House M.D.

One of the most successful TV series ever released, House M.D is an American medical drama show. It is based in Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and was originally shown on Fox. There are 8 seasons and a total of 176 episodes. The main stars appearing in all seasons are Hugh Laurie as Dr Gregory House, Robert Sean Leonard as Dr James Wilson, and Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman. House M.D. was created by David Shore in 2004 with reference to Sherlock Holmes.

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Who owns House MD?

David Shore is the creator of House, M.D.

What watch does house MD wear?

House MD wears a Casio Sea Pathfinder SPF40-1V.

What is the name of the song at the end of house MD season 4 episode 9?

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What is the name of the song on House MD Season 4 Episode 2 that alanis morissette sings?

The name of the song is "Not As We". You can hear a live version on You tube. Just do a search for the title. "Not As We" Now if iTunes will just put that up I'd buy the mp3! The song was 'Not As We' which is rumoured to be on her forthcoming album.

How old is dr cuddy from house MD?

Dr. Cuddy is forty three years old and she is Jewish. You realize you can find that out on wikipedia dont you? you can just type in Lisa Cuddy and it says it in the first sentence!

Does Lisa edelstein want children?

No. Considering she is in her 40s, probably not. It was possible when she quit hit TV show, House, M.D., but then she got a short gig on The Good Wife, so, no. She doesn't want kids.

House MD music from season 6 episode 5?

  1. "Set Me Free" - Monotonix
  2. "Faithfully Remain" - Ben Harper

Who is Bill Shores?

A pitcher with the A's, Giants and White Sox from 1928-1931 and 1933-1936.

Which episode does House Md tell Cameron that he loves her?

Season 2 episode Need To Know (11) while he swabs her mouth to test for AIDS.

What is the ending song from house MD season 7 episode 5?

It is "Night" by Bill Callahan from his 2007 "Woke on a Whaleheart".

Why are scrubs worn?

Alright, a little color lesson first. You know when you look at a bright color, let's say, for example, purple? When you look at it for a while, then take it away, you get an after-image in your sight. You will see yellow when the purple is taken away. It is also the reason why scrubs are worn, and why they are a cyan color. During surgery, surgeons are looking at the color red all the time, so when they look away, they will get a fuzzy after image and they cannot see properly. This could make them mess up. So, by wearing cyan, it cancels out the bright red color and doesn't mess up the surgeons vision. Also, scrubs are worn because if you get something on them (blood, bile, etc.), they can be throw away and easily be replaced. Hope this helped!

Where can you find a doctor like House MD?

The license of a physician who is truly like HOUSE M.D. though one of the best diagnosticians, would have been revoked due to several violations of code of ethics of the physician profession. He would also have to deal with several civil and criminal suits.

Can a felon have a gun in the house MD?

Very generally speaking, a felon cannot have access to or control over a gun anywhere in the U.S.

How many seasons have been aired of house MD?

there have been 7 seasons of house (as of May 2011)

What is the blood on House's office carpet in the show House MD?

The blood on House's carpet was his from the time some creep came in and shot him and almost killed him.

Is House MD better than the Office?

Definately. House M.D. is sooooo much better! No more questions asked!

When will series 4 of house be shown in the UK?

Series 4 has already started on UK TV. Series 4 can be seen on Channel five.