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The Honda Rancher is a four-wheel ATV that is used for off-roading and other recreational activities. Ask and answer questions about the Honda Rancher here.

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Where is the fuse box on a Honda Rancher?

The fuse box is located directly behind the battery. It is a box about 1 1/2 by 3 inches in size. There is an access panel held in place with two screws that must be removed to see it.

How do you adjust valve intake on 1992 trx 250x?

Adjusting the valves isn't hard but it does take some knowledge of the subject. Check out my bio page for help.

What is the easiest motorcycle to repair?

That's a very interesting question. I guess the less parts the easier it is to repair. n this case it obviously a dirt bike, they are small, have very few parts and small engines compared to other bikes and have practically no wiring. And two strokes are even less complicated then four strokes. So the easiest bike to repair would be something like a 45cc, two stroke, air cooled mini dirt bike .

Can water get into the oil through the drive shaft of a Honda rancher 350?

any of you honda atvs or utvs that have a rubber boot on the drive shaft can get water in the engine oil through the smallest of cracks, tears, or holes in the boot. Especially if youre doing extensive travel in mud and water.

If you have water in your oil thats where i'd look first( inspect the drive shaft boot)

Where would you find a diagram of a motor so you can find all the parts?

What motor? The term motor usually refers to an electric motor. The term engine usually refers to an internal compustion engine. Please restate your question with the model and size motor or engine you are referring to.

If the fwd light blinks on a Montero Sport what does this mean?

Pretty sure that means that the 4WD is in the process of engaging. Blinks for a few seconds then stays on.

Mine sometimes blinks while in 2WD whether I'm using 4WD or not. Research on internet suggests it's fairly common problem and probably due to misaligned sensor. Since I've tested my 4WD/2WD (on ice) to see whether it was going in and out of 4WD correctly I placed window tint plastic over light so it would stop buggin' me...;)

Sometimes may take a few miles of driving for it to go out. Usually after some starts and stops. Sometimes shifting into and driving in reverse a little bit does it too.

Where is the location of the VIN numbers on a 1984 Ford Ranger?

It should be by the drivers side door in between the door and the entrance. If you open your door look for a sticker it should be there.

Fix reverse lights 240sx?

No problem, bring it in first thing in the morning and i will get right on it......

What is the oil capacity for a 2001 Honda rancher?

2.1 us quarts with new filter. Without new filter 1.95. But it better off to change them both

How do you add oil to the front end on a 1989 Toyota pickup 4X4?

there should be a drain fill plug on the front your diff. Since you have the IFS probably the easierst way to get oil into it would be to use along piece of fuel line from the top of your engine to the fill plug and just fill it from under the hood rather fan fighting with the bottle underneith the truck.

What is the oil change capacity of 1989 GMC Vandura 5.7 V8 if your dipstick is missing?

Don't be so frugal a Dipstick to fit can be purchased at a number of different places. Examples [ Buy Me] An open or ill fitting Dipstick in the tube is an invite to suck dust & water into your engine oil. I looked in the Haynes manual... lists oil & filter change capacity as 5 qts. I will change the oil & filter, add 5 qts on level ground and insert a long rod or wire into the dipstick tube til it bottoms. Then remove it carefully and check the oil level on it. Cut it shorter so only about an inch dips into the oil, make a top cap somehow (or just hook the wire) and scribe my normal oil level onto the wire. Sounds pretty good...

How do you replace starter on a Honda Element?

How to change your starter

First of all, make sure that the problem is actually with the starter. If your warning lights and radio work, it's not the battery. Does your car run a bit and then die? That could be the alternator. If you have a friend with you have them listen to see if they hear the clicking of the starter as you try to turn the engine over. This is the starter solenoid. If there is no clicking, change the $10.00 solenoid. If all of this is not the issue you may have a bad starter.

1. Find the battery.

2. Disconnect the battery.

3. Follow the large wire down the back of the battery to the starter.

4. Disconnect the positive wire from the starter.

5. Disconnect the negative wire from the starter.

6. You may want to mark the wires to keep them straight.


8. Place the new starter in place.

9. Lightly bolt it just enough to keep it from falling out.

10. Re-connect the wires from the battery.

11. Don't forget to ground the starter.

12. Bolt it back in place.

Good job.

This answer is totally wrong. Before you can remove the starter you must remove about 28 other things first. Like the intake manifold and a nest of wires tubing and cables and such. The solenoid is internal in the starter and cannot be fixed without rebuilding the starter. It's not a $10 add on part. A new Honda starter is about $389.

*Very true. You must first remove the intake manifold which is an involved process. But, it is not hard at all if you just look for instructions online. Also, a new starter at your local parts store will run you between $120 and $170. Do not try to get one through your local Honda dealer. That is where you will pay close to $400.

What type of oil for a 2007 Honda rancher ATV?

You should have to read the user manual and take the services of your mechanic.

What ATV is better can am or Honda rancher?

Well I like both Honda little more reliable can am has some mechanical issues.


Better how? for stricktly utility purpose I would go with the Honda, for yes in general GENERAL! they are more reliable. However taking all aspects of quading(atving) the can am outlander is far quicker, more enjoyable and just as usefull. The Can am Renegade is just a 4x4 racing quad pretty well, sporty version of the outlander and virtually useless as a utility quad.

93 dodge shadow es wont get fire to the distubertor i need help?

You need to find out why your not receiving spark at the distributor. Such as it might be the Coil, Rotor, Pick Up... something isn't working and you need to eliminate all the possiblities so you can find the solution.

How do you raise the seat on a new 2007 gsf 650 suzuki bandit?

First take off the seat, turn it upside down, unscrew the two screws and two bolts that hold the two parts of the seat together. Separate the pillion and rider seat (takes a bit of wiggling), now you can concentrate on the riders seat. undo the four screw that hold all the rubber gromets down (make a note of the direction they are facing), and unbolt the two small bolts on the front.

The seat should now come apart, move the bracket at the back of the seat down a hole. Re-attach the two halfs of the seat at the front but this time one hole up. You should see a gap between the two halfs. Put the rubber gromets back on, this is where I went wrong the first time, TURN THE FRONT TWO 180 degrees and leave the back ones how they are. Screw everything back together and you have one raised seat my long legged friend.

Do I need to drain old gas from a snowblower?

It is recommended to drain old gas from motorized tools if the gas in them is over 6 mo. old. The old gas may burn but not very well.

Gas older than 6 months can better be removed since it can damage your snow blower motor and pollute your carb For more info on snow blowers you can check: