sores. Also for stomach ulcers caused by thinning or weakness in the lining of the stomach wall, problems caused by excessive catarrh, loss of hair, and cramping pains or numbing of the feet and hands. In women it is used to treat some menstrual problems.

The symptoms are worse in draughty, cold and damp conditions and for eating sweet meals or sea foods. Also, the use of steroids for skin complaints and, in women, during menstruation. Symptoms are often worse on the left side. They improve with warmth as long as the air is fresh and is not stuffy, when it is dark and for eating and sleep. People suitable for Graphites are usually well-built and may be overweight, often having dark hair.

They like to eat well but lack physical fitness, and sweat or flush with slight exertion. They are prone to dry, flaky skin conditions that may affect the scalp. Graphites people are usually lethargic and may be irritable, lacking in concentration for intellectual activities. They are prone to mood swings and subject to bouts of weeping, especially when listening to music. A Graphites person feels that he or she is unlucky and is inclined to self-pity, often feeling fearful and timid.

Is there any homeopathic medicines to height increase at age24?

At this age, homeopathy can't help in increasing height

After 18-21 years almost closed to increase your height. even homeopathic treatment also not useful, dont believe tv ads its possible to increase its false. -venumssi

What are the limitations of homeopathy?

Here is a variety of comments from different contributors:

  • Yes, like any other system of medicine, homeopathy also has its limitations.
  • A surgical problem which has progressed far beyond its initial stages might not respond to homoeopathy.
  • Some sudden life threatening situations like heart attacks, paralytic strokes, diabetic comas etc. might have to be initially treated with conventional medicine, till the patient is out of danger.
  • It is relatively slow acting as compared to steroids.
  • The success rate is not 100% (neither is any other system of medicine, including allopathic/orthodox/conventional medicine)
  • Alternative medicine can be very good (but no 'cure' is claimed) at helping to treat some drawn-out diseases and ailments, but not so good with emergency situations. In instances which involve severe injury like those which may be present after an automobile accident; there is no doubt that the person needs conventional medicine, and quickly.

"Homeopathy" as a term is often used to (erroneously) encompass a wide range of traditional medicines, therapies, and practices. This is incorrect; homeopathy is, strictly speaking, the sole practice of the use of highly diluted solutions as treatments wherein the exact pairing of the type of solution to the ailment uses the principle of "like for like".

In this context, homeopathy's primary limitation is that it has been shown to be no more effective than placebos, and, in some cases, significantly worse, particularly when using some improperly or misapplied solutions. There have never been scientifically valid studies (i.e. ones which follow strict scientific process, account for bias, properly randomized and controlled, etc.) which indicate that homeopathic treatments have any measurable positive effects which cannot be attributed to the placebo effect.

Homeopathy is much more akin to a religion than a science. In fact, the primary tenets of homeopathy contradict the current 300+ years of scientific understanding in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. That is, it is not merely that homeopathy's effects cannot be shown to be effective, but that the rationalization of why homeopathic remedies should work is not possible under existing scientific though and theory.

Thus, while homeopathy can have some positive outcomes, it is no more likely to produce those positive outcomes than treatment with a placebo (e.g. sugar pill or saline solution). As such, it is NOT medicine, but faith healing, in that its supposed benefits come solely from a belief that the treatment works.

What symptoms is apis used to treat in homeopathic medicine?

A homeopath could use apis for sore throats, mumps , urinary tract infections , and other conditions where there is a stinging or burning sensation.