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HTC manufactures Android and early Windows-powered phones, tablets, and PDAs. The first Android-powered phone was the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) , and the first Google-branded phone was the HTC Nexus One.

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Can your HTC EVO be flashed to cricket?

yes you can flash your HTC evo to cricket.

butt android market will not work.

Radio 5 live on HTC desire?

A bit awkward unless you have the Froyo upgrade - in that case you can access the BBC iPlayer and listen online - which could be expensive unless you use wi-fi.

Does the HTC wildfire s have a front camera?

HTC Wildfire S A510e Camera Details

5 Megapixels Rear Camera

No Front CameraNo

24 Frames Per Second Video Recording

LED Flash



Auto Focus

Face Detection

MRP: Rs. 15,990/-

Lowest Price Rs. 10,390/-

How do you get android 2.3 on HTC wildfire?

You must root your phone and flash a custom ROM on it. Note that, while rooting has many benefits, it will void your warranty. Flashing a custom ROM is a little more involved, but XDA-Developers has all the information you'll need to get Gingerbread running on your Wildfire.

How do you turn off auto correct for your HTC Inspire cell phone?

Are you sure you mean auto correct - or predictive text (where the phone tries to guess the word you're typing). Turning predictive text on or off can usually be found in the set-up menu of most phones.

How do you use metro pcs to save on an htc evo 3D?

Well you go to a flashing dealer and they can flash your htc evo3d to metro pcs,boost,virgin mobile or verizon wireless..

What is the full form of HTC?

High Tech Computer

Hong Kong Telephone Company

How much gigabytes has the htc evo 4g?

Well, i would say it has about 8gb to start with and you can get up t32. do the math and you will have a great deal on you htc evo 4g for about $199 with a 8gb memory and you can get it extended for a pretty much reasonable price:)

PS: learn more at which by the way is where i got this information.

How much is the HTC wildfire S?

3g at the moment are selling it for 150 pounds plus 300 minutes and 300 texts

but the offers not lasting for very long

other shops are selling it for 180

02 are selling it for 209

How do you move the launcher back to the bottom on an htc evo?

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Can a sprint htc arrive be flashed to metro pcs?

I am using my Sprint HTC arrive on Metro PCS now.

Does HTC wildfire have free gps?

Technically yes, it comes with very good google maps software. In my experience it is good but you can't cache any of the maps and the maps ain't stored on the device. As long as your in a wifi hot-spot (not practical on the move) or have a data connection its fine.

Best if you have data allowance as part of a contract or it could get expensive.

A handy feature i just discovered is once you have downloaded the driving directions for where ever your going, you can turn data off and as long as you don't deviate from the route (ie. make it need to reroute you) you can navigate at if you had a data connection.

PS: You can buy navigation software from the android market (so far i haven't found a free one that's any good) that once purchased is stored on the device and is truly free.

How do you make htc hd7 have video call?

Well till now there is no way ... There is no official Messenger (msn) for Wp7 ..there is no skype there is no Fring .. kind of boring if you tell me ..

so a bit of wait and we might see some apps

microsoft made a blunder with this os

Does the htc rhyme require internet services?

Yes it does because it is a smartphone. All Verizon smartphones require a data plan

What does HTC mean in text messages?

Well an HTC is a type of phone and that stands for Hong Ta Corrupation.

Does HTC hd2 have a webcam?

no but there are some software you can download on your device like qik, mobiola, web camera plus