Honda S2000

Produced by Japan-based Honda Motor Company, the S2000 was a 2-door roadster built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company. This model was named “Best Affordable Sports Car” by the US News & World Report in 2008 and 2009.

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Timing Belts and Chains
Honda S2000

Does a Honda S2000 have a timing belt or timing chain?

Timing chain

Oil and Oil Filters
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How often should you change motor oil on 2006 mustang gt?

Every 3,000 miles

Ford recommends every 5,000 miles with normal oil or synthetic blend. You can go up to 7,000 if you use full synthetic.

Transmission Fluid
Honda Passport
Honda S2000

How do you check transmission fluid on a 2000 Honda Passport?

I'm not sure which plug (bolt) it is, but there is supposed to be one plug for filling the transmission and one to tell when the fluid is at the correct level. There isn't a dipstick.

Honda S2000

How do you replace the dome light Honda s2000?

On the front of the lens (closest to the windshield), there are two slots fairly close to the sides. Carefully insert a flat bladed screwdriver into each slot in turn and gently pry the lens loose. Remove the bulb(s) by pulling straight down out of the metal tabs. Push new bulb(s) into metal tabs. Replace lens, back side first, the push front side up until it snaps into place.

Honda Passport LX
Honda S2000

Where is the thermostat located on a 1998 Honda Passport?

top front of engine follow the top radiator hose to where it goes to engine it will be a rounded top housing the hose clamps directly to it take off housing thermostat inside

Honda S2000

Where is the gas cap release on 2003 Honda 2000?

Read the user's guide, mate.

It is on the driver side door jam, just to the left of the driver's seat about half way up.

Honda S2000

How much horsepower does a Honda S2000 have?

The Honda S2000 claims approximately 240 HP at the crank. Dyno tests show around 205 HP at the wheels. The first S2000s (1999-2003) featured a 2.0L 4 cylinder with a 9000 RPM redline. The second generation (2004-present) features a 2.2L 4 cylinder with an 8000 RPM redline. These cars are great for the street and nimble on the track.

Power Steering
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How do you fill power steering unit on a 1992 GMC Safari Van 6 Cly or is it sealed?

It's in there allright. Follow the belts until you see the pump and look for the reservior from there.

Mine has a small black caniter about in middle of the engine against the fire wall.

Honda S2000
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How do you reset an ABS warning light on a Honda S2000?

Take it to the stealership and get your brakes checked

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Math and Arithmetic

What is the quarter mile time of a stock 1979 Camaro?

My '79 came stock with a 305/th350 with a 2bbl carb. and a 2.73 open rear end. I would guess it ran a good 17.9 on a good hot phoenix, Az day. (if that sadly) Those times can really be dramatically boosted with a 4bbl carb. and intake, headers and exhaust, and a better gear ratio.

Fuel and Fuel Intake
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Honda S2000

You put regular unleaded in your S2000 by accident will it hurt the engine It was 87 octane?

No, it won't hurt your engine. There are computers now that can predict when to fire a spark plug to reduce ping. It is not a good thing though, you will get worse gas mileage and cause greater emmisions. Better to put high octane in there.

Honda S2000

How do you set the clock in a 2002 Honda s2000?

Hold the Scan/RPT button down then press the 4 to change the hour or 5 to change the minute.

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Math and Arithmetic

What is the top speed for Honda s2000?

actually, the highest speed is 281 Km/h (check video on yuotube : S2000 top speed)

The governed top speed for U.S. AP1 S2000 is 138mph, approximately @8500 rpm in 5th gear.

Electric Windows
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Why does the driver window sometimes stay up when the top is opened?

The drivers window range needs to be reset. This is easily done, using a faq from the S2000 forums available online.

Honda S2000
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How do you turn off the pass side airbag on an 06 S2000?

The 2006 S2000 and later models have an automatic weight sensing switch under the passenger seat. There is a light above the radio that will indicate the airbag is "OFF". I think the federally mandated switches have a sensitivity of 60 pounds or less. You'll find all US sold cars 2006 or less will have the automatic passenger airbag switch systems. No way to turn it off maually. As far as turning it off manually, you'll have to install an on/off switch. Check for more info.

Honda Pilot
Honda S2000

Program Honda Pilot remote?

Honda Prelude SI
Honda S2000

Where is the oil filter located on a 1988 Honda Prelude SI?

the oil filter is located on the back side of the block in the middle

Oil and Oil Filters
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How many quarts of oil does a 93 Honda s2000 take?

None. The S2000 did not exists in 1993.

Honda S2000

How do you change a Honda s2000 cabin air filter?

open the hood. look towards the windshield on the passenger side. there are small plastic clips that are very easy to lose holding the cover on. use some duct tape to hold the top of the clip while gently pulling up. inside you will see the air filter. it might just need a good brushing off.

Honda S2000

How much Horsepower does the Honda s2000 car have?

The amount of horsepower a Honda s2000 has depends on the rpms and the model. For example, the Honda 2000-2003 AP1 s2000 has approximately 237 hp (177 kW) at a rate of 7800 rpm.

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Timing Belts and Chains
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Does your Honda S2000 have a timing belt or timing chain?

It has a timing chain

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Why do side sliding doors of Toyota sienna mini van stick during winter?

My guess is there is a large surface area weather seal with condesation that freezes.

Honda S2000
Auto Loans and Financing

What if after your car is roped and they sell your car at an auction what happens if you cant pay the deficiency all at once were talking you owe 32000 on a 2003 Honda S2000?

Don't worry if you can't pay the whole amount.When you bought the car you couldn'tpay the whole amount that's why you got a loan.First thing you want to do is make sure the lenders defiency amount is correct sodemand in WRITING that they send you copies of original receipts for all expensesthey hit you with and calculate the loan numbers yourself, if see something that looks fishy call it out even what the car sold for.Conduct all corespondence with lender or their agents in writing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andread everything they send very very carefully.They will lie,cheat whatever it takes to get your money.

The only leverage you have is the threat of bankruptcy so use that to your advantage.Just be aware that in oct.2005 a new bankruptcy law goes into effectwhich makes it more difficult to wipe out your debts.

The lender will probably make an offer to settle the debt for less than the fullamount but only if pay it all at once.They may offer to let you make payments butthe final amount will be even more than the $32,000.Again get everything in writing and read it before you sign anything.

AnswerThe problem is, I already filed Bankruptcy 2 years ago. I really appreciate the response. I guess I have a tough choice to make, try and catch with my payments or volunterily turn it in AnswerSlow down here, If you still have the car you should try and sell it will get more(maybe much more) for it than if you have repoed(it makes no difference if you voluntary give it back or if the bank repos it, maybe $200.00bucks but they still report it on your credit as a repo) and the bank auctions it.The bank doesn't care what they get at auction because you get to pay the difference.Look up the Blue Book Value(goto Google) of your car as a starting point to find out what it is worth.Contact the lender to see if you can roll your past due payments into the end of the loan that can help buy you some more time.The bank has title to the car so they will have to approve the sale assumingyou find a buyer but you will get a much better price than a bank auction.Keep your chin up we've all been there.