Horse Isle 2

Released in 2010, HorseIsle 2 is the sequel to the popular online game HorseIsle.

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Where do you find gems on HorseIsle 2?

If you go to Praire Isle (look at map) you can then, around halfway along the north coast, find a man with a boat. He will take you to cavern isle. From there, all the croppy mountains.

Where is the riddle post on amber sands HorseIsle 2?

The answer to this question, and ALL OTHER HORSE ISLE 2 questions, can be found during game play by clicking on "Help". There is always someone available to answer questions.

What are the towns on HorseIsle 2?

There are 8 main towns on HorseIsle 2. They are set up similarly to HI1, with general stores, inns, banks, etc (except for LeafTon, which doesn't have any main buildings, only homes). Each main town also has an arena and places to care for your horse.

They all have two parts. The first is the name of the isle (ex: Tiger Isle) and the other part is Ton. So the main town on Tiger Isle is TigerTon.

The 8 main towns are AngleTon, PlainTon, GlacierTon, TigerTon, LeafTon, NarrowTon, DryTon, and MeadowTon

There are also a couple smaller towns that only consist of NPC houses.

Where can you get a sulfur crystal on HorseIsle 2? can get a sulfur crystal in any general store

or any rock shop

What are the requirements to find esrohs on HorseIsle 2?

Poseidon- one set of 4 star tack. On Lost Isle.

Hermes- 75% completion of quest points. On Gas Isle.

Aphrodite-1 mill. On Birch Isle.

Demeter- Level 4 cooking. On Droplet Isle.

Hera- All riddle boxes completed. On Flurry Isle.

Apollo- Gramophone. On Bud Isle.

Artemis- Bareback award. On Lost Jungle Isle.

Hephaestus- 250 gold, copper, iron, and silver ores. On Harbor Isle.

Zeus- Requires completion of all other Esroh quests. On Center Isle (Talk to Hera)

Athena- Level 5 in sewing and construction. On Drip Isle.

Ares - 250 Arena shows. On Triangle Isle

Dionysus - 75% completion of mini games. On Golden Isle.


Where can you get cotton on Horseisle 2?

Brown, Lance, Prairie, Islands Lake, Savannah, and Harbor all have good supplies of cotton. There are lots of cotton isles, so most plains and grassy isles will have cotton plants.

Where can you find a camel on HorseIsle 2?

There is Camel Tack (3*) and a camel companion, both are found on Dry!

Where is the riddle post on lost jungle isle?

if your looking from the far right side of the isle (the narrow part) then its west from there and slightly down =)


How does a esroh looked like on Horseisle 2?

They are oil black, with many different colored manes and tails.

Are their any cheats for Bang Howdy?

yes, there are cheats for bang howdy u just have to look over the internet properly yes, there are cheats for bang howdy u just have to look over the internet properly

What do you do to finish Hephaestus' quest on HorseIsle 2?

Guardian Requirement: 250 of each ore (copper, iron, silver, gold)

part 1

Achieve the Shoer award (Use farrier 100 times).


Find all 4 legendary Platinium Horseshoes. Locations differ for each player.

1st shoe: Buried behind one of the farriers' shop.

2nd shoe: Buried near the center of an isle starting with the letter B

3rd shoe: Buried somewhere on Arid Isle.

4th shoe: You need to find the last part of Legend of the Platinium shoes first, search all the bookshelves in all of the libraries. When you find it, read the legend and dig on the place from the Legend. The Legends of the Esrohs:Hephaestus" isn't the same as The Platinium Shoes legend

Where can you find esrohs on horseisle?

You will find them on islands with sink holes.

Hermes: Gas Isle: 75% quest points

Apollo: Bud Isle: gramophone

Aphrodite: Birch Isle: $1,000,000

Demeter: Droplet Isle: Cooking level 4

Athena: Drip Isle: Sewing and Construction level 5

Artemis: Lost Jungle Isle: Bareback

Dionysus: Golden Isle: 75% minigames

Hera: Flurry Isle: All riddle boxes

Poseidon: Lost Isle: Set of 4 star tack

Ares: Triangle Isle: 250 arena enterings

Hephaestus: Harbor Isle: 250 iron, copper, silver, and gold

Zeus: Center Isle: Other 11 esrohs completed

Hope this Helps!~

How do you get to harbor isle on horseisle 2?

You need to have an under water helmet. The entrance to the reef that leads to harbor island is on the north west corner of narrow isle.

Where is the windy pines isle jade horse?

it is on the east side of isle at top in the grass right infront of a palm tree if you find the east rock pile in the woods go north from that

How do you get level 2 buildings on your ranch on HorseIsle 2?

If you need to build a level 2 item on your ranch, you'll need your ranch house to be a level 2 or above.